3 Reasons Jesus Didn’t Come Down From The Cross

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Why Jesus Didn’t Come Down From The Cross: here is 3 Reasons

“Why didn’t Jesus come down from the cross ?” It is a question that many people ask themselves when they know the history of the sacrifice. Some think that Jesus being king could have been liberated, others (the anti-Christians) claim that he did not possess the power that is preached. However, the reality is that our savior was able to break free and solve everything in his own way, but he did not. The reason for this action will be understood throughout this study.

The first practical steps with Jesus

Why didn’t Jesus come down from the Cross?

Jesus remains on the cross for at least three reasons:

1. Humility


Jesus wanted to defeat Satan . In the world, we seek to dominate our enemies. It works? No. Usually, the cycle of violence just continues and, in fact, often gets worse.

We think, “If I can yell louder and outwit or outmaneuver my opponent, I’ll win the day.”

Yes, but there is more to life than one day. The next day, your opponent returns with stronger, more ingenious arguments and bigger weapons. And the cycle of violence continues. It is an endless power struggle.

But, darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hatred cannot drive out hatred; only love can do that. And I would add that pride cannot take pride out, only humility can.

And therefore, although the crowd and Satan try to persuade Jesus to fight for power, the Lord chooses the only weapon that is truly effective against pride: humility. Humility is like kryptonite to the devil!


In everyone’s eyes it seemed that the Lord was being defeated. But in his humility, he was doing more harm to Satan than we could ever imagine. He stands on the Cross to defeat Satan’s pride with his deep humility. Jesus does this despite the enemy’s desperate attempts to compromise his pride and draw him into a power struggle.

2. Obedience

It was disobedience that got us into trouble in the first place . And it was obedience that had to restore us. Adam said “No” to obedience. Jesus, the New Adam, says “Yes.” It is not essentially the suffering of Jesus that saves us; rather, it is your obedience. And suffering is part of it.

Jesus decides to obey his Father, regardless of the cost. Isaiah says of Jesus: “He suffered because he wanted to.” ( Is 53: 7 ). Thomas says that if Jesus had suffered and gone to the cross, but inadvertently, we would not be saved.

Jesus himself said: “Nobody takes my life, I give it freely.” ( Jn 10:18 ) Jesus went to the Cross and decided to remain there in obedience. And it is by his willingness to obey and save us that we can receive the greatest gift.

3. To save us

On a more personal level, we can also see (based on what we have already said), that Jesus decided to stay on the cross to save us. If it had come down, there would be no salvation; you would not be saved.

We could have been impressed, even had a kind of faith. But it would not be a saving faith. Pure and simple, Jesus decided to remain on the Cross and endure mockery, shame, pain, and death to save humanity.

Jesus Is The True Vine

Jesus did not have to bear the cross

No one forced Jesus to suffer the cruelty, shame, and death normally reserved for criminals . It was by choice and in the face of internal and external resistance. The hours of personal agony she experienced before trial, torture and death attest to the resistance her own body put up against the ordeal.

Satan knew that the cross would not help in his efforts to gain full control of all humans, so he tried to stop Jesus. He had humans try to murder him in the dark so that he would not die on the cross, but the Father eluded those efforts. ( Luke 4: 28-30 ).

Satan also tried persuasion; he made an offer that he thought Jesus could not refuse. He showed her all the kingdoms of the world and, in fact, said: “I will leave the life of these humans and I will leave it to you.

You can rule them all. Only one condition, you, Jesus, adore, follow me ”. Jesus came to establish a kingdom to rule mankind, but it is a kingdom where Satan’s deceptions, lies, and destruction are not welcome.

So Jesus told Satan to go away. He tried again himself. When the Savior began to explain to his close disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and be crucified, Satan used Peter’s compassion and strength to convince Jesus not to do so.

But our Savior looked at Peter, and realizing that he was being used, alluded to that first encounter when Satan wanted Jesus to follow him (Matthew 4: 8-11). Since Satan has some of his greatest triumphs when humans are physically weakest, he went out of his way to interfere with the cross. The soldiers had beaten Jesus in a very despotic way.

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The prophet Isaiah predicted that he would be beaten beyond recognition ( Is 52:14 ). They beat him very hard because, once hung on the cross, the fact that Jesus took too long to die would have made some of the rulers uncomfortable.

Waiting until the blows and the position he was in completed their work, Jesus heard the final temptation of Satan: if you are the king, why don’t you come down from that cross?

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Jesus and the 12 disciples

What would have happened if Christ had not died?

The New Testament writers answer this question by clearly stating why Jesus had to die on the cross. Yes, it is true that Pontius Pilate sent Jesus to the cross to be crucified. But that is only part of the answer. Scripture says that we all send him to the cross. He died for us.

The apostle Peter declared that “Christ died for sins” ( 1 Peter 3:18 ). The apostle Paul affirmed that “Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures” ( 1 Corinthians 15: 3 ). Why did Jesus have to die for our sins? We have all sinned ( Romans 3:23 ) and the consequence is death ( 6:23 ).

We are all headed for judgment, damnation, and eternal death, unless God Himself intervenes. And God intervened; this is how we must understand the coming of Jesus to this world and His death on the cross. The crucifixion of Jesus was not a historical accident .

It was a carefully planned event, as Paul indicates when he points out that Christ’s death was “according to the Scriptures” (1 Corinthians 15: 3). God had already revealed to His prophets how and why the Son of God would die. The writer of Hebrews explained to his Jewish readers that Jesus made a “sacrifice of himself” ( Hebrews 9:26, 28 ). Jewish readers would have understood the author’s point.

There were centuries of animal sacrifices in Jewish tabernacles and temples, performed to atone for people’s sins. They were all abolished the only sacrifice that really matters, the final sacrifice of Jesus when he died on the cross to permanently atone for our sins.

Nor was Jesus the unwitting victim of Pilate’s command . John said the same when he wrote that “Jesus gave his life for us” ( 1 John 3:16 ). Our savior died willingly because he loved us, even when we were still sinners ( Romans 5: 8 ).

What if Christ had not died on the cross ? Then there would be no atonement for our sins. We would still be heading for eternal damnation. All the little pleasures on earth would only be a momentary distraction from ultimate doom for every member of the human race.


What if Christ had not risen?

If Christ had not risen from the dead, we would not have much to look forward to beyond this life, beyond our deaths, the injustices of this world, and our current comforts and discomforts.

Paul wrote, “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is faith, because you are still in his sins” ( 1 Corinthians 15:14, 17 ). While the cross provides atonement for sins, the resurrection points to divine power and our future in eternity.


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So, do you already know why Jesus did not come down from the cross or are you still like the soldiers and scribes of that time? We must bear in mind that if there had not been a sacrifice on the cross, we would not have salvation.

Another thing to consider is that Jesus was not forced by anyone to go through all that torture and undeserved death; He did it out of love for us and out of obedience to the Father. It was a necessary sacrifice so that humanity could be saved.