What is Inner Healing for Women

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Internal healing is a biblical term, our God already knew the emotional problems we were going to go through, and for this reason, he left us guidelines reflected in his word. This time we are going to talk about inner healing for women.

Women are a little more sensitive than men in the emotional aspect, and in others as well, we are that part in which our creator put that need to be protected and loved, that is why God commands that we should be treated as “glass fragile”.

However, this inner healing guide for women can also be applied to men, because being stronger does not exempt them from all these things. The enemy is there “like a roaring lion” and does not look at sex or color to interfere with the creation in which God put so much effort and love.

Not all the methods people use are biblical. Some techniques that people use are more rooted in secular psychology, mysticism, or even the occult. We should flee the occult, be wary of mysticism, and, in many cases, distrust worldly wisdom.

Blessed are the poor in spirit

What is inner healing?

” Inner healing ” is intended to help people find freedom from the emotional aftermath of damaging or traumatic experiences. Depending on what is specifically involved in “inner healing,” it may or may not be biblical.

Many people carry hurts from their past to their present without realizing it. It is good to seek God to heal our entire being, including our “inner self.” However, it is important to understand that “inner healing” is not always as innocent as it may seem at first glance.

Before seeking any help with “inner healing,” make sure the process, focus, and goals are rooted in God’s Word. Some practitioners of so-called Christian healing use techniques that have their roots in mysticism and New Age methods.


Signs that you may need inner healing

As I said before, ladies can be enormously emotionally sensitive, and problems tend to consume them easily, however, not all women lack inner peace, there are signs that women need inner healing, here are some of them. The most common:

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1. Emotional triggers

Anytime a song, movie, or experience triggers an emotional trigger, this is a sign of an open wound. Emotional triggers include crying, withdrawal, or even lashing out at others.

2. Overreaction

This happens when feelings, regarding a deeper topic, are projected onto something at the moment. Take a step back and make sure the answer fits the situation.

3. Hold a grudge

Difficulty forgiving someone or holding a grudge for something that happened in the past suggests the need for emotional repair. Start with forgiveness and confront painful feelings head-on.

4. Instant replay

Constant repetition of different memories indicates a problem in the heart. These never really go away unless they are given to God for permanent healing.

5. Insecurity

Internal wounds affect confidence and cause low self-esteem. Break slavery, break the silence and confront the central problem.

6. Relationship problems

Women who have a hard time navigating relationships, both family and friends, and always need to keep a safe distance from people, could be struggling with this. A certain level of vulnerability is really healthy for relationships, when it is constantly avoided it is a form of self-protection.

7. Bad patterns

When a woman can’t seem to break the bad habits that destroy her quality of life, there is almost always a deeper reason.

8. Bouts of depression

This is the case in which it is most needed when it comes to internal health for women, it is a point that most of them live on a day-to-day basis due to bullying, mistreatment, the little appreciation by men and society, among many others.
Mood swings and emotional ups and downs amplify the root of any problem. True inner healing can only begin through courage and the willingness to acknowledge that there is an injury.

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Steps to achieve inner healing in women

We have compiled a basic list of foundational steps that are so important to those who receive or minister inner healing. This is a vital part of deliverance ministry and plays an irreplaceable role in deliverance for many today. God wants to take your hurts, pain, pain, and sadness.

Before we begin, I want you to know that God wants to heal our wounds and take away our pain and grief. Do you know how you can love someone so much that you wish you could bear their pain or suffering?

This is how Jesus feels about us. He loves us so much that he paid the price for our emotional healing in the work on the cross. It is important that you have a bible at hand, so you can see what God says to you, and the love he feels for you:

1. Search for God and discover what he tells you in the bible

In 1. Isaiah 53: 4 God tells us that he bears our pains. We just have to look for him and deliver all our ailments into his hands.

He bore our sorrows in his work on the cross. The word sorrows here literally refers to anguish, grief, sorrow, pain, and sadness. Jesus took these things and paid the price with his own blood for

Do you want to receive the healing of emotional wounds, pain, sorrows, pain, and anguish? It is vital that we take advantage of what Christ has done for us and learn to put our concerns over the Lord. Not some of them, but ALL; knowing that he cares about you and wants to take those things away from you.

1 Peter 5: 7: “Cast all your care on him; for he cares for you.” Release those painful and fearful emotions into the hands of Jesus.

Holding on to pain and fear means that the blessings do not come to you and that the healing power of the Holy Spirit in your soul cannot act as it wants. It is vital to open up and allow the Lord to heal your wounds.

Jesus paid the price for the healing of our souls and to free us from the bondage we have come to because of the bruises we have received. It is important to God that we receive this inner healing. Your Son paid a dear price for it!

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2. Give everything to God

Allow your painful emotions to be released by giving them to the Lord. It’s okay to cry, sob, and let damaged emotions out as they are delivered into God’s hands. Holding onto the pain will only prevent you from healing.

James 5:16 says, “Confess your faults, and pray that you may be healed. The earnest and effective prayer of a righteous man is worth a lot.”

