Powerful prayers to destroy your enemies

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Enemies are dangerous obstacles, these Powerful prayers to destroy your enemies will help you to defect them and live triumphantly.

Enemies are beings that appear in our lives to be a stone of obstacle in our path, they can be people, situations, or anything that fills us with fear, hopelessness, or affliction.
Our enemies can be anywhere: in our work, in our home, in our community, and worse still, they can be hidden from our sight and disguise themselves as sheep when they are wolves on the prowl. To defeat them we need all the help and strength from above.


Prayer to defeat the enemy

Overcoming and dominating enemies does not imply doing them physical harm, it involves not letting their snares hurt or frighten us, and being able to free ourselves from any oppression or trap they put in our way, for these prayers play a powerful role by being a sword and shield against evil.

To begin with, we bring you this prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel, who defeated the devil himself, so that his sword protects you and gives you strength against enemies.

“An archangel protects me, watches over me, watches over my steps, lights my path, guides me along the path Saint Michael, I come to you today, enemies appear, seek to hurt me and drag me to their side.

You who take care of me from above, I ask you
to intercede against them, help me to defeat them
I can not alone against them, they will destroy me if you are not
by my side, give me strength, give me courage, accompany me,
give me your hand and help me defeat them,
to Get them out of my life once and for all.

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You are strong and wise, give me your help,
give me your support, do not let them drag me down,
look at me, be kind and hear my cry for help,
I need you, do not abandon me, intercede
I am a son of God, I will always follow in his footsteps
and I ask you to help me at this time, I beg
you not to abandon me, to be by my side
fighting against my enemies”



A powerful prayer for enemies

If you feel that your enemies are attacking you and that they are very strong, with this prayer to the Most High you will be able to obtain the strength and courage to destroy any evil that attacks you and be victorious over your enemies.


“Lord of the heavens; light of my life; a beacon that guides
my march; shoulder where I find support;
The friend who accompanies me wherever I am;
protector of my soul who keeps me away
from the stalking that the evil one seeks with my person.
This time I raise this prayer to your figure to ask
you to allow me to defeat the one who only
wants to see me surrender, without faith or hope.

O father of heaven!
Enemies will have all those who trust in
Your holy will and that is why I ask You for support so
that they cannot harm me so that their words
do not reach my chest; that their hands cannot
touch me and that their actions have no value.
With your help, oh almighty, I will be safe
and secure from my enemy.” Amen.

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Prayer to defeat the hidden enemy

If your enemy has not revealed himself, if you think that someone close to you may be your hidden enemy, the following prayer to the Father is ideal for that hidden enemy to show himself and to defeat his attack or any evil that approaches you.


“Holy father who gave me life;
O God of all heavens whose kingdom
will be restored once the time comes;
you who keep the evil one on the sidelines
when he wishes to corrupt the hearts
of the faithful in your name; you who do not forsake
if they come to you with prayers.

I ask you, my lord, to defeat my hidden enemy,
who, little by little, approaches my soul to destroy it.
Do not abandon me in these hours, because
only with your light will I be the winner of this contest. Amen.


Powerful prayer to ward off enemies

We have told you that defeating the enemy does not involve physically harming them, one of the ways to beat them is to keep them away from us and protect ourselves from their attacks and traps.

The following prayer to the Father asks to protect our family from any enemy, and we also ask God to keep away from our family and from ourselves any enemy that wants to harm us.


“My Father, I cannot protect my family as I wish,
my enemies lie in wait for them, I have tried to distance them from them,
but I am not strong enough to do so,
that is why my Lord, I ask you to intercede for me,
to stop them and stop them. keep away.

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I beg you not to allow any enemy
to hurt my family, they are the most important thing
You are my hope that they are safe
and sound under your divine protection and nothing will harm it,
You have always taken care of me, you have helped me to
differentiate between good and evil, I follow your path.

My greatest fear is that my enemies
will reach them but I know that you will take good care of them
Today I entrust their paths to you, My Father, My Lord,
keep my enemies away, do not let them come near
I know that you will never abandon us and take care of
our path until we arrive at your kingdom” Amen.


Prayer is a way of asking for divine help and protection. against the evil that may come in the form of revealed enemies or that may be hidden along our path.

Protecting our family from evil and ourselves from any enemy involves being cautious against strangers, keeping them all away, and making these prayers with faith so that we and our loved ones are protected from above.