21 Things to Avoid When Fasting and Praying For Effectiveness

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If you are searching to know things to avoid when fasting and praying then you are on the right post, on this article we’ve put together what to avoid while fasting and praying.

When you’re fasting, it’s important to remember that all things in moderation apply more than ever before. It’s not just about abstaining from food; if you want your fast to be successful, you also need to avoid any negative feelings or behaviour that might distract you from God. In the Bible, Jesus warns Christians to avoid these things when fasting and praying.

When you’re fasting and praying, it’s important to remember that you are worshipping God—not starving yourself or pining after the next meal so you can break your fast early. That being said, certain things should not be part of any prayer session or fast because they can have a negative impact on your fast or even distract you from the point of fasting and praying in the first place (which is to turn away from sin and to turn toward God). Here are nine things you should avoid when fasting and praying.

The Word of God is Alive and Powerful

21 Things to Avoid When Fasting and Praying for a Quick Answer to your Prayer

Here are some points to keep in mind when you are fasting and praying so that your prayer will be effective as well as your fast bring the desired results.

At the end of the day, you’d have had the best time of your time.

Some of these issues are religious and must be considered seriously, whereas other things are natural, physical, and commonplace items that your common sense dictates that you avoid when fasting and praying.

From the standpoint of a Christian, You must be careful not to commit any crime when you are praying or fasting, and even when you’re not.

There is a need to be in the way that is holy as God is, regardless of whether you’re fasting.

You can’t keep up a routine of sin and believe that God to show up for you on a good day, let alone when you go that extra mile to be fasting.

In other words, you disown the fast and negate your prayer’s power when you persist in your sins while claiming to be praying and fasting.

However, when speaking about matters that pertain to material things, the physical, you’re not required to engage in challenging exercise and work, for example, while fasting or praying.

It could cause damage to your body in this way, and you may not be able to fast or even pray.

However, that was the thought.

We will now look deep into the details of some important issues to avoid while praying and fasting so that you don’t break the fast you are on.


21 Things To Avoid When Fasting and Praying

These are the things you should beware of while praying and fasting to ensure that your prayer is effective and will yield the desired results:

“I did not have a tasteful meal and there was no flesh or wine into my mouth, nor did I apply any anointing even once, until three weeks of my life were completed.” ( Daniel 10:3 KJV)

“When your fasting, don’t look like the hypocrites as they make a mess of their faces to let others know they’re fasting. True, I say, they’ve had their reward fully. When you fast make sure you apply oil to your forehead and cleanse your complexion so that it won’t be evident to others the fact that you’re fasting and only for your God, whom is unnoticed and also your Father, who is able to see what you do in private and will reward you. (Matthew 6:16-18, ,NIV)


Don’t ignore health problems.

If you’re fasting for religious reasons, it’s important to remember that health comes first. If you feel nauseous or dizzy during a fast, that’s a sign you need to break your fast; don’t wait until it gets worse or until you have other symptoms like chest pain or palpitations. To make sure your body is getting enough nutrition (but not too much), eat smaller meals on days when you are not fasting. And always consult with your doctor before starting any new diet.

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Don’t pray if you are angry with someone.

So often, we pray at times when we are angry with someone. Before you start praying, ask yourself if your prayer is a prayer of forgiveness or a prayer of revenge. If it’s a prayer of forgiveness, then pray for that person. But if it’s a prayer of revenge or self-vindication, rethink what you’re doing—and repent first. Prayer should be about coming closer to God and not about how others have wronged us. Asking God for justice or vindication in our own strength will only lead us further away from Him. We must forgive those who have wronged us before we can receive His grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

The Sin Of Fornication And Adultery

This might sound crazy, but we’ve witnessed instances where people (I refer to Christians) undergo a fast and, at the end of or at the time of the fast, they look for someone to have sexual relations with.
The truth is that fasting has caused a stir in the fleshly passions as well as the unholy passions. It makes you extremely sensitive both spiritually and naturally and spiritually. That’s why small things can suddenly start to bother you in a hurry.

You must keep an eye on this.

