5 Examples of pride in the bible – See how you can overcome Pride

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What are the examples of pride in the bile and how can one overcome the sin of pride?

We must overcome pride to really know God, so we show you How to overcome pride according to the Bible, hoping that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you if you are going through a similar situation and have the opportunity to improve in Christ.

Well, when we come to the feet of God, and even if we grow up in a Christian home, we end up struggling with our habits and ways of life, and really Christ does the work in us transforming us from the moment we accept it in our hearts until the last day of life. our lives.

What does it really mean to be proud? 

Is being proud as bad as being proud? We must know when it stops being a glimpse of self-love and self-recognition, to become an abominable sin in the eyes of God, so it is very important to learn how to overcome pride according to the Bible.

Pride is self-exaltation that distances us from God and our fellow men. This sin is linked to pride, arrogance, and even idolatry, which has its consequences in our lives.

Deep down to the weakness of self-esteem, because people with emotional problems of inferiority, childhood traumas, non-acceptance, rejection, and bad thoughts, among others, end up reaping over the years and triumph a dose of negative pride that they undoubtedly distance themselves from God and from others.

Examples of pride in the bible.

The Bible really shows us a huge range of people who, according to their decisions and the reality of their hearts, moved away, or came closer, to God our creator, this time we show you stories of proud men in the Bible.


1. Naaman. 2 Kings 5.1

This man was very proud even though he suffered from leprosy, but he had an encounter with a prophet of God that changed his life.


2. Manasseh, the son of Hezekiah. (2 Kings 21:9).

If we observe all the things that this King did, we will realize that behind so much evil, there is his pride, understanding what the Bible says:

The wicked, because of the pride of his countenance, does not seek God “

(Psalm 10:4).

3. Satan. Ezekiel 28:12-19 

Although in the cited text reference is made to the King of Tyre, these verses from the Book of Ezekiel together with the verses in Isaiah 14:12-15, Ezekiel 28,17, and Revelation 12:7-9, give a clear example of how this The cherub made by God found pride in his heart, which turned him away from God and caused him to be expelled.

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It is very important that you read the Bible for yourself, asking the Holy Spirit for direction for it to reveal itself in your life.


4. Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel 5.20-22

This king is a clear example of what happens to people who put their great pride and stubbornness first, they simply lose everything in the end. God had a plan with this man and put Daniel who showed him the wonders of the only living God, however, Nebuchadnezzar hardened his heart full of pride and lost everything, condemning himself and his son who followed in the footsteps of the.


5. Paul of Tarsus. Philippians 3.4-7

The apostle Paul was a great man, however before Christ revealed himself to his life he was a proud and jealous man of his doctrine even causing great havoc to believers, but God’s purpose was fulfilled in his life, which gave a twist after his face-to-face encounter with the Lord.


Why does pride keep us away?

Pride is a sin that has the peculiarity of alienating us from others and from God.

The reason is that pride blinds us, depriving us of the opportunity to be empathetic and aware of our own humanity, which is deplorable, a low sinner, the greatest value of our humanity being the sacrifice that God made for us when Christ died on the Cross where with open arms I restore our relationship with God and with our fellow men.


1. Pride separates us from God. 

Being a proud person implies not giving God first place in your life, therefore you are a kind of idolater, this being a great sin before God. Even in the book of Ezekiel Chapter 14, we note that this may have been the sin that led to the Angels’ downfall.

On the other hand, in Philippians, we find how Christ, our north and our example to follow, stripped himself and humbled himself to death on a cross, out of love, because the opposite of exalting himself, to be arrogant, arrogant, and proud. , is to be humble like Christ Jesus.


2. Pride separates us from our fellow men. 

Absolutely no one wants to be close to a proud and arrogant person, and it is because not only does God resist the proud and give grace to the humble according to his precious word, but the proud really find resistance among people and do not behave as true children of God.

Proud people can’t put themselves in the place of others, they can’t be empathetic, but their world revolves around them and their exploits.

One of the ways in which we know how to overcome pride according to the bible is by understanding that God truly hates this type of attitude and that being proud prevents us from approaching God because he accepts only contrite and humiliated hearts.

