5 Uplifting prayer for strength during difficult times

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Life is full of ups and downs. Are you at a time when you lack enthusiasm, will, and courage? this Uplifting prayer for strength during difficult times can help promote spiritual courage and attract strength, joy, and willingness to face everyday challenges.

When you feel that you lack strength, say this prayer to receive divine power from God. Here are 5 powerful prayers for strength. 

Prayers for inner Strength

Prayer for strength in difficult times

“God, my Father, I ask you for courage and clarity to face all my difficulties. Don’t let me be discouraged!

You are my fortress and my firm rock, my protective shield in the face of adversity. In you, I put my faith and my hope.

My heart wants to feel full of confidence in you at all times, full of your strength to overcome challenges and win victories every day!

Help me to give the best of myself, to surrender myself completely to the goodness and purity of your Fatherly love, to listen to your Word that embraces me, sustains me, drives me, and encourages me to overcome all obstacles.

Help me to explore the depths of my being, to delve deep and find all the talents you have sown in me, to achieve happiness in all my day-to-day tasks.

In your name and with your help, Father, I know I can win, because he who trusts in you, in your mercy, and in your love, always triumphs with you! Amen.”

Prayer to end laziness

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Lord my God, I enter your holy presence at this moment to place my life in your hands.

Lord, I make this reflection and I see that I have been feeling very lazy, with a desire to do nothing, and I know that this is not yours. I don’t want to eat the bread of laziness or be prostrated without doing anything or wanting to do everything quickly and wrongly.

I believe that the Lord renews my strength and gives me the will to live and that is why I raise my voice at this moment against all evil and say: the spirit of laziness that is trying to take over my life, leave now!

I do not accept you in my body, despondency, lack of willpower, and excessive sleep get out of my life now! Laziness I do not accept you dominating me, I do not accept you taking over my day and I say, leave in the name of Jesus Christ! and I determine that in my life, there is renewal and enthusiasm, that I do everything as it is to be done, in a cheerful and cheerful way in the name of Jesus.

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The Lord made me to win, I am God’s work to be a winner. But I know that I have to do my part and the Lord will do his. I have to get up and go towards adversity, the Lord will help me on the way. I have to get up and walk, the Lord will help me on the road. This is how things will change, from this moment on: I do my part, with faith and trust, I commit myself and do my best.
I do not accept laziness, it will not be the one that goes without impediment for me to conquer the full life that God has reserved for me. Amen. Thank God.”

Prayer for strength and courage

“I believe in a God who dwells in my heart and who transforms everything around me. I believe in a universe that always works in my favor and always shows me the best path to follow.

I believe in the strength of angels, who anchor themselves beside me when the cross seems too heavy for me to bear. I believe in the human soul, made in the image and likeness of God, and in this way, no harm hits me, plagues and spells cast become blessings when they reach my energy.

I believe in the Holy Spirit who is Lord and propagates life among all peoples, I believe that different beliefs become one path and that my path is one of prosperity, peace, love, and glory. I believe in the Glory of God and the Angels who guide me day and night, I believe in the Light that expands through my chest and that drives away all evils of the spirit and body, that protects me from visible and invisible enemies, I believe that The transforming force of the Archangels lives inside my chest and feeds my faith every day, making the impossible come true.

Therefore, I snuggle in the arms of God and in the wings of angels where I will be supported, protected, and loved, for all centuries while I lift my spirit to be able to serve the one who gave me life. May the glory of the Most High, his angels and archangels, and his army of Light, guide me, support, and protect all those I love. Amen.”

Prayer for Cheerfulness and Joy

“Lord, I come to your presence at this moment to ask that all the discouragement that is present now leave my life. Merciful Father, remove from my body everything bad that makes me sad and joyless to live well. Remove this absence of joy and enthusiasm and everything that gets in the way and tries to lead me to sadness, let these things leave my life now, leave in Jesus name!

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I ask that at this moment joy be present in my life. Lord, be the light that illuminates my life, be my guide and strength. I no longer accept sadness and discouragement! I refuse everything that throws me down, leave negative feelings and thoughts now. in the name of the Precious Blood of Jesus! Amen!”

Short Prayer for strength

Lord, I ask you for courage and clarity to face all my difficulties, do not let my spirits fall. You are my fortress and my strong rock, my protective shield in the face of adversity. May those of us who place our faith and hope in You never be confused.

My heart desires to know that you trust it, and it will go out with all its strength to help me achieve my dreams.

Help me give my best, give myself entirely to the goodness and purity of your love, and focus on your Word that shelters, sustains, encourages, and encourages me to overcome every obstacle and difficulty that may arise.

Help me explore the depth of my being, scrutinize myself thoroughly, and find all those talents that you have sown in me to achieve success and happiness in each of the tasks that I have to carry out.

In your Name, and with your help, I know that I can win because no one who has trusted you, your compassion, and your mercy, has been disappointed. Amen

“Don’t let my spirits drop.”

Cheer up! Don’t be dismayed! Trust! God will never abandon you. His style is beyond our imagination because He is the God of surprises, the one who surprises in the strangest ways and with the least expected answers.

Assume from this moment on the new challenges presented to you, belief in God, in His love, in his unlimited power, trust in yourself, and in everything that He has put in your heart. Don’t listen to the voices that will try to discourage you and stop you. You must remember that you are the result of God’s love perfecting itself each day in your life.


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The secret of success and happiness

We must never stop trusting God because God is the one who has the final say in every situation. Walk safely and with firm hope in Jesus and his promises because walking with Him is the secret of triumph and happiness. There is no other way.

Today I want to tell you with all the strength of my being: God loves you, you are essential to Him, and He wants to give you the best. He will do beautiful things for you! Do you know why? Because: God has never forgotten you, and He never will! Even if you feel that in many situations in your life, He remains silent or distant.

In those moments when you feel abandoned and without faith, when nothing seems to work out for you no matter how hard you try, repeat with all your might: “I can do everything in Christ who strengthens me.” Saying that surely it will not take away all your problems, but it will give you a little peace and serenity to face the problem and find a prompt solution.

We have to learn to recognize that our God is the God of challenges and victories, the God of Hope and dreams come true, and the God of joy. He is the God of Triumphs. Like the psalmist, we must learn to say:

“Let all who seek you rejoice and rejoice in You, and those who desire your victory may always say:” How great is the Lord! (Psalm 40,17)

For that and much more, we should never feel defeated under any circumstances. With God on your side, no obstacle is worth it; trust in his love, in his promises, be faithful to him, walk with RIGHTEOUSNESS, and TRUST that He accompanies you on this beautiful journey through life, that is the secret of triumph and happiness.

«Because the Lord is sun and shield; the Lord gives grace and glory, and does not deny his goods to those who act righteously. Lord of the universe, happy is the man who trusts you! ” (Psalm 84, 12-13)

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