12 Powerful Prayers for Justice to ask for Fairness

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If you or someone you know is suffering from injustice, it may be difficult to determine what you should pray for. The suffering and agony of waiting for justice can be depressing. We are blessed by a fair God who assures us that justice will be served for the wrongdoing. It is possible to pray today knowing that God cares about us, understands our suffering and is determined to heal us.

Let us be prayerful through the tough times throughout each challenging and demanding day and through each hopeful and positive day. We must not remain quiet or silent in our community and quiet during our prayer.  the Lord is aware of the hurt that is affecting the hearts of so many people right now and one that has for many been present for a considerable time.

prayers for justice to ask for fairness

Here are 12 prayers for justice to ask for fairness in the midst of pain and waiting for God’s justice


A Prayer to plead for divine justice

Merciful God, heed my call.
Listen to this prayer that I so humbly dedicate to you.
I need justice to be done soon for my cause.
My enemies seek to harm me for no apparent reason,
I need your help in these moments of anguish.
Only You can judge the hearts of men.
Only You are worthy to grant punishment to those who deserve it.
I ask that the wicked be punished, that they not get away with it.

Hear and heed my words, O Merciful Lord.
Take care of me and protect me from these bad people.
Shelter me under your beautiful mantle and don’t let them chase me.
Be my shield, my protection and my refuge.
Face all my enemies with your great Power.
May they beg forgiveness for their actions before You.
May the pure in heart see the gates of Heaven.
In order to enjoy the promised paradise.
Let justice be done forever and ever.


A prayer of intercession for justice

I pray for the lost, the injured, the lonely, the sick, the bereaved, and those who are incarcerated, behind visible and invisible walls. Send your comfort, your peace and your reassuring presence to those who are without hope. Protect the defenceless and keep them close to your heart. I pray for workers to tell the good news of Jesus to people all over the world. Jesus, my heart also cries out for persecuted believers. Make them brave and give them your powerful protection. I pray that you bring speedy justice to those who want to destroy the innocent and those who bear your name. Bind the power of Satan, and strengthen believers everywhere.

So many needs, Jesus, but you are suitable for every need. Your name is powerful, and your power is great. So it is in your name that I pray and believe. Amen


A prayer for the recognition of injustice

Father God, sometimes I think that the most irritating thing about injustice is the lack of recognition of evil. I think of the times I have read the gospel accounts of Jesus in your Word, and the frustration I have felt reading about the wicked-hearted Pharisees and Sadducees, the crowd that chose Barabbas, and the Roman soldiers who mindlessly carried out his orders. . about injustice. I wanted them to know that what they were doing was wrong. No one knows the depths of injustice better than you, God. Lord, I know that acknowledgement will not fix everything, but it is a step in the direction of truth.

Lord, you know that change begins with the heart; please open the hearts of many so that we can see people as you see people so that we can love people as you love people. Help us to recognize the mistakes, give us clear minds and hearts to decipher the truth behind the injustice. May we look at every circumstance through your lens Lord, a lens of truth, love, grace and mercy.

In your name Jesus, amen.


An Advance Prayer to Wait for God’s Will Time

Lord, I thank you that you will answer my prayers in your perfect timing. Reveal what is in my heart and prepare me to handle the answer in the right way when it comes. Help me to pray for faith consistently and long term, to believe, wait and then move forward in Your timing. Help me to be patient in prayer, not to give up and to trust in You even in the moments when I feel negative emotions. I don’t want to live on feelings but on faith. Help me not to take matters into my own hands. I choose to trust you and I refuse to believe the lies of the enemy. I choose to be faithful in prayer (Colossians 4:2). Deepen my understanding, and give me a greater knowledge of what you are doing in my life. I choose to cling unwaveringly to the hope I profess (Hebrews 10:23). Extend my faith in the midst of waiting, just as you did with your disciples when they encountered a storm at sea (Matthew 8:23-27). I thank you that you have all the wisdom and will answer my prayers perfectly. In the name of Jesus, amen.

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A prayer for God’s justice

Jesus, we pray for strength as we await God’s justice. The Bible is very clear that taking life is sinful and abominable, and it is a sin against you. Your Word is clear about human life; every life is valuable because every life is made in your image. We may be different from each other, but we have one great thing in common: we are all image bearers, Lord, which means we are all of the equal value, we all have a purpose, and we are all part of your plan. Father, you know the injustice that has occurred for thousands of years, in different countries, with all races of colour and classes of people. I pray for the injustices that have happened to so many: that these mistakes seem very bad to all who see these situations; make it clear to all of God, that the coloured races are beautiful,

You are the author of justice Lord, we ask you to rain down justice in the form of convictions, transformed mindsets and hearts, and continued reconciliation. Help us to look to you… and to your Word to remind us what justice should look like. You know what injustice is like God; every sin committed is an injustice against you. Lord, help us to fight injustice in the right way, so that we always see you as the solution. O Lord, may there be more and more hearts transformed by your grace. May this time of injustice produce conversational opportunities to speak of your grace, mercy and forgiveness. May we look to you in our quest for justice, and may we continue to pray in your name for justice to be done when lives are taken and hateful acts committed. In your name Jesus, amen.


