you have not because you ask not Meaning KJV

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We’ve all heard the saying, “you have not because you ask not.” But what does it really mean? This phrase, taken from the Bible, is often used to encourage us to take action and ask for what we want.

It’s an important reminder that if we don’t ask for something, we won’t get it. In other words, if we don’t take the initiative to ask for what we want or need, we can’t expect to receive it. Let’s explore the meaning of this phrase and how it applies to our lives.

Until we ask, God can supply our needs, this post has more explanation of James 4:2.

You have not because you ask not explanation

There are things that God will not give us simply because we do not ask for them. “You do not have what you want, because you do not ask.” (James 4: 2). For some, it is pride that does not allow them to ask God. “I don’t need help,” is his attitude. 
There are things that you could already have in your life or some things that God will never give you because you will not ask, therefore, “You do not have what you want because you do not ask.” Why haven’t you asked God? Don’t you want to fix your situation with God? Did you forget it? Lack of faith?
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Many people go through life without God’s help, but it is very low to live this way. When we get to heaven the last thing I want to hear is, “Look at all these things I wanted to give you while you were on earth, but you forgot to ask!” If I don’t receive something from God, I don’t want it to be because I didn’t ask for it. It amazes me how many people pray to God daily, praising Him, and asking for his “list” of things, but forgetting to share with God what is really bothering them.
         If God says “No” to your request or “Wait”, still praise Him, but ask HimThere is a passage in Scripture in Joshua 15: 18-19 where Caleb’s daughter received land from her father, but it was dry land without water. She said, ” Give me a blessing: since you have given me the land of dry land, give me also sources of water.” She wasn’t afraid to ask. If you’ve ever thought, “I should be satisfied with what I have and not bother anyone,” then you could end up with lands to the south without water.


It is true that this would be better than having no land, but why not have both? Notice that she did not ask for a font but rather asked for “fonts”, and her father gave her at least four (see vs. 19). When she asked, she could have said“Can you give me a font?” But hey, if you’re going to ask, then ask for “sources!” If we are going to ask selfishly or for our own interests, then you would be wrong. Nor do I mean to imply that we should be dissatisfied or ungrateful with what we have in this life. 

But, I thought that we are in this for our Lord and the salvation of souls, and if money and buildings will help us to fulfill this, then ask God for them.
Things you could ask of God include; joy, happiness, peace, a wife or husband, being a better parent, wisdom to answer a question or solve a problem, power and grace to do what God wants, a job, etc.

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