Prayer for him to dream of me at all times

Prayer for him to dream of me
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When you’re in love, the world seems to be made of roses and bright colors. But, just as you can’t stop thinking about him, you also expect him to keep thinking about you, including dreams of him, so this is where the prayer for him to dream of me every night is critical.

The stage of falling in love is one of the most beautiful in the relationship. It is the moment in which two souls are deeply united and the process of creating a real, deep, and lasting love begins, which will stand out throughout the relationship.

If you are in love, you will know that it is almost impossible to get this special man out of your head. You think of him day and night; you imagine your present and your future with him, you imagine marriage and how beautiful your children will be.

How about trying this prayer so that he dreams of you every night? A little help to consolidate true love is not superfluous.

Prayer for him to cry for me

Prayer for him to dream of me tonight

Dear Heavenly Father! I am writing to you at this moment, now, because joy and love have taken hold of my heart.

You taught me that true love is possible! And for this truth, which I ask on this momentous occasion, in this prayer, hoping that it will help me to consolidate it.

I am completely in love with a man (name). He is kind, honest, charismatic, cheerful and very lively. But what I love most about him is that he loves me as much as I love him.

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I ask you to keep our bond of love firm at all times and do not allow evil external forces to invade this relationship that you have created.

Do not stop thinking about my day and my night, before I go to sleep, call me, in your dream believe in me, when you wake up think of me.

May your mind be filled with my presence, may you be crazy, desperate, may you want to look for me and love me in your company.

Let love flood your heart and soul. Open your eyes to the feeling of truth, make him see that he has before him an exemplary woman who only wants her welfare and progress, and make him pray, pray and thank the Lord immediately.

That, when you fall asleep, let my image appear before your eyes. May he see the nice future we have together. I promise you Father that I will always do everything in my power to love you unconditionally, as you love me.



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