His Mercies Are New Every Morning Meaning With Bible Verse KJV

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His Mercies Are New Every Morning Meaning And Explanation with Scripture KJV
God is a loving Father and His mercies are new every morning,  when I wake up, and after thanking God for opening my eyes, I say to my Father: Thank you, Lord, because your mercies are new every morning.
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His Mercies Are New Every Morning Bible Verse
Lamentations 3:22-23
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning, great is your faithfulness.
Sometimes, things can feel weary and life can be Challenging. Circumstances can change around us, or we find ourselves facing difficult battles. Perhaps we’re walking through a difficult illness, or dark seasons, and no matter how much we’ve prayed, the difficulty seems to linger on for far too long, but the good news is, God’s mercies are new every morning.
His Mercies Are New Every Morning
What Does it Mean That God’s Mercies Are New Every Morning?
This book is a small book of 5 chapters, and here we find texts where much pain and desolation can be reflected.
They are expressions of the Prophet Jeremiah, who was known as “The prophet of the broken heart.” In these 5 poems, he shows us his naked soul.
What he transmits here is that great sadness that the people of Israel were experiencing, after Jerusalem had been destroyed and they were in exile.
But, in this same book, we find very comforting words where Jeremiah expresses that great trust he has in God, who has never abandoned them and whose compassion is inexhaustible.
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The verses that we will read are in Lamentations chapter 3 verses from 22 to 25. And it goes like this: “The great love of the Lord never ends, and his compassion never runs out. Every morning its benefits are renewed; Very great is his fidelity! Thus, I say: “The Lord is all I have, I will hope in him! The Lord is good to those who trust him, to all who seek him!
Today, despite everything that is happening in the world, even seeing so many people die, we have many things to be thankful for. God never abandons us and that is why we must be attentive to everything that surrounds us and that should make us feel lucky.
Living unsatisfied means living with our attention focused on what we do not have and when that happens, God’s blessings pass us by.
We are in a constant postponement of so-called “happiness.” We constantly repeat: “When I have money, I will be happy, when I get married, when I have children, etc.
” By doing that we do not value what we have today and if we neglect ourselves, we may even lose what we do have.
Dissatisfaction manifests itself through the complaint. Let us live grateful for all that we have and thus we will remain in that state of contentment that God longs for us.
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To better illustrate this, I will tell you something that a man of God shared with us whom I respect very much.
He told us that when the thorn of a rose pricks our finger, the first thing we say is usually: “Why did God put thorns on roses?” when what we should say is: “Thank you Father for having put roses on thorns.”
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When God tells us that his goodness is renewed every morning, he speaks of his blessings, his mercies.
If yesterday things happened to you that discouraged you, do not worry because when the new day arrives, God will show you his love and surprise you. It is more if yesterday you received many blessings, today you will receive many more because the love of our Father is inexhaustible.
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The part where it says. “The Lord is all I have” is so beautiful. If we know that God is all we have, we will feel whole. In other versions, it says “my part is God” here portion refers to inheritance, prize, or award. That is precisely God, our prize and we must never forget it.
I invite you to continue to be amazed every day by this impressive action of God in our lives. Let us live attentive to all that he sends us every day.
Remember that we have a God who is our Counselor, Strong God, Prince of Peace, Eternal Father, and also an Admirable God.
His Mercies Are New Every Morning, this reminds us of God’s powerful promise in His word that offers peace to our hearts in hard seasons. It was written for His people when times were very difficult.
It gives us great hope in the battles we face today, like rays of light breaking through the darkest night.

For just as sure as the sun comes up every morning, we can be confident that His mercies never end. They are never based on how good we are, but only on His steadfast character. His compassion towards us is fresh every morning, and each day is a gift straight from His hand. We can trust His heart for us.