4 Powerful Prayers for Positive Energy (Prayers for positivity and strength)

Prayers for Positive Energy
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We need prayers for positive energy to help us face every difficult situation we found ourselves in life.

We fully understand that the problems facing the world today make us feel discouraged and hopeless. Despite everything, we must thank the Father for allowing us to be alive, as well as ask him to have a positive attitude.

All this can be done through these wonderful prayers for positivity and strength, which we bring to you today.

4 best prayers to have positive energy

If you want to wake up each day with a wonderful attitude to face the world’s problems, pray out loud. May the Lord hear that you are willing to receive his blessings so that your life takes a positive turn. You will see, how in a few days your spirit is renewed and brightness and energy are established in your being.

Prayers for Positive Energy


Prayer to start the day positively

Starting the day on the right foot will allow you to perform at work or school. As well as enjoying all the wonders that our Lord grants us daily. We encourage you to start your day with all the attitude and in the best way with the help of this beautiful prayer.

Holy Father, I love you and bless you.
Thank you for letting me open my eyes to contemplate Your magnificent creation.
Thank you for this beautiful day that you give me today.
I ask you to help me execute my tasks better than yesterday.
May good disposition always characterize my way of being.
I want to be a better person, to serve you.
Also, to radiate joy to everyone around me.
Let me appreciate all the reasons I have to be happy.
Don’t let me think about the things that I lack.
On the contrary, make him value everything, no matter how small.
Thank you because I have my five senses intact,
Because I have all the health to enjoy life.
Allow me to take advantage of every minute of my time,
in order to be a successful person.
Let nothing and no one discourage me on my path, Beloved Father.
Hear my prayers, don’t leave my side.

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Prayer for positive energy

There is nothing better than meeting positive people, full of enthusiasm for life.
If you want God to allow you to be like this, ask him with great conviction. In this way, you can have a new vision, where everything will seem more beautiful.

My Beloved Lord, I adore you and bless you.
Thank you for this beautiful day that you give me the opportunity to live.
Today I want to start this wonderful day surrounded by your love.
May all the energy and positive vibes descend on my being.
Make today a day filled with all your blessings.
Heavenly Father, may all my projects be successful.
May every action taken be for the good, to please you.
May everything my hands do prosper.
Open my way so that only good things enter.
So that only the people who serve your name surround me.
Allow all my goals to be fulfilled, all the desires of my heart.
Beloved Father, fill me with much joy and wisdom.
That knows how to face the difficulties put in the way.
Deliver me from all evil designs, from bad thoughts.
Guide all my steps in the right direction, O Lord.
Thank you for your wonderful blessings, my God.



Prayer to attract positive people

It is very important who we surround ourselves with in life, so we must ask for the right people to be part of our path. Since it is useless to beg the Creator for a positive attitude if those who accompany us seek to darken our thoughts. Ask the Lord so that everything you attract is positive. Especially, people who get close to you.

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God the Father Almighty, Creator of the Universe.
I want to approach You with all good will.
And thank you for all the good you grant me daily.
There is not a single day that your divine presence is not with me.
I know you want the best for my destiny, that’s why I ask for your help.
Keep away all the bad-hearted people who want to hurt me.
Completely eradicate from my life those who do not bring anything good to my being.
I don’t want to surround myself with envious people who want to ruin my plans.
On the contrary, send my way to all that friend who shines with their own light.
To anyone who can teach me good things, who encourages me to be better every day.
Send my way positive people who also live to serve you.
I declare that the best is yet to come under your Divine Grace.
Thank you for the blessings poured out, Beloved Father.
Don’t ever forsake me.

I ask all this in the name of Jesus Beloved.


Prayer for positivity and strength

Regardless of the situation, you are going through right now, do not forget that the Father’s help can come to you if you ask him with faith and humility. Therefore, we provide you with the following prayer, in case you do not know how to approach God. In this way, you will be able to raise your prayer to heaven so that you have a positive attitude and true joy in life.

Dear God, Heavenly Father.
Today I find myself before You, to beg you to hold out your hand to me.
There are adverse circumstances that have caused my smile to fade.
I don’t want to live in sadness anymore.
Please take me out of the darkness, so that my thoughts are no longer clouded.
Make all the positive energy manifest in my being.
I want from today, to have a happier life, I want to be optimistic.
I want to be faithful to your word of life, to achieve all your promises.
Holy Father, get rid of bad vibes once and for all.
Let every word that comes out of my mouth be to help others.
May your blessings always be present in my life.
No matter how bad the circumstance is, make him see the good in it.
May your precious light be always present in my spirit.
Allow me to spread good things to those who are part of my environment.
O Lord, eradicate sadness completely, may it become joy.
Only tears of joy will run down my cheek because you will be with me.

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