How Did The Disciples Die? – See How the Apostle Paul and the Rest of the Disciples Died

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Have you asked how did the disciples die? Would you like to know more about how the Apostle Paul died? If so, we encourage you to read all the information we provide in this article.

Do you know how the death of the Apostle Paul was?, or how the death of each of the Disciples turned out to be? Most likely, on different occasions you have heard someone talk about the subject, however, you do not have all the details. But why?

It is thanks to this that we have given ourselves the task of conducting a fairly extensive investigation in the proper way, of How did the Apostle Paul die? Therefore, we invite you to continue reading this article so that you are able to know how the Disciples Die.


 Does the Bible record the death of the apostles? Is it known how each of them died?

It is known that there is only one recorded death in the Bible, which belongs to that of James (Acts 12:2). King Herod killed James with the sword, a beheading reference being quite possible; each of the situations of the death of the different apostles can only be recognized when we base ourselves on traditions belonging to the church and that is why we should not grant too much credibility to those stories.

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On the other hand, the most recognized and commonly accepted church tradition concerning the death of an apostle is that of the Apostle Peter. He himself was crucified upside down on an X-shaped cross in Rome to fulfill Jesus’ prophecy (John 21:18). The following most common traditions regarding the death of other apostles are:

1. The Apostle Matthew and the Apostle John

Mathew ended up suffering martyrdom in Ethiopia, ending up dead, thanks to a wide wound made by a sword. On the other hand, John faced martyrdom when he was cooked in a large cauldron filled with boiling oil during a great wave of persecution in Rome.

However, he managed to be released long before his death and then he ended up sentenced to each of the mines in the prison of the island of Patmos and it was then that he managed to write a prophetic book about the Apocalypse.

After that, the apostle John ended up being released and taken back to what is now known as Turkey; likewise, he passed away quite old and happened to be the only one of the apostles who passed away peacefully.

mathew and john

2.  How the Apostle Paul died: James

We continue to mention who was the Apostle James, the brother of Jesus (not ending up being an apostle in an official way), however, he was the leader of the church in Jerusalem. Later he was thrown from a height of more than thirty meters from the southeast pinnacle located in the temple when he refused and ended up denying his faith in Christ.

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Upon discovering that he survived such a heavy fall, his enemies closed in to beat him heavily using clubs to end his life and that was the very pinnacle on which Satan is believed to have led Jesus through temptation.


3. Bartholomew or also known as Nathanael; Andrew, Thomas, Mathias

Bartholomew or also known under the name of Nathanael turned out to be a missionary in Asia, he testified in what is now Turkey and was martyred for preaching in Armenia where he turned out to be whipped countless times to death.

On the other hand, Andrew was crucified on an X-shaped cross in Greece, after being similarly flogged by seven soldiers; they ended up tying his body to the cross with ropes to prolong his agony. His followers reported that, at the moment in which he was taken to the cross, Andrew mentioned the following words to him: “I have longed for and waited for this happy moment. The cross has been consecrated by the body of Christ hanging on it.

He kept reading the word to each one of the executioners of that place until his death occurred. Thomas the Apostle was wounded by a large spear, on one of the trips he made as a missionary, this in order to establish himself in a church.

Matthias, who was an apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot, the traitor, turned out to be hit by stones and later beheaded. On the other hand, the Apostle Paul ended up being tortured and then beheaded thanks to the vile Roman emperor Nero in the year 67, and there are also traditions regarding the other apostles but none that work with a reliable historical or traditional basis.

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It is not too important how each of the apostles died, what is of great importance is the fact that each of them was willing to die thanks to their faith. If Jesus had not been resurrected, every one of the disciples would have known about it.

People will not die for something that they recognize as a lie, the fact that each of the apostles were willing to suffer horrible deaths, refusing to give up their great faith for Christ, has been a great evidence that they really lived what was the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Finally, the ways in which each of the disciples stopped living were revealed and, as we mentioned before, these deaths are not well described in different places and thanks to this, this investigation was carried out.

Once you know everything about How the disciples died?  and the other disciples, we hope that all the information provided in this article has turned out to be quite accurate for you and that it will then be useful for your knowledge.