10 powerful prayers of thanksgiving to God Almighty

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God is pleased when we offer thanks to him, these 10 powerful prayers of thanksgiving will help you to please the lord on your prayer altar.

Giving thanks to God is more than a simple spiritual ritual to fulfill all righteousness. It’s a powerful spiritual action that has proven to have a positive impact and result.

Thanksgiving isn’t something you do to show politeness or good deeds. It is more than that. Thanksgiving is a spiritual virtue filled with goodness and profit, which has tangible physical dividends

Nobody has ever prayed well until they have given thanks.

Benefit of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is profitable and below some of the benefits, it carries.

prayers of thanksgiving

  1. Thanksgiving is a tool for deliverance against the day’s trouble (Ps. 50:14-15)
    Today’s thanksgiving to God qualifies you to receive Divine intervention in times of trouble tomorrow.
    The murmurer does not see God at work in their life.

  2. Thanksgiving is a blessing from God that guarantees life (Ps. 69:30-32)
    God loves you and your thanksgiving brings Him joy.
    Giving God thanks is giving Him pleasure. If God is happy with your life, then it doesn’t matter who you displease with. It doesn’t matter what it is.
    The devil can be defeated if you learn how to give God thanks.
    Although He may hate you, He will not cut you off before you are ready

  3. Thanksgiving places people in the Presence and Glory of the Lord (Ps. 100:4, 95 :2)
    Every thanksgiver is a Divine Presence holder, and Divine Presence provides the solution to demonic presences.
    Thanksgiving makes God available and available to the thanksgiving person
    The Presence and Grace of God are the secrets of rest; thanksgiving he will bring you into the peace that God’s Presence gives (Exo. 33:14)
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  4. Thanksgiving is the key to success in life and the cure for dryness (Ps. 51:3; John 6 :11-13
    Thanksgiving is a fertile season for life, destiny, and places that leads to fruitfulness and flourishing. It prohibits dryness or emptiness

  5. Thanksgiving opens the doors to abundant grace (2Cor. 4:15; James 4 :6)
    God gives grace to those who give God glory.
  6. Thanksgiving facilitates productive and effective praying (Phil. 4:6-7; 1Tim. 4:6-7; 1Tim. 10:10)
    You can’t pray well unless you thank well Without thanksgiving, the prayer equation is incomplete.
    For the prayer equation to be answered, Thanksgiving must be a constant

  7. Thanksgiving is a way to connect with God’s goodness and mercy (1Chron. 16:34; Ps. 16:34; Ps.
    The only cure for the evil of the devil is God’s goodness
    The only cure for the anger of enemies is the Mercy of God
    God’s Mercy upon you will stop the evil gang-up against you
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  8. Thanksgiving places us in the Will of God for our lives (1Thes. 5:18)
    Look for the good in everything. If you praise God, the devil will be defeated and God will guide you to His Will for you. If you are able to thank God for His faithfulness, He will make your life conform to His will.
    Thanksgiving is the key to God’s Will.


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10 powerful prayers of thanksgiving to God Almighty

God takes our affairs when we thank him.

use these 10 prayers of thanksgiving to appreciate God for your life.

prayers of thanksgiving

Prayer of thanks for my answered prayer

Lord of the heaven’s armies! You are amazing and powerful! It is difficult to express the gratitude I have for You. I am grateful to You and praise Your holy name. You heard me and answered my prayer. Because You are my faithful God, I live for You in every word and action. I know You are always good, in every situation. Keep me close to you so that I can grow in my faith in You. I cherish the feeling of being transformed into Your beautiful body and being with you forevermore. All praise be to God.

