Dealing with selfishness in our lives

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Dealing with selfishness in our lives and in the society

What’s selfishness?
Selfishness means caring about your self rather than about other people.
Selfishness is contrary to the Christian faith and must be removed from our lives.
Love is our Christian identity (john 13:35).
One of the major characteristic of love is giving.
God demonstrated this by giving his only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for the sake of out sins. For God so loved the word that he gaveā€¦(John 3:16).
Jesus himself sacrificially and voluntary laid down his life for the benefit of all of us.
Hence he said “Greater love has no man than this that a man laid down his life for his friends. ” (John 15:13).
Love is generous and cares much about the things of others who so generous and cares much about the things of others who so ever resorts to life of selfishness has lost his Christian identity called “love”.
Let us begin to do away with selfishness in our lives .

    The Lord Jesus stated how his disciples should be identified; and that if they love one another (John 13:35).
    It was a commandment he gave that his followers should love one another just as he loved them (John 15:12).
    God demonstrated what true love should do, and that is to ‘give’!.
    Love demands total sacrifice for the benefit of the one another’s burden (Gal.6:12) and that means to be helpful to one another.
    One of the major characteristic of love is that it does not seek only the things that are its own; its is not selfish (1cor.13:15).
    Any body that is selfish has lost this identity.
  2. FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT (Heb 13:1, Luke6:38).
    Generosity, open handedness or giving bring prosperity (luke6:38).
    When we give to God and to our fellow men, God ensures that we receive abundantly more than we have given and increase our righteousness.
    Giving brings us respect and honour.
    Giving or open handedness helps to keep our friends.
    A selfish person cannot keep his friends. Some people may have charming personality but when you get close to them and discover selfishness in them, the friendship is destroyed.
    This is because they wiil always like to get from you and will never give!.
    Generosity saves or delivers from danger because and show you favour.
    From the forgoing, we see that rooting out selfishness in our lives is our own benefit.

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