Top 10 Things to Be Grateful For Every Day

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Many ask, what are the   Top 10 Things to Be Grateful For Every Day.

This seems like a very simple list. This list seems very basic, but not everyone in this country, or anywhere in the world, has all these things or can be grateful for them. Some of these things are not present in their lives now or have never existed. This is a list that, hopefully, all those who read it will be able to relate to.

It is simple, but it is difficult to believe that most people, if not all, have at least one of these items every day.

Things to Be Grateful For Every Day

This may help us and others to have more abundance or make us appreciate ours more.


1. Waking up and being alive.
George Burns once stated that waking up without seeing candles, a church or his friends dressed in black was a great day. He was financially and physically blessed. Many people in this country, and other countries, are fortunate to reach age 10 or even 100.


2. You Can Breathe Decent Air
This is something that everyone can have, but in certain places around the globe, the air quality is so bad and foul-smelling that people are dying from respiratory diseases.


3. It’s a new day to learn and earn a living.
Many of us live in areas where there is low unemployment. We can make money every day or week if we work and get a job. Others go to school. They can expand or learn from what they already know. Many people don’t have jobs and won’t have the opportunity to get a basic education.



4. A home where you can eat, sleep, live, and relax.
If we don’t live in one of the millions of abandoned houses or buildings, cardboard or tin-constructed “shelters”, or the bare ground or grass, then we are blessed. When you complain about the temperature or cost of your apartment or home, think about photos you might have seen of homeless people.


5. There are plenty of clean foods to eat and the option to buy as much as we need.
We have all never had to wait in line for more than 2-6 hours just to purchase bread, flour, eggs, or other necessities. It is not something we can imagine what it must be like to wait for a truck pull up to hand over boxes of rice or Red Cross rations. We have never seen food thrown away in dumpsters. Many people find food expensive. Food is expensive in America.


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6. Families and friends
We all have at least one of these three things in life. Some parts of the world and some areas of the country are populated by only one person. Young children are the exception. The “pet” might have to feed a family or group of people because they are starving. Our pets spend more on food and vet bills than people living in poverty make in their income over the course of a few years.Things to Be Grateful For Every Day



7. Living in a democratic society
We are not allowed to talk or push politics. The Bill of Rights covers us all and allows us to say and do whatever we want. We don’t have tanks or armed soldiers patrolling the streets 24 hours per day searching for looters and terrorists. The government and life here are not perfect. It beats everything else I’ve seen or read in my lifetime.


8. Abundant Natural Resources.
Yes, we must clean up the air and water, plant more trees, and do so. We do have water and sewage control in our towns that is sanitary and well maintained. Although air quality is variable from one town to the next, it is generally much better than many other countries around the world. There is plenty of gas and electricity available to us, which allows us to thrive both personally and professionally.


9. We need clothing to protect us from the elements and enhance our appearance.
Yes, there are some places in the U.S. that people living in poverty don’t have enough clothing. However, compared to the rest of our population, most of us have sufficient clothes and clothing that is both functionally and visually appealing.


10. The Gift of Choice
No matter where you live, this is something that everyone has. Even if they live somewhere in poverty, democracy does not prevent them from making decisions and acting as they wish. This ability was given to us as a gift at birth, and it is not taken away. However, many people take it for granted, ignore it, or don’t fully develop or use the potential.