Unfortunately, this can be a challenge for Christians who struggle with their bodies and have not yet achieved control of their own bodies (have not yet been able to subdue them). Many are accused of adultery and fornication at this stage.
Therefore, whatever you do, keep clear of adultery and fornication while you go on a fast.
In addition, fornication and adultery are sins against the body as they can be considered the Holy Spirit’s temple.


Vulgarity And Garrulousness

It is recommended that you converse less and more with the Lord through your faith during times of fasting and prayer. Therefore, you should establish an example for your tongue when you fast. When you speak excessively, you speak without grace and deprive your own self of power.


Don’t gossip

Gossiping can be fun in moderation. However, it’s easy to get carried away when you’re fasting and praying. Gossiping about other people could turn into talking badly about them behind their backs. It could also lead to false accusations that are damaging if true. But what happens when people gossip about you? You might feel hurt or ashamed, especially if they’re saying bad things about something you did while fasting—like snapping at a friend or coworker or being unusually cranky.


Walkout And Exercises

It is not a good idea to continue in your prayer and fast when you are engaged in rigorous workouts and walks. It is not required to keep going to the gym and performing your morning (2 hours) workouts and exercises when you are on an absolute fast for three or seven days.

It will diminish your strength in a short time, depleting your body’s energy.

Don’t walk out or start doing hard work and hard when you are fasting or praying.



Although you aren’t expected to take a leave of absence unless you take a leave (whether regular or casual), you will be expected to reduce your work hours when praying and fasting. If you can, stay away from work. If not do so, reduce your work hours and stay away from work that is hard and demanding.

Beware of both mental and physical tasks.
It is unnecessary to put excessive stress while praying and fasting because otherwise, you might not be able to do the additional praying and study of the scriptures that come when you fast.



You can’t get the most out of praying and fasting when you’re not able to get away from your television. In the end, some shows may even require you to stay away from the television.
Therefore, you should take advantage of the hours you have spent watching TV, praying, studying, and contemplating the word.


Social Media

In all likelihood, it is imperative that you quit Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and the other social media platforms unattended while you speed. There are people who cannot get enough of Facebook throughout the day; they are spending hours more on it than the user engaging with all the people around the globe.

God might be calling you to stop spending use of social networks so that you can spend the time with Him. Imagine spending at minimum 6 hours with the Lord during a seven-day period of prayer and fasting that you could be spending on social media with no intention of being more than a flimsy profit.

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Don’t watch inappropriate content while fasting.

One of our favourite habits is to watch a good movie after breaking our fast in Ramadaan. And while we’re certainly not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, it might be better if you didn’t watch inappropriate content while fasting. Inappropriate movies can distract you from your worship and make it difficult for you to stay concentrated during prayer. Several movies are considered appropriate for Ramadan, so if you plan on watching one, make sure it’s halal. If not, try reading an e-book or magazine instead; anything that will keep your mind focused on worship will suffice!



Given that the majority of sporting activities today are demanding and require the use of energy, you don’t need to participate during fasting or praying. Do not play basketball or football while praying and fasting. You could die of exhaustion physically.



Of course, sometimes you might want to complete a total fast for 3 or so days, as Queen Esther or the people of Israel did in their search for an escape from the hand of Haman. A three-day or even 7 days of absolute fast might not be a lot to go without water and food. However, if you are fasting longer than this, it’s recommended to drink plenty of water and keep hydrated.

Don’t attempt 40 days of fasting as Moses, Elijah, and Jesus without water. You may not be able to make it.



This applies to the couple. It’s not possible to be having this much sexual sex in a time of fasting and prayer. All you have to do is make an arrangement with your partner to the time you’re going to be fasting, and after you have completed your fast, you can return to your marriage sexual obligation.

However, avoiding sexual contact while you are on the absolute fast of three or seven days is recommended.

There are times when God may even require you to stop sex when it consumes the majority of your life in order to help you look for Him further.


Hypocrisy And Moodiness

Fasting is not just for fun or to show off. It is not your duty to let the world know that you are praying and fasting. Do not announce it through words or actions.

Furthermore, you’re certainly not meant to be moody or down and out while you go on a fast. Jesus charged believers to be alert and active during their fasts in the simplest terms. (See Matthew 6:16-18, NIV)


Be careful with your time management.

