How to get closer to God and everything you should know

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The feeling of being spiritually empty can be common even to the most certain Christians in the world. For you to fulfill the purpose of the Father, discover how to get closer to God in this article.

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What does it mean to be close to God?

Many people often do not know how to approach God. They may even confuse belonging to a religion and fulfilling their duties, superficially, with having a close relationship with the Father.

This is flatly wrong because the connection with the Lord has a much deeper meaning than just obeying the orders that have been imposed by a doctrine.

The connection with God is probably the most important and present factor in true Christianity, however foreign it may seem to some people who do not fully understand the terms of these teachings.

Knowing how to approach God is essential so that what you pray, what you listen to, and what you live is fully Christian. Approaching the Father is opening your heart to his word, taking him into account in every aspect of your life with his teachings and his love, and at the same time feeling the Holy Spirit being present in your day-to-day life.

Without a thriving connection with God, the Christian may be failing. In the same way, if it is something small or something big, it does not comply with the sacred plan that the Lord of Heaven has for said individual.

Being connected with God can have a simple meaning, but for those who truly feel that closeness, it can be a ineffable feeling.

Explaining how it feels to get closer to God is summed up by the testimony of thousands of Christians as the feeling of having the Holy Spirit truly is the heart, working life, and sowing in the soul the seed of passion for Christ.

Being in full connection with God is a privilege where you communicate with your creator with greater emotional intensity and in which you can see his works reflected in each of the events of your life because He has arranged it for you.

Why is it important to get closer?

A Christian who is not close to God may well be someone who is just starting in Christianity and has not been completely renewed spiritually or someone who has lost interest in obtaining the divine grace of the Eternal Father.

Failing that, some people are still interested in delivering the love received by God and the praise that corresponds to being a true Christian, however, regardless of whether they are aware or not, they may feel alienated from God for not doing the right things. when it comes to developing in the spiritual realm.

It is important to be close to God since the purpose of the Lord in the life of all the brothers of the Earth is that they are connected to his word, that they are linked to divine salvation with every minute of their daily life, and that they profess what it is to carry to the Father in the heart at every moment.


This previous can be considered as true Christianity in the eyes of the heavenly Father.

Everyone who joins the Christian life must seek to recognize the Lord and his word as the guide of life that will always light their way.

Strengthening spiritual ties with the blood of Christ is also important for every Christian because, the closer you are to the Lord, the greater your spiritual discernment and your preaching qualities, prosperity and productivity both spiritually and on other personal levels.

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This discernment allows Christians to develop on a spiritual level. The connection with God allows having a greater intensity concerning clairvoyance and prophecies granted by divine power and also becomes a great benefit that interferes at the time of the gospel.


How to approach God?

This is a great question for everyone who has been spiritually frustrated and has eventually recognized their problem. The answer will always vary because everyone has their ways of declining.

Just as there are emotional muscles, there are spiritual muscles and the intelligence of the soul.
He who lacks good management of these factors of the spirit tends to move away from God no matter how much he preaches the word of the Lord daily.

Therefore, everything you learn about how to strengthen your spiritual connection with the Father will be uniquely tailored to your situation.

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How to approach God through prayer?

Prayer is the most important and prominent medium that can exist between the Father and the son. This means marks the factor of communication that one has with God and it must be strengthened in a relevant way for the pleasure of the Creator.

Without prayer involved, the Christian cannot grow spiritually or feel the presence of God in his life.

It is extremely essential that you talk to God daily and that you communicate your feelings to him because that way, once you wait for his answer, you are giving place to his spirit within you.

On the other hand, some people disguise a false connection with the Lord behind an empty and null prayer routine.

This shows that many Christians do not open their hearts at the moment of communication with God and forget to put feeling in their words.

The man who speaks with honesty and passion when praying is letting blessings enter his life. On the contrary, whoever refuses to wait for an answer and put their faith in Christ to make room for the blessings that prayer provides, is only committing blasphemy and dishonesty.

But it is not always a fault that comes from negative energies that harbor the spirit of the person who prays, it can also be due to a lack of spiritual orientation and understanding of how communication with the Father should take place.

Newcomers to Christianity need to be taught how to open up to prayer and what are the key factors that make communication successful.

Keys to make prayer much more effective

Many tips can be key to improving the way prayer is delivered. For example:

  • Eliminate distractions: to know how to get closer to God, it is essential to fully communicate with the Lord that you eliminate distractions when praying. It is very easy to be in a prayer session with the Father while your thoughts are focused on some problem in the workplace or social pressure. This blurs your soul and prevents you from giving honest emotion to God in your words.

  • Keep silent: many people believe that talking to God is just about talking and asking for blessings and prosperity. This is a way of closing the heart to the true communication of prayer.
    The correct way to pray is to keep silent and give God the moment to speak to you, advise you, and put in your mind the inspired ideas and the messages and visions that you need in your spiritual life.

  • Longing for the will of the Lord: Often people who claim to have a legitimate faith can denote their failure as Christians when it comes to conversing with God.
    A false Christian is one who, when praying, only asks for blessings without measuring the relationship they have with the will of the Father.

  • Praise and thank: it is not the most appropriate thing to pray and only demand, it is necessary to focus on thanking and praising the divine work of the Eternal Father, since it is the duty of the Christian in his relationship with God. When the person who prays only seeks to ask for new blessings without thanking the Lord for those he has already placed in his life, he is making a mistake that only shows interest and selfishness concerning God.

