10 Ways to Pray for A Pregnant Mother

Prayers For A Healthy Pregnancy

Here are the Best 10 Ways to Pray for A Pregnant Mother for a successful child delivery  Even if a pregnancy has been planned, nine months of carrying the baby can be stressful, confusing, or difficult. Unplanned or unintended pregnancy can cause stress, confusion, uncertainty, and even death. Even as Christians, sometimes it can be difficult … Read more

What is Inner Healing for Women

Grace For Purpose Prayers

Internal healing is a biblical term, our God already knew the emotional problems we were going to go through, and for this reason, he left us guidelines reflected in his word. This time we are going to talk about inner healing for women. Women are a little more sensitive than men in the emotional aspect, … Read more

Stories of Powerful women of faith in the Bible

These powerful women of faith in the Bible were influential in the Bible and had a profound impact on the nation of Israel as well as eternal history. Some were saints, others were scoundrels. Some were queens but most of them were commoners. Each played an important role in the amazing Bible story. Each woman brought her own unique character … Read more