Of course, there are some things you should never do when fasting and praying. For example, don’t take on new obligations or responsibilities. You shouldn’t schedule any major life changes during your time of worship because you won’t be able to devote your full attention to them if you need to pray at a certain time each day. And think twice before making travel plans, too—you don’t want to leave your friends and family (or yourself) wondering whether you will be in town for a religious obligation. Be sure that whatever it is you choose to do during your time of fasting and prayer can be accomplished within one day so that it doesn’t interrupt your duties toward others.



It is not possible to continue the practice of lying when fasting regardless of whether you are lying in a white or black lie, big or small lie. It is impossible to get both bitter and sweet water from the same cistern.


Bitterness And Resentment

It is not expected that you are a victim of resentment, anger, or bitterness towards anyone while praying and fasting. It would help if you were not bitter with your children or spouse and then fast. It’s an unnecessary waste of time.

This is the reason Jesus stated that when you are praying, you should forgive. See Mark 11:25, NIV) You have to forgive those from the heart to ensure that your prayers work.


Pride And Anger

Sins of the Spirit, such as pride and anger, are to be avoided when praying and fasting.

Resentment, jealousy, bitterness, and jealousy are sins that you should avoid allowing to come through your character and heart when praying and fasting.

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Stay away from negative people.

One of the things people who are fasting should avoid is negative people. They can be a bad influence on our fast. If we talk with someone who complains all of the time, then our fast could become one big complaint session as well. A better alternative would be to surround ourselves with positive people who make us feel good about ourselves.


Hatred And Quarrel

The act of hating is also considered a sin of the spiritual kind, which is one of Satan’s main attributes and characteristics, and you should not permit it to happen when you fast.
The same applies to quarrels. Beware of arguing with your friends whenever it is looking for you, especially during your time of prayer and fasting.


Rebellion And Disobedience

Indifference has deprived many of God’s children of the true blessing. If you are fasting, it is important not to engage in disobedience and rebellion.
Don’t be a rebel against authority, and do not walk in complete rebellion against God’s revealed will, His word. To obey is superior to being a sacrifice, and rebellion is like witchcraft. (See 1 Samuel 15:22, KJV)


Avoid Crowded And Public Places

If you can, when praying or fasting, it is best to avoid crowds and public spaces.

This is why Jesus warns believers that when they wish to pray, it should be done in secret, not out in the open. Also, the Father who knows in the hidden will reward them publicly. There’s no need to show a lot of prayer and fasting. See Matthew 6:6, KJV)


Don’t fight while in the state of prayer or worship.

Let’s face it, when we are in prayer or worship, we can become frustrated at a lot of things, including our spouse. While being in that state is great, don’t let your anger against others bring down your focus and attention toward God. You need to be humble before Him, not only during prayer but all throughout your day. That doesn’t mean that you should just pray out of obligation or because people are watching you; it means that you should love God and want to be with Him—and if you do, then He will provide you with peace no matter what situation you may be in. Don’t fight while in prayer.

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Other Things To Avoid When Fasting And Praying

Certain behaviours aren’t supposed to be observed or shared with believers.
Do you realize that a few Christians continue to drink?

What happens to believers who dance and go to clubs?

While this isn’t on the extreme side, as Christians aren’t supposed to go clubbing, unfortunately, some do.
You don’t have to be dancing every kind and dance while moving at a rapid.
You’re sinning against the Lord by drinking, dancing, and partying while doing Him an injustice. This is especially true when you do this when you’re supposed to be praying and fasting?



There is no need to be informed about the mistakes to avoid while praying and fasting that are discussed in this article for the true Christian.
He is in love with the Lord and walks in communion with the Holy Spirit, obeying the Spirit’s instructions.

In other words, he’ll perform these actions without having to present him with a list of must’s and do’s Some factors could be depriving you of the blessings of God during times of prayer and fasting.

Some are not bad by themselves; however, they are not the most effective you can do. God would have you do in the given moment.

You can be sure the Holy Spirit is not satisfied if, while praying and fasting, you spend all of your fasting and prayer time in front of the television, trying to keep up on the latest happenings in the world and your town.

It’s not a sin to be watching television while praying and fasting, but it does not make the most of your moment. It’s not advisable to make this decision.