Prayer of thanks for my life

Creator God, Name above all other names, You gave me life, breath, and everything. It is not one single breath that fills me, and it is not one day that I even open my eyes that I earn for myself. Each moment of my life is a gift from You. I will be thankful for the life I have. Hallelujah! I will sing songs of gratitude for this life even when it is hard to breathe. Even when the darkness surrounds me, I will sing with all I have, mighty God! You are my God, and I am yours! Jesus Christ, the All-Allening God, is my prayer. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer of thanksgiving for God’s goodness

Creator of heaven, earth, the sea, all that is in them, You’re so wonderful and Your love will never end. Without Your love, my life would be empty and meaningless. Your peace reigns in my heart and I am grateful that You answer when I call. This has been demonstrated in my life by the way that You answered my prayer. Through Your Lord Jesus Christ, You have granted me victory. Jesus Christ, in the name of the One who has shown Your amazing love. Amen.

Prayer of Gratitude

Jesus Christ, my Savior, You are my loving Father, who delights in giving His children good gifts. I have enjoyed greatly the gifts you have given to me. This is enough. I have food and a place where to sleep. Yet, Your grace has allowed me to be blessed even more by Your love. Your kindness and grace are so appreciated by me. You are always there to answer my prayers and bless me. Because of Your love, in all situations, I know I can trust in Your sovereign grace. Jesus Christ, my Savior, I ask for forgiveness in the name of the one who offered his most precious blood to redeem my sins. Amen.

Prayer of praise

Heavenly Father, I love You with all of my heart! I will sing Your praises! Your name will be praised until my lips are unable to sing. I have everything I need because of Your loving act in creation. You are attentive to every detail of my problems. You guide me through beautiful green meadows with gentleness. Every word of prayer and every amen is heard by You, and your sovereign decree is fulfilled. My Father, I will praise You throughout my life. Forever and ever, may Your kingdom, power, and glory be yours. Amen

prayers of thanksgiving

Prayer for Joyful Thanksgiving

Lord Jehovah the Self-Existent One. You are my loving and gracious Father. I raise my hands in joyous shout to You and open my arms wide. My soul praises You, my Good Father. I was set free by Your grace and mercy. I declare that I am Yours. I am here, my God. I will serve You forevermore, and I rejoice in my citizenship in heaven with You. All this I ask for Your blessings. Amen.

Prayer of thanks for God’s blessings

O God, my Promise Keeper, You are the Alpha- and Omega. You were. You are. You are the one who will come. My God, I give You thanks. While I feel tempted to complain, all I can do is look around and see the many blessings You have bestowed upon me. “You give me life, breath, and everything,” as Your Word says. Instill in me gratitude and let me experience more of Your love in my daily life. God, I have brought nothing to this world. Please make me happy with what You have given to me. I am enough because of You. I will forever be grateful for Your amazing salvation. Amen.


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Prayer of Gratitude to My Family for their Blessing

God of faithfulness and enduring love, I see Your blessings around me. You are aware of how I prayed to have a family. Your provision has now been made and my cup is full! You shower favor, honor, and victory upon me! My family has been a blessing in my life, and I am grateful to You for Your all-powerful and holy name. God, I and my family will always serve You. You are such an excellent Father. Amen.

Prayer of thanks for my salvation

God of my Salvation I am overwhelmed by Your love. It flows out of me into the world and beyond. It overwhelms me when I consider my sin and how You saved me. Amazing mercy has allowed Jesus to die for my sins and take my shame on the Cross for me. I begged You to save my soul when I prayed. Because of Your love, I have the blessed assurance that You are my Father and I am Yours. I pray to You in the most precious and wonderful name of Jesus Christ, O my Father. Amen.

Prayer of gratitude to God for His provision

God, my Great Provider, You show me how great You are. You promise that You will provide all my needs. In this time of need, You have provided for me. You are my Jehovah Jireh. You are the God who lifts the poor out of the dust and makes the needy sit alongside the nobles. Thank you for answering my prayer and providing exactly what I needed. Keep me trusting in You for my daily bread. In Jesus’ compassion name. Amen.

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God is a loving father, he takes charge of life challenges and he’s well pleased when offering prayers of thanksgiving to him.

Above is a compilation of 10 prayers of thanksgiving to guide you through as prayer to appreciate God for his Goodness in your life.