A prayer to live in peace

Heavenly Father, thank you for continuing to teach me your ways so that I can become more and more like you. You are a just God and take no pleasure in doing evil. Thank you for showing me that we can come together as a people and be unanimous. You are the one who judges and sits on the throne and instructs us not to repay evil for evil, but to live in peace with everyone because vengeance is Yours. Thank you for Your Son whom You sent to experience everything we would like to experience in this life but without sin. Help us to be more like Him in all we do and say. In the name of Jesus, amen.


A prayer for the brokenhearted

Lord, you know every broken heart and every pain, those that are said and those that are not said. There are many tears at this time, Lord, draw near to all who are grieving. Remind us of your closeness and your presence; remind us that you are always with us, in tragedy and in triumph.

Your Word tells us that you are the Light and although the darkness tries, they cannot turn off the light; your Word also tells us that darkness is like light to you. You know all things, there is no secret that can be hidden from you, even in the dark; you know the truth of what has happened. Thank you for the comfort in your Psalms, many of which are written from a broken heart and a place of trial. The Psalms remind us that you are our Refuge in the midst of trials; you are our eternal strength. You are our only truly safe place. May we leave every tear and every pain of our hearts at your feet; so that we can trust you with these realities and these feelings and know that you are sovereign over all. You are a just God, and you will correct all evil. Help us to always trust in you, and help us to seek you in everything.


A prayer for your enemies

Lord Jesus, following your example and command, we pray for our enemies today. First, we ask that you saturate our lives with the power and strength of the Holy Spirit. Send your love flowing through us and forgive us for holding on to anything that might get in the way of our prayers. We release any unforgiveness, thoughts of revenge, or hateful emotions that might quench Your Spirit in our hearts. So give us wisdom as we seek how to bless, love and pray for our enemies.

Lord, we pray that instead of coveting pure evil, they will hunger and thirst for Your purity and righteousness. May they become advocates of Your justice and may their warrior spirits be changed into peacemakers. Remove the facade of well-being; cast down the lies that have deceived you; and fence your ways until you see no way out but up. We pray that you show them the futility of what they are doing because in opposing the kingdom of God and in its darkness, they are often ignorant of the true reasons for their behaviour and the resulting consequences. Reveal to them any deep wounds or traumas in their own lives that may be contributing to their destructive actions.

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Knowing how you sometimes use pain and hardship to bring blessing into our lives, we pray the same for our enemies. . Use whatever means you need to soften hearts of stone, open blind eyes, and help them realize their ultimate need of you. If necessary, allow persecution in their own lives so that they may experience Your blessing. Speak to them miraculously and supernaturally if necessary, through a dream, a movie, another believer, Your Word, or even through our own lives if we ever clash. Somehow let them witness Your power and recognize that You are the source. We pray for conviction, by an honest assessment of their own destiny and by a sense of despair if that is what it takes for them to consider Your claims and discover Who You really are. Pursue them, even allowing kindness to lead them to repentance. And give us patience and a deep trust in You, Lord, even when we cannot see any change in our enemies. When we falter, not wanting to pray for our enemies, help us to remember Your grace in our own lives, and what we would be without You. (by Rebecca Barlow Jordan) help us to remember Your grace in our own lives, and what we would be without You. (by Rebecca Barlow Jordan) help us to remember Your grace in our own lives, and what we would be without You.


A prayer for the angry

Just as there are many who are heartbroken right now, Lord, there are many who are angry and some who feel both emotions. Injustice in its nature produces frustration and anger, sometimes we wonder why someone would do this, how could someone think this way, why would someone choose those words, etc. You did not design life with acts of injustice in mind. We were not created to hate or kill each other. In fact, every time we sin it is an act against you. Your heart is broken by the pain of the world, and you have the pain of the world. Lord, break our hearts to see the truth behind the injustice, so that we may see the real pain that is caused and the pain that so many have in their hearts by acts of sin. Lord, help us to be angry about the right things at the right time, do not let our anger be against you. Help us to express righteous anger, to be angry at the things that make you angry too.

