6 powerful Prayers for a Relatives Operation to Go Well

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When a loved one is faced with a major operation, it can be a difficult and stressful time for all. While we may not have control over the outcome of the operation, we can still use prayer to help us cope with the anxiety and worry that comes with it.

Praying for our relative’s successful operation is a powerful way to seek peace and comfort during this difficult time. Here are 6 powerful prayers for a relative’s operation to go well.


Prayer for the operation of a relative

Entering an operating room is a time of great risk, many bad things can happen, for this reason, we need God to protect that sick relative who will live this experience, this prayer is to ask Our Lord for the operation of a dear and close relative.

My family Is full of sadness
But clinging to faith Today is the operation of
We are afraid, Father
But we trust you And that you will intervene
In this operation Take the doctor
On the right path
That everything goes well
And that it does not complications exist
We trust you
leave safely

Prayer for a successful family member’s surgery

The operations must be performed by people who have the ability to successfully achieve surgery, not just anyone can do it, this prayer is to ask Our Father to take the surgeon’s hands and carry out a successful surgery.

Surgery is coming
In the life of
We know that it is necessary
But, even so, Our heart trembles
For his life And for this, we ask you
Our Father that you intercede
Take the surgeon’s hands that do not go in a hurry
And take care of our family
For the surgery to be a success


Prayer before the operation of a relative

Before the operation of a person important to us begins, our head fills with bad thoughts that can despair us, ask God with this prayer that everything goes very well during the surgery.

We are moments away
from the operation of
Starting, our heartbeats rapidly
Fear seizes each one of us
But we take your hand
Mighty God
Because we know
You will not abandon us
And you will not abandon
We know, that everything will be excellent
Well, you are here with us

Prayer to put surgery in God’s hands

God the Father has transmitted his messages of power to us at all times, He is the only one capable of helping us in difficult moments, this prayer is to place the surgery of a relative in the hands of God, He will make everything go perfectly well.

Your powerful hands
Have immaculate light
That brings good things
To the dark world
Today we place in your hands
The life of
Together with his surgery
We ask you, Father
That everything goes well
Do not leave him alone
If you remain by his side
We will be calm
Because we trust in you
And in your power

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Prayer for the success of a relative who is in the operation

At the time of an operation, we cannot stay with the operator, we must let him go alone and wait for him to come back to us, with this prayer we ask God the Father for blessings for the operation that is happening now so that our family member is strong and come out of the operating room well.

Your blessing Is all
that we need Father
Bless the operation of
It is happening now
We have faith in you
We know that you will take care of him
And you will bring him with us
Completely healthy
Give him strength
Take his hand
During this moment
Let everything go well and quickly

Miraculous prayer for the health of a loved one

Praying can make wonderful things happen, and more when it comes to illness, because we, mere mortals, cannot defeat the plague, this powerful prayer is to ask Our Father to restore health to a loved one who is seriously ill.

The disease
Has attacked his body
His mind and his soul It
wants to drag him to evil
And we cannot allow it, Father
Intercede for
Cure his disease
Give him back his health
To fight against evil
We know that he is strong
But he needs you
It is your son
Please don’t abandon him

We can fight against evil until the end of our days, but there will be battles in which we will not obtain victory, having to live that moment with a family member of ours inside a room about to be operated on, is very difficult, we cannot do anything. , just wait and trust that God will take the doctor’s hands so that everything goes well.

Prayer is the strongest form of connection with Our Lord, in this complex situation hold on to prayer so that God does not abandon you or your family member at any time.