6 Psalms for comfort and strength to overcome difficult moments

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Who has not had to overcome obstacles? If you don’t know how to pass through this challenge, this list of Psalms for comfort and strength to overcome difficult times will be your comfort and each Word will give you the strength you need.

Suffering is part of earthly life, when it knocks on our door we complain and want to push it away completely, but it will not always be like that…

At some point, we will be full of dark moments, in which it seems that there is no solution, but there is, in the Bible, there you will find the message of overcoming what you need so much.

They are tests that God puts in our paths to overcome as soldiers that we are: difficult relationships, disappointments, personal or professional failures, health problems, and any circumstance that completely discourages us.

It is there where we have to show strength and for this, we have compiled 6 psalms for comfort and strength to overcome difficult moments that will open a door in the dark, when you thought that everything was lost.

we invite you to read them and be part of the Work that God is building for you:

6 Psalms for comfort and strength

Bible verses about insecurity

1. Psalm 13: “How long, Lord, will you have forgotten me?”

Sometimes it seems that God has completely moved away from us, we doubt his existence and it even crosses our minds to abandon prayer. Why don’t you pray when you’re sad?

Do not think that prayer is only for pleasant moments, let the Lord know your bitterness, your sorrows, your anger… God will turn your regret into joy, how could he do it if you distance yourself from Him?

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Remember that Jesus Christ turned to his Father before he died: “Father, why have you forsaken me?” Take out the words of anguish and discouragement, and ask the Lord not to forsake you.

2. Psalm 55: “Entrust your luck to the Lord, He will sustain you”

If you are carrying a very heavy load, ask the Lord to lighten it. Allow God to help you carry that weight that costs you so much. Don’t be ashamed to give him everything you have inside.

Do not fill yourself with sadness and bitterness, you are not alone, God wants you to allow him to ease that burden and walk together towards the path he has prepared.

3. Psalm 51: “Wash me totally from my guilt and purify me from my sin!”

Not only do we expect to give God our good works, but He also expects us to discharge sin. To achieve happiness it is necessary to find forgiveness.

Why not give our sins to the Lord? He will be able to purify our souls and make us happier people.

4. Psalm 37: “Commit your luck to the Lord, trust Him and he will do his work”

Anxiety can play a trick on us when we don’t know where we are, draw strength more than ever and commend your path to the Lord, and do his will at all times.

Make an effort and live fully in the present, do not worry so much about what has not yet arrived. The only important thing is to do the Will of God, now, in the present. The future belongs to Him, don’t torment yourself too much or unnecessarily! Remember:

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“Seek the Kingdom of God and the rest will be added.”

5. Psalm 145: “Day after day I will bless you, and I will praise your Name without ceasing”

Don’t wait for something good to happen to thank the Lord, be grateful even when things go wrong. Even the worst day usually has its light side…

Do not go to sleep without saying to the Lord “thank you for this day, I know that everything will go according to your plans”. The more we thank, we will find more reasons to thank.

Praise God and you will open your heart and eyes to the wonders of God.

6. Psalm 18: “My God, you illuminate my darkness… You girded me with courage for the fight”

God illuminates the darkness, he does not eliminate it from your life. He will not take you away from the fight, but he will give you everything you need to bravely face obstacles and find victory.

We have victory in the Risen Jesus Christ, no matter how much darkness exists in your life, a door to victory will always open.

Trust unreservedly in God, He will help you and envelop you in his infinite love.

If you are going through difficult times, talk to God, say a prayer, strengthen your relationship with Him, and remember that everything is going according to his plans, in the end, you will find the light that guides you to victory.