If you can find someone to trust, it can also be very helpful to share their burden with them and receive prayer for healing. There is tremendous healing that can take place when you share your pain with a brother or sister in Christ!


3. Think about the love that God has for you

Realize God’s love for you; This will help you open and receive inner healing. Knowing the true nature of our heavenly Father will help us to trust him and open ourselves so that we can receive the healing that only the Holy Ghost can provide.

After Christ suffered and died for us, why would He hold back to heal our wounded souls? We can confidently open ourselves to him and know that he has our best interests in mind simply by looking at what happened for us on the cross. God loves you, not for what you have done, but for who you are.

Jesus said that the greatest love a man can show for his friends is when he lays down his life for them. Jesus gave his life for us, that is how precious and dear we are to him!

4. Discover God’s will for your mind and receive it

God says in 2 Timothy 1: 7 that he has not given us any spirit of fear but of love and power, so why shouldn’t our mind be healthy?

Abuse, trauma, and pain are things that one comes across a lot when faced with a case where inner healing must be applied to women, and these are works of the devil.

Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and restore his children to the fullness for which he created them. When Jesus was here on earth, he did the will of the Father in heaven, and this included healing all who were oppressed by the devil.

5. Extend forgiveness to those who have hurt you

Unforgiveness will hinder or block the healing power of the Holy Spirit. It will bind you and separate you from the forgiving and healing power of God. It is vital to release those feelings you have against others so that the healing and forgiving power of the Holy Spirit can heal and restore your soul.

Unforgiveness is a deadly poison that separates us from God’s forgiveness in our own lives and delivers us to tormented spirits. It is difficult to receive healing when one is in that position. Mark 11: 25-26

As we can see, unforgiveness will prevent God’s forgiveness from operating in our own lives. Inner healing for you woman requires God’s forgiveness.

Unforgiveness will put us in the hands of tormenting spirits. This is the last thing we need when we seek the healing of our souls!

As if that wasn’t enough, unforgiveness also puts a person in spiritual darkness and separation from God, and contaminates us spiritually:

1 John 2:11, “But he who hates his brother is in darkness, and walks in darkness, and does not know where he is going, because that darkness has blinded his eyes.”


6. Realize who you are in Christ

Realizing our identity in Christ is absolutely vital to our healing process. You need to know that you are a new creation in Christ, freed from the darkness of your past, forgiven of your sins. Freedom and healing are yours thanks to the Blood that Christ shed for you.


7. Stop feeding on lies of insecurity, guilt, and pain

The story of two men is often used on our shoulders, and whoever listens will displace the other. This is absolutely true regarding how we handle the voice of God and the voice of the devil.

It is definitely vital that we DO NOT listen to or heed the voice of the devil in our minds. God’s Word tells us that we are to take all thoughts captive to obedience to Christ:

2 Corinthians 10: 4, “Knocking down the imagination, and everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and taking captive every thought to the obedience of Christ.”


8. Forgive yourself: look at yourself as God sees you

Forgiving ourselves is a vital step we must take as we seek inner healing. We need to love and appreciate the person that Christ has made in us!

It is important that we see ourselves as we really are in Christ. If you continue to beat yourself up for your past failures, after the Blood of Christ has washed them away, you are actually denying the very work of the cross! Here are a few (out of many) good verses to mediate God’s Word:

  • Psalms 103: 12, “As far as the east is from the west until now he has taken away our transgressions from us.”
  • Isaiah 43:25: He blots out your transgressions.
  • Hebrews 10:22, “approach with a true heart with full assurance of faith”


9. Talk to the pain and release it into the hands of Jesus

Lastly, go to the pain, the emotional wound that lurks within you, and meet it with the healing love of Christ. Knowing that Jesus has paid for your emotional hurts, pains, and sorrows, tell inner pain, painful memories, and emotional affliction to leave yourself in the name of Jesus.

Then call Jesus to take those things away from you, tell him: “I ask you to take away these internal pains, painful memories, and emotional wounds at this moment. I present them to you, and I accept your peace in place of those things that I am giving up. “

The next step is to seek release from whatever spirit is involved in your mind or emotions. These spirits must be confronted and expelled in the name of Jesus. You can try it yourself for self-deliverance, or find a qualified deliverance minister to help you with this step.

If you begin to experience overwhelming or strong demonic reactions from the prayer below, or if the spirits do not come out, then seeking deliverance from a qualified minister is recommended.


10. If you still do not believe in Christ

So I don’t recommend you confront any evil spirits until you do. If you wish to accept Jesus now as your Lord and Savior, go before him now with a prayer like this: “Lord Jesus Christ, I realize that I am a sinner.

I believe that you died and shed your blood for the remission of my sins so that I can have eternal life. Right now, I turn away from my sins and ask you to come into my life, changing me into a new person and washing away all my sins.

The more we learn to put off the old nature, the more the life of Jesus will shine through us. This is a big part of God’s purpose for our lives.

I hope this article on internal healing in women has been helpful to you. For men, it is more or less the same methodology, only that most of the time the emotional part is a little less ingrained.