11 Beautiful prayers for Christmas Eve and Dinner

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Christmas Eve can be a happy laugh or a quiet reflection, but, above all, it is the perfect time to prepare our hearts for the celebration of the birth of Christ.

No matter how you spend Christmas Eve, here are some personal Christmas Eve prayers that can help you prepare your heart for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Below are 11 Beautiful prayers for Christmas Eve and Dinner

A Christmas Eve prayer to prepare your heart

Lord, on this Christmas Eve, we pause to prepare our hearts for the most beautiful celebration: Your birth and coming to earth as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Clear our minds so we can focus on you and the joy you bring us through your gift of salvation.

May the same excitement and anticipation that filled Mary, the chosen mother of Jesus, consume us and draw us closer to You. Let our spirits cry “Hallelujah” with the host of angels who first broke the good news of great joy to the humble and amazed shepherds that night so long ago, the news that would literally one day be heard around the world.

Help us to remember and reflect on the amazing prophecies that predict Your birth since the beginning of time. Give us eyes of faith to see on this side of the Cross what the prophets chose to believe through promises and visions. Immanuel, God with us, Prince of Peace, Son of God, Messiah, may all that you are saturate our senses and fill our hearts with gratitude and adoration as we bow to You tonight and offer our prayers.

Empty us of sin and anything that might inhibit our understanding or block the beautiful celebration of Your birth. We give everything so that we can receive everything on this Christmas Eve night. Whether it’s just one of us or a whole family, we want to prepare our hearts for you even as you’re preparing a place for us to join you one day. May every thought, every wish, every word and every action of gift on this special night take us to that place where you will find us just as we are. May the meditation of our hearts be acceptable to you and bring you the glory and honor you so richly deserve.

Just as the three wise men brought their offerings to celebrate your birth, we too bring you gifts: the declaration of our obedience and devotion to you, the appeasement of our hearts and spirits, and the joyous outpouring of adoration and adoration. May this night of preparation be a holy night as we once again receive and celebrate Your great gift to us this Christmas. In your precious name, amen.

Prayer for the unity of the Family.

How rich and beautiful to feel the family unit waiting for the arrival of El Salvador on Christmas Eve. This Christmas prayer fills us with that union and hope.

Beloved Father, rich in mercy I love you! Thank you for my family and for giving me this moment to share with them! Lord, I have so many good memories of my childhood, memories of Christmas, memories of sharing the joy of celebrating your birth… And at this moment, it has been my turn to do it with my own children and give them the joy of celebrating your coming as a family. glorious and humble. Father, I thank you for the laughter shared around this table. We are a family blessed to have each other and you have stayed in our midst. I thank you for this meal and the loved ones I have around me to share it with. May this be a wonderful Christmas for each of us, may peace, unity, and love reign in our dealings and let us be unconditional support in the moments we need it most. My God, At this time, when we honor Your Holy Name in everything we do, we ask You to pour out Your blessing on this meal and on each one of us. We confess our love to you and thank you again for the love we share with others in this family. Amen

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prayers for Christmas Eve

A Christmas Eve prayer for children

Dear God, on this Christmas Eve we want to think about the real reason for this happy season: the birth of Jesus. We will give and receive gifts to say how much we love each other, just as the three kings brought gifts to Jesus. But instead of thinking about what we could receive at Christmas, help us focus on what we can give you. We want our hearts to be ready so that we can truly enjoy the celebration of Jesus’ birthday and the peace and joy that He came to give us. We want to give you a happy heart that wants to obey you, God, that loves you and others. 

Tonight we think of that special night long ago when a big bright star shone in the sky along with an angel that scared the shepherds. And the good news that was given to those pastors was also for us:

“Do not worry. Tonight in Bethlehem a Savior has been born. This is the Messiah, the Son of God.” When we sing Christmas carols at this time of year, may we join in the singing of the angels and so many others who praise and thank you for sending us Jesus.

He is the best gift you will ever give us. And tonight we just want to thank you again for how much you love us, just the way we are. Thank you for the way you take care of us and will never leave us. In the name of Jesus, amen.

A Christmas Eve prayer for the bereaved

Lord, not everyone feels happy in this season. Many have lost loved ones during the year and in many places, the cold of winter blows its bitter winds on lonely hearts. On this Christmas Eve, we pray for those who are experiencing loss.

Memories of happy times with loved ones in the past can send a torrent of tears to those whose arms ache from emptiness. Lord, dry those tears with Your sweet words of comfort and joy. Turn their pain into joy as only You can do.

Lord, remind the afflicted that You are the great Comforter and Counselor and that You never leave us or forsake us. You are always with us, tenderly holding our hearts in Your hands. Surround them with friends and family who will cover them with love and let them know that they are not forgotten.

May the joy of your birth and the good news of your coming to earth as the Savior of the world cushions their pain this Christmas Eve night. On this night of miracles, speak of peace to those who need it most. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Prayer for the arrival of Jesus.

With this beautiful Christmas prayer, we thank God for the Child Jesus who is coming soon to stay with us.

My Lord, I search within my soul and I cannot find enough words to help me express how happy I am to be with my family to celebrate the birth of your beloved Son Jesus. You sent Jesus to us when we were still sinners and could not find our way back. You sent us Jesus when we didn’t even deserve it. You sent us Jesus to remove the dark stains from our souls that we couldn’t clean ourselves. We give you infinite thanks for Jesus, beloved Father. His name is worthy of all our praise and every cause of our joy! We ask you, Father of kindness, that as we prepare to enjoy this meal, you bless it and allow it not to be missing from any table during Christmas. We also ask you to fill us with your powerful Grace and transform us into a blessing for others at this time and throughout our lives, as we announce the birth of your Son, our Savior. In his name, we thank you for so much love and for the miracle of having each other. Amen

Prayer for happiness and joy.

