4 Prayers For The Family – Receive Blessings From God

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Prayers for the Family is the prayer that must be made for the protection of the essential design for the fulfillment of God’s plan in humanity, being revealed in the Bible as the essential nucleus in the formation of the couple until the birth of children, developing as the main symbol in society.

When believers pray they seek to approach the Heavenly Father, so that he can establish the divine plan in their home, and that it works in a special way in all the members and thus produce the essential changes in the members of their family nucleus.

Family and its importance

Family and its importance

When speaking of the family, it refers to the fundamental human group of humanity.

It is the nucleus that allows the growth and integral development of any type of person and the community.

In addition to being considered the basic cell of society, it converges as the means of growth of society.

The family is the entity that is responsible for teaching values, ways, lifestyles, and beliefs.

Allowing the good development of any human being, leading to substantial development in society as a participating entity.

Development of the human being

When referring to her family, a diversity of functions converge that allow the development of the human being in the emotional aspect, in protection, in the sense of belonging, and in the nutritional aspect.

Likewise, it allows for clarification of the identity in the transmission of the culture and socialization of the members that converge in the family nucleus.

For this reason, God from the beginning created man to form the family and thus position himself on earth, establishing his bases to sustain his creation based on the family.

“And God created man in his image; he created him in the image of God. Male and female he created them, and he blessed them with these words: “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; dominate the fish of the sea and the birds of the sky, and all the creeping things that creep on the ground” (Genesis 1:27-28)

In this way, the family is very important for any person, since it has the main function on earth of socializing and educating.

By understanding the divine purpose, this family nucleus can be consecrated to God so that God’s blessings can descend into the lives of its members.

“But the love of the Lord is eternal and is always with those who fear him; his righteousness is with his sons’ sons, with those who keep his covenant and remember his precepts to do them” (Psalm 103:17-18)


4 Prayers For The Family

The family is the most important nucleus in the life of any person, which is why several prayers for the Family will be presented below.

To ask for help in better parenting, get a better sibling dynamic, and develop a great family relationship.


1. Prayers for the Family blessed by God

Dear God, on this day we thank you for life, for allowing us all to see your wonders because you are wonderful and every day the mercies are new.

That even though we failed and hurt your heart, your love is evidenced by giving us the support of your presence every day.

Thank you Father because we are a united family, today we raise our hands in thanksgiving.

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Today we place our knees on the floor as a demonstration of our absolute dependence on you.

We establish that we are completely renewed by your Holy Spirit, who reproves us every day to do what is right before you.

At this moment we ask your forgiveness for each one of our sins, for each fault in thought, word or deed that has wounded your heart.

That’s why today we want to enter before your presence clean of all filth, which keeps us from his holiness.

We thank you because your love covers all of us and forgives us of all the bad things we have done because your mercies are evident in our lives.

We thank you Father for every favour that you have given us, for the daily provision, for our jobs, for finances, for health, and for the prosperity that we can have in our home.

Today we make this prayer in front of you so that it may be you bringing the blessing that comes from heaven, the one that you have prepared for all those children of yours.

Because your word teaches us that you provide according to your riches in glory, and in this way, we can have peace, harmony, love, and joy in our home to keep us united as a family.

Lord, we ask that it be your Holy Spirit filling our lives, that it may activate in each one of us the fruit of the Spirit to see spiritual gifts tangible.

May our hearts be filled with your presence, walking according to your holy calling and being examples to all around us.

For this, we thank you because we know that this prayer comes before your presence with a fragrant smell.

Because it is made according to a contrite and humbled heart, which gives itself to your work with love.

That is why today we declare that our family will remain united and full of your blessing, in the powerful name of your beloved son Jesus of Nazareth.




2. Prayers for the Rebel Family

Dear God, on this day I stand before your presence believing in your majesty, your power because yours is the glory, yours is the praise, yours is the power because before you every knee will bow.

At this prostrate moment, I am recognizing that without you I am nothing because you are the owner of my life.

Father I stand before you to ask forgiveness for my sins, for every failure I have made and they have hurt your heart, for my improper actions, my thoughts, my words.

Today I ask you to be you cleaning me from everything bad, because I want to come before your holy throne, completely, clean, and purified.

Lord, you know my heart and you know everything that I have to live in my home because even the members of my family do not want to recognize you as the Lord of lords.

