6 Powerful Prayers of deliverance and protection from evil

Prayers of deliverance and protection
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Prayers of deliverance and protection are prayers the Bible tells us we can use to ask God to prevent evil and protect us. People like to pray this prayer when they are feeling insecure or threatened, but also at times of triumph or celebration. In this article, I share five powerful Prayer of deliverance and protection prayers with you.

The forces of evil are always present on earth and seek to attack us when we are unaware. That is why it is important to take refuge in the arms of the Creator and ask him to free us from any calamity or misfortune. You can do this through these powerful emergency deliverance prayers that we bring to you today. 

How does evil manifest itself in our lives?

The evil that surrounds us all the time can come your way in any possible way; one of the most common is through illness, curses or ties. When this happens, we can be sure that it is a device on the part of the enemy, who is being influenced by the evil one. 

The best we can do to prevent such unpleasant scenarios is to take complete refuge in God the Father Almighty. If you wonder how to do it, we reveal that the best way is through prayer; in this way, the claws of evil will not be able to drag us or seize us at any time. 

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Powerful Prayers of deliverance and protection

These types of prayers turn out to be extremely useful when we find ourselves in a difficult and unforeseen situation. Thanks to them, we will be able to escape with strength from any evil that wants to harm us; because only with the help of the Creator is it possible to emerge undefeated from the adversities of life. 

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Quick release prayer 

As we mentioned before, evil is always present on this earthly plane, so we must be careful not to fall into it. If you want to have enough courage and strength to move forward without falling into temptation, pray this prayer. Only in this way is it possible to free oneself from the evil that can corrupt the spirit so as not to please God. 

Praised be Holy Father,
On this day I ask for your speedy release.
Evil wants to catch me, it wants my spirit to be corrupted.
Please, I beg you, don’t let this happen.
Don’t let me fall because I don’t want to let you down.
Holy Father, help me to free myself from evil.
Don’t let it bother me again
Don’t let it cloud my sight.
Help me to go straight and just before your way of salvation,
Let my spirit have peace.
I want to serve you and praise you for the rest of my days.


Prayer to ask for the children liberation

If you want your children to be exempt from any evil that may enter their lives, make this powerful prayer for them. It is no secret to anyone that children are so innocent that they can easily be lured into the path of evil. Don’t let this happen, ask for them every day of your life so that the Lord always protects them. 

Oh God Heavenly Father,
On this day I want to beg you not for me, but for my beloved children.
They are everything to me, I need them to be safe.
I humbly ask you to free them from the evil that can harm them.
Don’t let the evil one get away with it,
Do not let them fall into the temptation of this earthly world.
That they are safe is very important to me,
Well, I hope with all my heart that they follow your path.
May they live to serve you and praise you for all eternity.
I beg you that nothing bad enters their lives,
May people with bad intentions be far from them.
Cover them with your sacred mantle,
Make them safe forever.

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Deliverance prayer for bondage

The ties can appear in various ways, one of the most common is when they do not allow us to succeed in something. As well as they enter our thoughts to create barriers that prevent us from getting ahead on the road. To free yourself from these bonds created by the forces of evil, pray this powerful prayer of liberation. 

Beloved Lord, who art in Heaven.
There are a thousand things on my mind that don’t let me be happy.
All these thoughts haunt me and make me feel down.
I humbly request your help to overcome this that torments me.
Without You, I am nothing capable of overcoming this.
That’s why I beg you to help me, heed my call.
Heavenly Father, deliver me from these thoughts that keep me from succeeding.
Make me feel confident, safe and strong to fight.
Instill peace and wisdom in my mind, deliver me from this evil.
I love you immensely, remove all evil forces from my life.
Never forsake me, I trust in You.


Deliverance prayer at home

The forces of evil are always looking for ways to harm us, so it is possible that they establish themselves in our house; With this, they make peace and family coexistence unbearable. This prayer is to free your dwelling from the evil that wants to enter and harm all members of the family nucleus. 

God the Father Glorious and Mighty,
You always listen to those who ask you with their hearts.
That is why I come today to your sacred presence,
I need you to rid my home of these evil forces as soon as possible.
Which, have only made the peace vanish.

There are constant fights in my home, living together is not easy.
I am sure that evil has corrupted every person who lives here.
This is our resting place, don’t let evil win,
Don’t let him continue to ruin our home.
Pass your loving hand over this abode so that the good energies return.
I open the doors of my house, enter it and never leave.
Cover each one of us with your protective mantle.
Drive away these forces and give us back our peaceful home.

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Prayers for inner Strength

Prayer for the sick and infirm

Dear God,

Please heal and protect those who are ill or in need. Please help them to overcome their illnesses and feel your peace. Give them the strength to fight on and bring healing into their lives.

Thank you for your mercy and love. May these prayers be answered in the coming days and weeks. Amen.


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Prayer for deliverance from danger, both spiritual and physical

Dear God,

Please protect me from all danger both spiritual and physical. Keep me safe and healthy at all times. Please help me to avoid any harmful situations that may arise, and guide me through them with wisdom and protection. Thank you for always being there for me, even when I cannot see it. Amen.


If you want to always be away from evil, we recommend that you pray these powerful deliverance prayers. Thus, you will be directed to follow the plans and the Holy Will of the Creator, who does not abandon those who consecrate themselves to his presence. If you make a mistake on the way, ask God for your prompt release, so that you can redeem yourself and achieve eternal life.

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