The immense Joy of receiving the Child Jesus should fill our hearts with joy and hope. With this Christmas prayer, we hope that joy comes to life in our hearts.

Dear God, You are the joy to the world! The Lord of our life and our history, of our joys and our moments of happiness! As we prepare for this meal, we also prepare our hearts for You to mold them more like Yours. You are the reason we smile every day. You are the reason why I am so full of joy that I want to sing praises! sing to the world all the good with which you have filled my life and that of my family. Father, the love, grace, and mercy that you have had for us has filled our world and you keep us hope alive to remain with you when the time comes when you call us to the Father’s House, so I cannot leave to smile You have filled my cup to overflowing with joy, and I pray that when others see, my family or me, can see the face of your love, the face of your goodness and the face of your joy, the face of Jesus! Thank you, Father, for this wonderful gift of joy that has come to us through the birth of our King and Savior, our Lord. We love you! Amen.

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 Prayer for Christmas memories.

Good memories should come to our memory, remembering all the gifts we have received from our beloved God. With this Christmas prayer, may we remember all our joys and the things that this Child has brought us.

My good and beloved Lord, I thank you for the memories we have shared at this table for all these years. We have been filled with joy when our children wake up happy and see with their shining eyes the Christmas tree and the little Bethlehem in the corner of our home. We have enjoyed so much the carol songs that we hear in every corner of our town. You have given me such an amazing family and the memories of each Christmas we have enjoyed together have brought us closer than ever. Beloved Jesus, we are all gathered here in your presence, feasting on this dinner that we are going to enjoy and really excited about the new memories that you will create today. Bless, my Lord, these foods and instill in us the grace so that, through generosity, we can also share a little of these foods with the most needy, causing them joyful memories that can give them the hope of transforming the world into a better place for everyone. Eternal father. We love you and give thanks for Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior! Amen

Prayer for the safety of traveling relatives.

Tonight Good Night, it is time to share, but it is also time to travel. Some must make long journeys to reunite with their relatives. Pray the Christmas prayer to ask for protection and safety for all those loved ones who embark on a journey to celebrate Christmas.

Dear Lord, we thank you for having accompanied these family and friends who are here with us today at this table to celebrate the blessing of receiving you on Christmas Eve. 

I thank each and every one of them for the great effort made and for donating their time to share in this home. Father, bless these foods, bless this occasion that we have to be together to proclaim you as our Lord and King. We ask that as this meeting draws to a close and we part ways, that you may send divine assistance from your holy angels to escort them safely on their journey home.

Lord Jesus, we thank you for your immense love of traveling from the Throne of Heaven, putting aside all your might and majesty, to come with humility and poverty to this world engulfed in chaos, and bring us peace and salvation. When nothing could pay the debt of all our sins, you showed us your ultimate love by incarnating yourself in the womb of a young virgin to walk with us.

You lived, died, and rose for us, and at this moment I feel your Spirit move within me, thinking about how glorious and wonderful this moment is. You are the Lord and Savior. All praise and glory only to You, my Lord. We love You! Amen thinking about how glorious and wonderful this moment is. You are the Lord and Savior.
All praise and glory only to You, my Lord. We love You! Amen thinking about how glorious and wonderful this moment is. You are the Lord and Savior. All praise and glory only to You, my Lord. We love You! Amen

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Prayer for the distant and lonely.

Many people at this time will experience loneliness. Many are those who are away from their families for some reason. This is the Christmas prayer to ask God to fill the void of those people who are far away.

Father full of love and compassion, I thank you for each one of the people who make up my home and for all my family who are scattered in other places and who could not join us at this time. We know Lord, that there are many people today who feel lonely and empty.
I ask for each one of them, so that your blessing and grace may bring them peace during that time of solitude. I ask you for all those who even knowing Jesus have wanted to value themselves, they are filled with joy, but with a momentary joy, a joy that does not last, and they are distracted from their moments of solitude only for a few brief moments.
Wrap them with your powerful arms and make them feel the burning fire of your love, that they may discover that only in You is happiness and eternal joy. I also ask you for those who feel alone and who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and do not want to live according to his mandates.

May your miracle of love, on this Christmas Eve, touch and soften their hard hearts and reveal to them the mystery of your incarnation. Having introduced you and entrusted all these people, we give all the Glory to You, our Lord and we thank you for having put on this table the food that we are going to eat, bless them, and that no table is missing. I love you and trust in your healing power. Amen. 

Prayer for wonderful gifts

Eternal Father, we have shared a wonderful day as a family full of blessings, laughter, long conversations, and gift-giving. I ask you, Lord of my life, that before the day ends, all the people who are celebrating your birth in this house, we can understand and recognize the greatest gift of all: your beloved Son Jesus Christ. 

A new car would be an awesome gift, but it won’t get us to Heaven. A $1,000 gift card would be amazing, but it won’t buy us into Heaven.
Father of goodness and mercy, make us understand that Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14,6) I praise you and thank you for the gift of the Child God. On this occasion, bless my family and mine with the tenderness and purity of the Love of Jesus. 

Bless these foods that we are going to consume in your name. We love you and we thank you for all the miracles of love you have done with each of us. At this moment, we offer you the gift of a heart transformed and renewed in your love so that it may be meek and humble like yours and that we may give ourselves and serve others as you yourself have done with us. Amen.


Final Words:
Christmas Eve is coming. The Savior is coming to be born in our hearts. This Child God who arrives does so with humility to bring us hope, peace, and love in the midst of a world in conflict and going through distressing situations such as the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. May these Christmas prayers serve us so that our hearts may stand firm in the Lord. Christmas Eve prayers come to be that encouragement for our lives to give our best on this date that remains as special as in other times. Merry Christmas!