3 Prayer for house blessing and protection

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When you have problems in your home, the best option is to raise a  Prayer for house blessing and protection, allowing the presence of God to enter each house, protect it and take care of every bad thing.

The great opportunity that people have in approaching God in prayer to obtain the protection of their house is invaluable.

 Prayer for Home blessing and protection

Prayer to have the blessing at home

It is essential to raise the prayer for the home and to have the peace of mind that comes from being protected by God in the house and the family, who takes care of it from any evil that may want to do some kind of damage.

Being a prayer that can cover the house with the love of God and purify the soul of all family members.

All this so that each one of them can walk according to what God wants, and be filled with his love and blessing.

That is why several examples of prayer to bless the home will be shown below, and in this way have the coverage of God that is very necessary for everyone.

3 examples of Prayer for house blessing and protection

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Example 1 Prayer for house blessing and protection

Dear Heavenly Father, today I prostrate before you to adore you and approach before your heavenly throne, to ask you to be the protector of my home.

Today I want your presence to manifest itself everywhere in my house, and in this way to be able to be in peace and tranquillity for the gift of having a house full of your blessing.

Dear Father, I want to thank you for allowing me to have my home and my family, I want you to be in everything we undertake at home.

May you be filled with your divine essence, and may my house be a place where your love is manifested with power, so that everything may prosper in a special way.

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Today I place this prayer in front of your altar so that my house is surrounded by heavenly angels and that they take care of it in every corner.

I believe in your word and I declare Psalm 91 that no plague will touch the doors of my house.

Believing that it is You who take care of us from all the traps and snares that want to attack me at night.

Thank you my Lord for each room that makes up my house, I ask you to purify them and free them from all spirits contrary to you.

May every side of my home be filled with the Holy Spirit, may each breath be bathed in peace.

And in the harmony of your divine essence and that this is reflected in each of the members of my family.

On this day Lord, I wish you to teach us everything that takes us away from you, to leave it behind so that your blessings can receive them.

I ask you to knock on the doors of my house because I know that every prayer that we bring before your altar will have the answer of your sovereign will.

Beloved Father, I completely believe in your promise, which tells us that you keep us from all evil if we trust in you, that’s why I trust in your safety and your care.

Keep away any person or evil that wants to hurt my house and my family, fill us with your love so that it frees us from all the fears that want to stalk us.

Today I ask you in the mighty name of our Savior Jesus, your only begotten son. Amen.


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Examples 2 Prayer for house blessing and protection

Dear God, in this prayer I open the doors of my house for you to be you living in it.

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May you free him from all the bad and fill him with all the blessings you have promised your children.

Today I give you my house in your hands, I ask you to enter it and take away all evil, anguish, sadness, illness, and scarcity.

May all the darkness that could be overwhelming my house go away, and be replaced by divine light.

May only understanding, health, love, and prosperity reign and everything that you my Lord can deliver to your children.

Be you, my Lord, protecting all my relatives who are living in my house, be you guiding us on the right path.

May every time we leave our house, be your absolute protection from the sieges and threats that surround us in the outside world and allow us to return home without any mishap.

May you fill us with love and wisdom that allow us to move forward and emerge victorious from all the challenges of everyday life, avoiding discussions and misunderstandings in the house.

I declare that it is your Holy Spirit filling each member of the family, and helping us to be a happy family where only love exists.

Today I am full of gratitude because I know that you have heard my cry, and for that, I thank you, Heavenly Father.

I trust that your mantle of blessing and infinite love will be over my house and my family, keeping away all the bad, because you are good and merciful.

Today I declare it in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.



Examples 3 Prayer for house blessing and protection

Dear Heavenly Father, I stand before you, my Lord, to cry out for the mighty blood of Jesus that was shed on a cross to bring healing to all lives.

I declare that the supernatural power of Jesus Christ covers all of us who believe in his power.

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Today I make this prayer for my house so that it can be visited by you, my Father, who frees me from all evil.

I cast out in your name Jesus every evil spirit that wants to enter to do some kind of damage.

Today I cry out so that everyone who enters my house is filled with heavenly blessing and leaves wrapped in your divine protection.

I ask that that same victorious blood on the cross paralyze all power and diabolical plan that rise up against my house and my family.

Any plan contrary to the will of God is inoperative, establishing warrior angels with drawn swords guarding my house against all evil spiritual work.

I declare that my house and my family, you will make them invisible before the eyes of my enemies and protect us from all persecution, fights, discord, rage, anger, intrigues or any kind of tragedy.

Thanks, I give you my Heavenly Father, because I know you listen to me and you are guarding my house and all my family.

And all my generations, so that it is always a place full of peace, and prosperity and that it is always filled with the love of God.

Today I declare it in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


Final Words:
Seeing these examples of
prayer for the blessing of the home, it is imperative that it can be done with great faith since this will allow you to get closer to God.

In this way, you can ask for everything you want and be filled with blessings, love, security, understanding and prosperity in everything you long for.


“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness, because we do not know what is good for us to ask, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans unspeakable” (Romans 8:26).