But I know that your word will be fulfilled in their lives, and it will be your Holy Spirit touching each one of them, and in their hearts, you will deposit wanting as well as doing in their hearts.

Today I ask you to be you working in their lives in their hearts, believing that if I believe in you Jesus, I and my house will be saved.

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That is why today I declare this word in my family, because all of them will leave the rebellion and will be sheep of your meadow, and they will be grazed by you my Lord in a special way.

I am certain that I will see this word fulfilled in my family, because I am surrounded by your ministers, pastors, apostles, prophets, evangelists, and teachers of the word who will serve you for the advancement of your kingdom, here on earth.

I ask my God to be you working in a special and supernatural way in my whole family, in each of the generations to come.

Believing that none will be lost along the way, but that they will be an essential part of your expansion of the kingdom of heaven.

For this, I thank you Father because you hear my prayer, which is coming before your holy altar, and I will see your eternal promise fulfilled in my life and in my family.

That is why I praise you and exalt you declaring that it is done in the powerful name of your beloved son Jesus of Nazareth. Amen.




3. Prayers for the Family and its unity

Mighty God, thank you for sending your son Jesus and giving us salvation, thank you for everything wonderful and good you are to me and my family.

I thank you for showing your mercies in everything we undertake, even though we fail you and sin before you, you show us, immense love.

That’s why today I raise my hands thanking you for all the good you do with us, recognizing that you have the power in each of the things we experience.

That is why we ask you to be you bringing that unity with a cord of three folds that is unbreakable, and that we can be one as Jesus was with you my God.

I believe that according to your word we will walk in unity, in that bond of love with you Jesus that nothing can separate us from your path.

We will strive every day to keep your word, being a living testimony that you are real, and that you govern our lives in an absolute way.

Today I ask that all my family for being united and full of love that comes from heaven and that we stay in peace.

That we can act with immaturity wisdom between the situations that we can live and that nothing can separate us.

That we can see all things in a positive way and make the best decisions by helping each other.

I declare that my whole family will be led by your Holy Spirit, filling them from head to toe and that the fruit of the Holy Spirit will be tangible in their lives.

And that we can show the fruit of love, peace, kindness, meekness, and self-control, and be people who walk according to your will.

That’s why I thank you my dear Heavenly Father because this prayer has come with a fragrant smell in golden cups.

Believing that I will be able to see this eternal promise fulfilled in which my whole family will serve you in all generations.

Today I declare it in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.



4. Prayers for family and home

Heavenly Father, at this moment I thank you for your immense love, for the provision, for your eternal mercies, and for everything you do for your children on earth.

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I thank you because you always respond to our needs, and you respond to them even without us asking you.

That is why I praise and exalt you, because you fill my home and my family with your immense love, remaining in peace and having an environment full of tranquillity.

Where there are no fights, no discord, no selfishness, but it is your love that is embedded in each of the hearts of my relatives, and that we continue to love each other.

Eternal God, I ask you to be you filling my home and my family with your holiness, so that we can have that reverent and holy fear.

May we strive every day to do what is right in your eyes, may our flesh be subject to the Holy Spirit of God so that it works in our lives, and be an example for everyone who sees us as a family.

Today I thank you for each of the members of my family believing that you will use it with power.

Because I know that each one of them has a special calling, they have a mystery here on earth, which will be directed by you so that the kingdom of heaven can expand wherever they are.

Today I thank you Father because you move in a special way in our lives, and you never abandon us but every day our home can be visited by your presence.

And we will see each of the miracles and promises in each of the things that we undertake.

Believing that our house is founded on rock, and is unbreakable in the face of satan’s snares

That is why today I praise you and exalt you because this prayer comes with a fragrant smell before your holy throne, and it is you who are working in our lives.

And as a family, we will maintain unity in the Holy Spirit, and everything will work in a supernatural way in favour of your children.

Believing in the powerful name of your beloved son Jesus of Nazareth. Amen.


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After seeing the prayers for the family, they should be done with the heart, asking that the lives in the home can be filled with the presence of God since God’s purpose is that the family be blessed.

For this reason, we invite you to ask the Holy Spirit for direction, so that the prayers can be done in the correct way, and arrive before the heavenly throne in an effective way.

“And in the same way the Spirit helps us in our weakness; Well, what should we ask for properly, we don’t know, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans unspeakable. But he who searches the hearts, He knows what the mind of the Spirit is because he intercedes for the saints according to the will of God” (Romans 8:26-27).