10 Prayers for Financial Breakthrough: Top Good Prayers to Help You Break Through Financially

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Prayers for Financial Breakthrough to help you win the money game.

Who hasn’t found themselves in the doldrums of debt at some point? Whether your financial woes are caused by medical bills, credit card debt, student loans, or any other factor, you know how hopeless it can feel to never be able to pay off the money you owe and move on with your life. Luckily, there are many ways to free yourself from the chains of debt that aren’t based on simply paying off your debts faster or cutting back on what you spend—but there are also options for those willing to take those steps as well!


10 Financial Breakthrough Prayers 

One of the prayer’s main benefits is that it helps us recognize and accept our own weaknesses. When we pray, we acknowledge and accept our limitations. This makes us better able to deal with financial hardship because we understand that sometimes life does not go as planned. By focusing on your shortcomings, you can find a way forward through prayer instead of by recrimination or self-pity. Prayer gives you renewed hope in yourself. It also helps you realize that human beings are all imperfect; if you want things done right, do them yourself! If you stop expecting others to live up to your lofty expectations, then you can start taking responsibility for what happens in your life.

What does the Bible say about your finances?

Prayer for Dramatic Improvement

Architect of the Universe, I ask for Your aid in building up my family’s financial security. I desire to see dramatic improvement from where things are now. I want to do better with finances for myself and my family. Help me to know the right things I need to do to make this happen. I no longer wish to live paycheck to paycheck and in constant bondage to debt. Amen.

Prayer to Break the Chains of Debt

O Lord, my Divine Defender, I need Your help to break these chains of debt. I confess that I have been susceptible to marketing messages and have been overspending. I’ve allowed myself to drift into constant financial problems. I need a shift in my thinking and habits as well as wisdom for how to break these chains. Help me to get on top of my finances once and for all. Amen.

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Prayer for a Financial Breakthrough Plan

Father of Lights, please enlighten me in developing a plan for a financial breakthrough.
I need to get out of this mountain of debt and develop a solid financial strategy that keeps me on the right track. Help me to gain control over my money so I’m not spending more than I’m earning. I don’t want to end up bankrupt. Please give me guidance on the actions I need to take. Amen.

Prayer for a Revolution in Finances

miracle-working Father, please work a revolution in my finances. Assist me to quickly take control of my money rather than my money controlling me. I repent of my own sins that led me into this mess, and I covenant that I will no longer neglect the role You have given me as manager of Your resources. Help me to be diligent in taking the action I need to take. Amen.

Prayer for Transformation

O God my Help, I’ve come to my senses and realize that I can’t just keep doing what I’ve been doing. Help me to renew my mind and transform my lifestyle and how I handle finances. Lord, show me how to start being a winner with my finances, rather than letting my money slip through my fingers. Work with me to turn things around so that I become the lender and not the borrower. Amen.

Prayer for Advancement in Finances

Lord, my Waymaker, I desire to make more money than I have been. I ask You for substantial advancement in my earnings, so I can put my family on solid financial footing, prepare for the future, and, most importantly, contribute generously to the church and to Your work around the world. Guide me in the steps I need to take to move forward financially. Amen.

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Prayer for a Breakthrough in Discipline

God of Strength, I confess that my financial woes are largely due to my lack of discipline in budgeting and spending, and saving. I ask for a breakthrough in this area, so I can get ahead financially. I know that if I don’t achieve mastery, I will struggle with money no matter how much I make. Please bless me with the fortitude I need to control my money. Amen.

Prayer for Excellent Headway in Finances

God of Wisdom, I need Your divine light to guide me in learning what I need to know about money. I earnestly desire to make excellent headway in my situation, but I just don’t understand much about finances. Help me to learn what I need to know about establishing a budget and in making wise investments with my money to get the best return. Amen.

Prayer for Positive Development in Prosperity

Lord, my Portion, I am blessed that You have a plan for me, You desire to honor and prosper me, to give me hope and a bright future. I know You desire to protect me from calamity. And now, Lord, help me to cooperate with You in achieving and celebrating financial freedom. Help me to persistently do the hard work needed to get to the next level. Amen.

Prayer for Breakthrough with Investments

Lord, You are the Upholder of my life, and I ask You for a breakthrough with my investments. Help me to avoid the false prosperity and long-term bondage of debt, and instead use my money to build wealth. Help me to wisely save and invest my money in the right places, so that I receive abundant returns. May I be a slave to no one, but instead able to give freely. Amen.

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Prayer for Significant Financial Progress

God of Truth, help me to discern how the ways of the world often conflict with Your truth and values so that I can make significant financial progress. Help me understand that desiring the status of consumer goods can be a hindrance to financial security, not to mention my spiritual welfare, and that I shouldn’t go into debt to obtain these things. Help me to differentiate between true needs and the desires of the eyes and of the flesh. Amen.

Prayer for an Exponential Increase

Father of Glory, I ask for an exponential increase in my finances. I pray that You will multiply my resources, both through increased income and intelligent investments. I pray that wherever I invest my money, I’ll get a great interest rate and a fantastic return. I pray for freedom from financial concerns. Help me to avoid risky investments and financial pitfalls. I pray that You will bless whatever my hands set out to do. Amen.


Final Thoughts

Many people are aware of financial breakthrough prayers, but fewer actually pray them. They’re just too busy and don’t think it will make a difference, or they’re skeptical that prayers work. Whatever your reason, if you want financial freedom in your life, take a minute every day to sincerely pray these important financial breakthrough prayers. The rewards are great and you will be amazed at how quickly money comes into your life when you pray! So what are you waiting for? Start praying with faith today! It’s just one more way you can keep the power of prayer alive in your life.