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Isolation to get closer to God

There are people whose connection with God has intensified thanks to the fact that they can take their spirit in isolation to a plane close to sanctification. These people can optimize their spiritual synchronization by being completely alone in a space that provides them with peace, harmony, and a lot of comforts.

It is highly advisable to take note of what these Christians do to please God. Establish a level of absolute intimacy with the Lord for certain periods that are completely dedicated to sharing with the presence of the Holy Spirit around you.

It is not always easy to stay spiritually motivated or inspired, this can affect how you grow as a Christian.

To solve this situation in which you feel frustrated or far from the presence of God, you can take some time in your day to lock yourself in your room or an isolated room preferably and meditate in the presence of the Father, invoking his spirit and accepting his divinity in your heart so that it fills you for the rest of the day.

Christians testify that applying this practice on a day-to-day basis touches the very spirit of Christian motivation and fills it with the presence of God, making it clear that the time that has been dedicated to being completely alone with the Father exchanges an inner sensation of energy.


Put God first

When the believer has God in the background in his daily life, he is allowing himself to be distracted by all the worldliness that surrounds him. This causes Heavenly Father’s presence in your life to be relatively overshadowed by that which pollutes the spirit.

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Anything that, in the Christian statement, is considered more important than the gospel and Christian practice, takes the mind away from that part of the soul that seeks the Lord.

For this reason, in the Christian community, it is well known that one who does not focus his heart in the direction of God but who feels more attracted by work, leisure, love interest, or different lifestyles that make him complex cannot create a connection between your soul and your mind.

This will weaken your will and determination as a Christian, preventing you from acting in the name of God and having absolute honesty when speaking with God, praising Him, exalting Him, and attending the Christian congregation.

People who don’t focus their spiritual energy on Christian practices often have trouble letting go of toxic acts that may be taking place in the way you go about your life.

God must be placed first in your priorities since He will always lead you on the best path and also because in this way you will cleanse your heart of all impurity.

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How to approach God through trust?

One way for new Christians to draw closer to God and establish closeness with the Creator is communication with trust. God can become your best friend, therefore, it is quite positive that you seek to connect with Him by telling Him everything you feel and that you think is relevant to express.

On the other hand, many people make the mistake of wanting to speak in a very formal way with the Father, alienating each proposed prayer with feeling. Respect for God is enough, communicating your most personal thoughts to him is something that pleases him.


Signs that you are not close to God

Surely you have ever doubted what are the symptoms that indicate that you have moved away from your spirituality. People usually don’t realize it until that break with God begins to affect their lives in a very negative way.

There are several symptoms to recognize when you feel a little disconnected from your faith, some of these are:

stop praying in private

Do you feel like your schedule is “too tight” to take a few minutes to talk with God? This may mean that you are putting it aside, doing activities that are not necessary, that do not forge or build your faith.

The Lord Jesus through one of the writings of the Bible (Matthew 6:6) taught us that praying every day is a responsibility to fulfill in religion. Just imagine how important prayer is, that in the Bible it is related that the Lord Jesus did it every morning, very early.

If you’ve found yourself drifting away from prayer or if you forget to do it, be determined to do it every day from now on, and downplay unnecessary day-to-day things that don’t bring you closer to God.


you don’t read the bible

Just like a prayer, reading the Word of the Lord every day is something that should never be lacking. Through it, you can learn to be a better person, someone stronger, with more faith and benevolence. You must never abandon the daily reading of the Bible, nor stop putting into practice its teachings on love, peace, and hope.

The Bible is the light that will make your path to the right visible, it will feed you with knowledge and fill your heart and soul.

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You start missing church often

The Church is the meeting point created by God to unite all brothers, parents, and friends through faith, solidarity, teachings, and the peace that exists within the congregations. It is the place through which you can learn more about the love and companionship that Christ provides in the lives of all his followers.

Stopping attending masses and church activities mean a great disconnection and lack of God since He has always wanted each believer to be able to learn together with others about how to be better through faith. Never pass up the opportunity to fill your heart, soul, and body with happiness and peace by attending church.



stop listening to Christian music

It is well said that what enters through the ears can easily reach the heart and even the soul. There are popular songs today whose content evokes nothing more than committing actions that may disrespect God, and teach you something that will do nothing to build your faith, and rather may lead you away from it.

However, it is always necessary to communicate with God through prayer or reading about what he can think about those creations of the human being that are not dedicated to building.

Christian music always seeks to convey all the positive emotions that the Lord wants you to feel, through beautiful melodies based on different musical genres.



You prefer to know about other subjects before about God

By knowing how to get closer to God, you will discover that it is never bad to have a hobby or interest in different topics of general culture such as current news, art, history, among many other things. But no hobby should make you forget or stop paying attention to the Lord and his teachings.

A sign of this very toxic symptom is the so-called fanaticism. Fanaticism is extreme devotion to something, which reaches a point where it is not healthy for you or those around you. An example is fanaticism towards football teams or popular television series today.

Fanaticism is not something that is only seen in religion but in any topic of interest. Your first passion always has to be the word of the Lord.

These are some of the most noticeable signs in a person who has moved away from the arms of God.
If you feel identified with any of these symptoms, what are you waiting for to vindicate yourself and allow yourself to feel the love of Christ?

Never stop doing all the things that brought you closer to God for the first time, since faith is something you work on daily. Get closer to the Bible.

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