10 Powerful Prayers for the Wedding Reception and Banquet

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Weddings are a time full of love, fellowship and celebration. Here are 10 prayers for the wedding reception and banquet.

A wedding reception and banquet are special occasions that are meant to be celebrated with family and friends. As part of the festivities, a prayer is often said to give thanks for the joyous occasion and to ask for blessings on the couple’s life together. Whether you are the officiant or the bride and groom, selecting the right prayer for your wedding reception and banquet is an important part of the celebration. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect prayer for your special day.

The list below includes a variety of prayers suitable for a wedding celebration that you can also use as inspiration for your own prayers.

10 Good Prayers for the Wedding Reception and Banquet

Below are 10 prayers for the wedding reception and banquet.

prayers for the wedding reception and banquet.


1. Blessing prayer over the reception

Lord, our Sun and Shield, we thank you for shining on our celebration today. Thank you for the wonderful occasion of this marriage that has brought us all together. Bless this dear couple and their future together. May all of us be a support to them as they begin their life together. And now, as we prepare to enjoy this reception, bless our time together. May we enjoy a sweet communion and fun with our loved ones. Amen.


2. Prayer of celebration

God of radiance, we are blessed by the radiant faces of these bride and groom who have just been united in holy matrimony. May you enjoy a long and happy life together, with fond memories of this day. And now, bless our fellowship at this reception, as we celebrate this splendid union. May we enjoy renewing old friendships and building new ones. We ask you to bless all the activities of this celebration. Amen.

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3. Prayer of Thanksgiving for Marriage

Eternal God, we thank you for having ordained marriage from the beginning of creation. We thank you for the companionship, support, and pleasure that marriage brings us. We thank you for this man and this woman whom you have united in marriage today. We thank you for the special connection each of us has with this sweet couple. And we thank you for each of the people present on this wonderful occasion. Bless this reception and the marriage it celebrates. Amen.


4. Prayer to Celebrate Joy

Faithful, today we are very happy that you have brought these two together. We are excited to see the joy in their eyes when they look at each other. May that spark of love always be in your eyes. We rejoice in the pleasure of gathering at this reception with dear family and friends, both old and new. Bless this holiday with joy and love and bless this couple we celebrate. Amen.


5. Prayer for Lasting Love

Almighty Father, bless this precious couple who have exchanged vows and rings today. Make them prosperous in all their ways, but especially in their abiding love for one another. Bless each person who has travelled here to witness the wedding and who now joins us for this reception. Bless all who have planned this reception and prepared the decorations, refreshments, and entertainment. May our celebration reflect the light and love that you pour out on all of us. Amen.


6. Prayer of support for the couple

Glorious Lord, we are all moved by the deep love of this couple for each other and for You. As we prepare to celebrate their wedding feast, each of us is committed to supporting this couple. As you begin your journey through life together, may each of us be by your side, with love and encouragement, and in a practical way to help you in whatever you need. We thank you for the blessing of family and friends. Amen.

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7. Prayer for Hope

God, our hope, bless this man and woman who have married today with the hope of a bright future together. May they enjoy everything you have prepared for them in their married life. May you rejoice in hope all your days, in the good times and in the difficult ones. We thank you that we are blessed to join them in their celebration of hope and love. May your Holy Spirit bless this reception meeting and our fellowship. Amen.


8. Prayer for happiness

O Lord, who lifts our heads, we thank you for the happiness that is in the hearts of this couple and all these family and friends. May the euphoria that these couples feel today accompany them throughout the years. Even when faced with problems and sorrows, may you experience the joy of the Lord, and may this be your strength. We pray the same for each of the people who are here to celebrate this reception. Hear us now and bless our meeting. Amen.


9. Prayer for the Light

God, our Light, we ask you to light the way for this newlywed couple. Be their guide every day and enlighten them when they have to make decisions. We thank you for every special friend and family member who has travelled this far to bless our family with their love and support. As we join in this wedding banquet, may our celebration reflect the abundance of love, joy and harmony that You pour out on us. Amen.


10. Prayer to Bless Communion

Immortal King, as we gather for this wedding banquet, we remember the great celebration that will ensue when Jesus returns to reclaim His bride the church. May our celebration of this marriage have an element of the joy of the marriage supper of the Lamb. May you bless these dear bride and groom and keep them close to You and close to each other all their days. Bless our fellowship, and may I honour you. Amen.

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Whether you are getting married in the near future or not, we have compiled a list of ten prayers that can be said before, during, or after your wedding reception and banquet. These prayers are meant to help you in every way possible, both spiritually and emotionally. May these prayers guide and bless all who attend your special day!