5 Stories Of Patience in the Bible- examples of Patience in the Bible

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Patience with God is the ability to trust and wait on God, these 5 Stories Of Patience in the Bible- examples of Patience in the Bible will best help your faith in times of need.

Patience with God is the ability to trust and wait on God in time of difficulties, ugly challenges even  when nothing seems to be working, here is the stories of patience in the bible that’ll help you keep your faith alive.

Many people be wondering what does the bible say about patients, what does God say about patients or what the bible says about patients.

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Are you waiting for a a breakthrough in your life that seems as if it’s not coming , don’t be tired yet. Wait still for They That Wait Upon The Lord , Shall Renew Their Strength….. (saiah 40:31)

To be patience is to endure all kind of provocations, trials and annoyance. Some of your mate may have mocked you asking where’s your God, do not worry because the angels are bringing your blessings.
They maybe ahead of you  now, laughing at you and thinking they are smarter, wiser and better than you, how they  have money and are enjoying life now. Do not worry,  God have seen you and your special blessings is coming.

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To push further on the post, below are 5 examples of Patience in the Bible – stories of Patience in the Bible.

1. Job – A Man of Patience

Job story is one most stories of biblical patience,  Job was a man who was afflicted with sores all over his body. Job lost he has, his house, his sons and daughter’s, his business, despite all the suffering, Job never curse God, he waited for God to smile on him again.

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While in all those pains, his wife encouraged him to course God and die but Job never did,  even though Job has lost everything.
Job never sin against God even though he lost everything and suffered painful sores on his body.
At the end, God restored to him in double fold of all he lost.

2. Abraham – The Father of Many Nations

Abraham story is a great example of stories of patience in the bible,  God promised Abraham that he will be the father of many nations.

The promise began in Genesis chapter 12 when God called upon Abraham to go  to the land of Canaan where he has  promised to make him a great nation there, a blessing unto mankind that through his descendants all families in earth shall be blessed.

when this promise was made, Abraham has no child neither is there any sign of pregnancy in Sarah womb. (Genesis 12:1-3)
God continued to remind Abraham of His promise through the years.
All these while, Abraham and his wife Sarah  have no child.

God finally gave Them Isaac when  Abraham was 100 years and his wife Sarah  90 years.
It took years of patiently waiting before the promised was fulfilled and it was recorded of him as a man of faith.

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3.  Joseph – From Prison to Palace – A True example  of Patience

Joseph was a man who fear the lord and due to that he was rewarded by God for his righteousness.
Joseph was sold as a slave to Portipher  by his brother (Genesis 37:27, 28).

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Joseph never understood all that was happening at the time but he trusted God to work out His plan in His time.

Joseph patiently worked faithfully in every situation he found himself. He waited for God to fulfill His promise that Joseph would be a leader of his people (Genesis 37:5-11). He had to be patient as he believed God, but probably wondered why he was sitting in a prison cell.

God did lift Joseph up to great power and responsibility. Not only was he a leader of his people, but he ruled over the people of Egypt too. Patience was needed to allow God to accomplish His purposes in the life of Joseph and his family.

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4.  Simeon –  Awaited Eagerly For the Birth Messiah

The Holy Ghost revealed to a man named Simeon that he would not see death until he had witnessed the birth of the Messiah.
Though it was not stated in the Bible how long he waited for the birth of Christ, but the fact that it says he would not die until he saw the Saviour indicates that he waited some time.
After Jesus arrived in the temple Simeon was led by the Spirit to visit Him there. Simeon took Jesus in his arms and thanked God that the promised child had arrived. Joseph and Mary were surprised by Simeon’s actions. Simeon knew that he could depart in peace.

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5. Jesus Christ – An Example of Patience

Jesus trained the disciples patiently.

Before the crucifixion of Jesus at the cross,  He patiently trained the disciples. Even after His miracles and proclamations of being the Son of God, the disciples were still confused as to who Jesus was.

Above are 5 Stories of Patience – examples of Patience.
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