There is no sin too great that God cannot forgive us

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we serve a merciful Father and There is no sin too great that God cannot forgive us when we repent and seek his face for mercy.
You might be wondering if there is no sin that God can not forgive but scriptures make us know that our  God is a Merciful Father.

1. There are no big and small sins.


Romans 3: 22-24 

“God makes human beings righteous through their faith in Jesus Christ. He does it for all who believe in Christ, because there is no difference between them: all have sinned and all come short of the glory of God. “


A person arrives late at the office because she fell back asleep after her alarm clock went off, she tells her manager that she had transportation problems. A second person commits theft in a supermarket. A third person in a fight, under the influence of alcohol, kills someone in a bar. These three people each committed a sin. Of course, some are worse than others from the point of view of human morals and natural consequences. But when it comes to spiritual consequences, all sins lead to the same condemnation. In other words, a liar and a murderer are both sinners and they receive the same sentence: eternity in hell.

 There are no people more reprehensible than others. There are no places in Heaven, or even in Hell, for big criminals and places for petty criminals. And this is what the Bible tells us in the above verse: “there is no difference between them: ALL have sinned  ”.


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2. Sin produces shame, guilt, and fear of God.



Being only men, we still often sin. And the first thing that sin produces is shame and guilt. The same devil who pushes us into temptation, once the silliness is done, throws thoughts of shame, self-judgment, and self-condemnation in our faces. “See, you fell again. “You don’t need to want to be serious with God, you will never be able to. “,” Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You are dirty, you are worth nothing. »,« Look at the others, they are better than you. “ This kind of sentence often turns in your head? Look no further, they are inspired by hell and are the first bad fruit that sin produces.

Genesis 3: 8-11 

“In the evening, a light wind begins to blow. The Lord God is walking in the garden. The man and the woman hear Him and they hide before Him, among the trees of the garden.

The Lord God calls man. He asks her: “Where are you? “

The man responds, “I heard You in the garden. I was scared because I am naked. So I hid myself. “

The Lord God asks him: “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten the fruit that I have forbidden you to eat? ” 

As soon as Adam and Eve ate the fruit that God had forbidden them to approach, they realized their human condition, their human weakness, their nakedness. And they immediately wanted to hide. Hide from whom? Of God!

This is the second bad fruit of sin: fear. We are starting to be afraid of God. We feel bad about what we’ve done and imagined that God is angry with us, that He hates us, and all kinds of things like that. We think that He is VERY angry with us and that if we try to get close to Him, He will reject us or worse, destroy us.

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3. God hates sin but He loves sinners.


1 John 2: 1-2 

“My children, I am writing this to you so that you do not sin. But if anyone does, we have an advocate with the Father: Jesus Christ, the righteous. For Jesus Christ offered himself as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins, and not only our own, but also those of the whole world. “

Let’s be clear: God doesn’t want us to sin but if it happens to us, let’s know that Jesus has already paid the price for us! If God wanted to punish us for our many sins, it would have been enough for Him to let us go to hell! But no ! He refused this idea. He wanted to give us an opportunity to escape eternal condemnation. The one who has the power to save us from hell is Jesus Christ. 

Romans 5: 8 

“But this is how God proved His love for us: Christ died for us, and yet we were still sinners. “

It is not because of all the good things we do that God loves us. He loves us and forgives us because He has decided to love us and forgive us. Nothing inside us will be able to make us win the love of God, He already loves us! When we didn’t even know that a God existed, God already loved us! When we were deliberately living in sin, He already loved us! And today, when we lie, He loves us, when we steal He loves us, when we give ourselves to all kinds of vices and sins He loves us again and again. That being said, this is not an invitation to live in evil while thinking “I can do whatever I want, God will forgive me anyway”. The Bible also says that we cannot make fun of God, we will have to bear the consequences of our actions… (Galatians 6: 9). God is ready to forgive the one who wants to move forward, the one who has a strong desire to do His will, the one who realizes the wrong he has done and wants to change.

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Isaiah 55: 7

“Evil people must give up their conduct. He who does evil must let go of his evil thoughts. All must return to the Lord, for He will have mercy on them. All must return to our God, for He forgives generously. “

Humans find it hard to forgive and even though we agree to do so, we usually end the relationship a lot or take our distance a little. God is absolutely not like that! He encourages us in His word to draw closer to Him. He never rejects us because of our sins, it is our thoughts influenced by the evil that keeps us away from Him. God tells us that if we come close to Him, 1) He will forgive us our faults, and 2) He will have mercy on us, which means that He will help us overcome our sin. There is not a limited quota of forgiveness that we can receive: God forgives “generously”. He is the God who never tires of forgiving His children.