Jesus, we can read about your anger in the temple, and we can recognize that your anger was a righteous anger. You got angry with what angers God, they degraded the house of God, the Temple of Jerusalem. You were righteously angry against sin, Lord, help us to have that same righteous anger and encourage us to speak and act. But Lord, please don’t let our anger lead us to a place of unrighteous anger, to a place where we commit sin because of our anger. Holy Spirit guides our hearts to know how to handle our anger and how to use it wisely for your glory and your kingdom. Train our hearts to be angry according to what makes you angry, and help us to act with purpose, with a heart of forgiveness. May there always be forgiveness behind our anger. Help us to turn our anger into conversations with others, lead our conversations into relationships where we can share your truth and grace, and may your truth and grace change hardened hearts and confused minds. Oh Lord, take the initiative when we feel angry; Holy Spirit guides us in the right action, according to your Word, amen.


lament prayer

Lord, my joy is found in you. You are my salvation and my strength. Whatever my circumstances, whatever fears or anxieties I have, whatever darkness lurks on the horizon, whatever is happening in the world around me, you are my salvation and my joy. When the world around me seems confused and hopeless, I pray that you fill me with incredible hope in your goodness, grace, and sovereignty over all things. Help me to fix my eyes on you all the days of my life.

In the name of Jesus, amen.


Prayer for Unity

Lord, we respond differently to acts of sin: some protest peacefully, some protest in anger, some are confused, and many are hurt. Help us find unity in you God, you are the unifying factor because you are the Creator who created us all to be bearers of your image, none more important than another. You look at each of your children and you have compassion and love towards each one equally, what love is that Lord. Help us to love like you, help us to see human beings like you, and help us to forgive one another in the midst of injustice. I don’t know how you did it Jesus; you turned to the thief on the cross who had mocked you minutes before and you forgave him and led him to eternal life in you with a few sentences. You looked at the hateful crowd and had compassion… you said Father, forgive them Because they do not know what they are doing. Oh Lord please give me that kind of compassion, that kind of love and that kind of grace for others. You had the same compassion for the hateful crowd that you had for your disciple John and your mother Mary seeing this happen to you. Your love is amazing and incomparable. Thank you for being a living example to us of how to love and forgive.

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You offer eternal life to everyone who believes that you are the Son of God, that you died for sinners, that we all are, and paid our death penalty with the sacrifice of your life; then you took the wrath of God against all sin and washed us like snow with your innocent blood. Your risen life has provided a way for all who believe to know you and be loved by you. You have adopted us into your family, each of us as equal heirs to the kingdom of God. You took the punishment for our sins so that whenever and however we die we will be raised to life again, a life without sin, without injustice, without pain, anger and sadness.

Lord, thank you for this hope today. May our hearts be lit by your truth and glory Lord; guide us to speak your truth in grace and love to others. Please bring hope to the brokenhearted and angry, give us direction to find justice, and light the way to your kingdom so many more may see and believe with transformed hearts and minds that you are who you say you are. You are God and only God, you are the only Refuge from sin. May we find unity at the foot of the cross, where all men and women are equal in Jesus Christ. Thank you for hearing our prayers, God.


A prayer of protection against evil

Lord Jesus, evil is such a harsh word, and yet Your Word often uses it to describe the opposite of good. While we are all capable of sin, I ask you for protection against those who call good evil and evil good. Protect us from those who conspire against justice and those who twist the truth into lies to carry out their evil intentions. May Your angels always be near to eradicate fear and fight against the dark spiritual forces that we cannot see. Help us to cast down all imagination and thinking that our enemy tries to use to exalt himself against you.

You dealt our spiritual enemy a fateful blow at Calvary when you died on the cross for us and rose again on the third day. While evil is still loose, the power of Your name and Your blood rises to overcome and bring us victory against all evil planned against us. While malicious actions can disturb us, we wear the armour of God that you have given us to stand firm. You will bring justice in due time for all the harm and unnecessary violence directed at Your children. Until then, we remain in Your presence, aligned with Your purposes, and look to You as our Supreme Commander and Protector. Help us to avoid temptation, and deliver us from evil, Lord. You are the Mighty One, the One who will finally bring all evil to light. With you, Jesus, we are safe.

How to pray for justice to be done?

The first thing you should know is that it is very important to have a lot of faith and conviction regarding the help that will come from the hand of the Lord. It doesn’t matter how serious the evil they have done to you is, because God will impose the punishment according to his Holy Will. Only He knows the feelings, as well as the thoughts of the person who wronged you.

Remember that God’s justice is perfect, He is never wrong because He gives everyone what they deserve. Therefore, the best way to pray for divine justice to be done as soon as possible is with great humility and hope. Kneel before the Lord and ask him for his grace to descend upon your cause. Ask him for a lot of wisdom to know how to face the difficulties of life.


We hope that these beautiful prayers have been very useful to ask for the justice of the lord.