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How to overcome pride according to the Bible?

 The most positive way to overcome pride is to have a true encounter with God, only there under the throne of his grace and glory is that we can see ourselves and that we are like a filthy rag before his presence. It is before his admirable light that the sinful and deformed nature of our nature is revealed.

It is only in a true relationship with the Holy Spirit that we can overcome what distances us from God, and say like the Apostle Paul: ” I consider everything lost before God” because throughout the Bible there was not even a prophet, a king, a chosen by God who did not realize how little we are and how much God is before his encounter.

The Bible is full of God’s promises for our lives, among which stand out that he who humbles himself before God, God himself will exalt him.

Consult the Bible and fill yourself with the powerful and transforming God.


That is why we invite you to bow down and pray before the King of Kings, to recognize that we have an immense need of him and that we are nothing before him.

Apart from that, we invite you to repent and do your part to change if pride has been part of you and above all to ask him for the strength to be humble before circumstances and processes of life are the ones that crush you and lead you to humble yourself under the mighty hand of God.


What about the haughty and proud men?

The only way to overcome pride and arrogance is through humility; the Lord rebukes proud people and gives grace to the humble; for God himself does not resist before a humiliated heart.

But what about the haughty and proud men? –His heart is full of hardness because of sin; they look with haughty hearts; they judge and criticize good actions; demonstrating a refusal to submit to God.


“ Haughty eyes and arrogant heart, lamp of the wicked; {that is a sin”.

 Proverbs 21:4 


A proud person will never recognize the dependency he has as a creature on the Lord; he acts contradictory to the precepts of God’s existence, and his word and does not accept his power and authority.

Faced with this situation, God cannot act; for where there is a hardened heart, He cannot dwell, much less force the person to seek Him.


“ When pride comes, dishonor also comes; but with the humble is wisdom”

Proverbs 11:2 

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Characteristics of a Proud Person. 

In the Bible, proud people are described as wicked and carnal; who live by his own desires and passions; he wants to achieve superiority and have dominion over his fellow men.

He is also characterized as a boastful person; rebel; without natural affection, gossiping; he criticizes everything; he idealizes strength and aggressiveness as authority over those close to him; they are cruel and ruthless and far from God.

Because everything in the world, the passion of the flesh, the passion of the eyes and the arrogance of life, does not come from the Father, but from the world”

1 John 2:16

The End of the Bad

If instead of showing the Fruit of the Spirit we show are carnal works; it is very likely that God is not close to us, much less in us; the above-named features; they describe a person totally alienated from the divine purpose.

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Faced with such behavior, God acts to rebuke a heart that has deviated from its goal and that he peculiarly hates; for he opposes everything he stands for.

God has issued strong judgments in the face of man’s rebellion and pride; he has consumed with his wrath the transgressors of his mandates and more those who deliberately do evil knowing good.

Everyone who is haughty in heart is an abomination to the LORD; certainly he will not go unpunished”

Proverbs 16: 5


Fruits that please God

One of the best ways to overcome pride according to the Bible is found in the epistles of the Apostle Paul to the Galatians; in which he relates what are the works of the flesh and the fruits of the spirit.

Among the manifestations of the Fruit of the Spirit with which we can overcome pride are: love, joy, peace, kindness, patience, faith, goodness, meekness, and temperance. These are the fruits that the Holy Spirit delivers to his beloved children who seek his face of truth.

God loves us and has poured out his love so that we can be perfect as he is

Following his footsteps and example just as Christ did; even being in the form of God he humbled himself to give us all of his grace and salvation.

“Take my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. 

Matthew 11:29-30


A Heart approved by God

We must take care of our heart because life flows from it; of the abundance that is within him, the mouth speaks; if our heart is full of God, the fruits that it will reflect will be of peace, love, and goodness according to the manifestation of his spirit in us.

So we must ensure that the Fruit of the Spirit greatly abounds in our way of feeling and thinking; being close to God at all times to be approved by his love.

 In our walk with God, it is convenient to be straight and sincere with our brothers, working humbly in the work, with a good disposition of spirit; helping each other in the spiritual growth of each one; without judging anyone’s work.