9 Great Women of the Bible You Didn’t Know

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From the great women of the Bible, you will be able to take valuable advice of faith that will mark your life completely. In a world dominated by men, this group of women managed to stand out and demonstrate that God does not distinguish gender to be an instrument of the fulfillment of his Word.

They are not the only women that the Bible highlights, this time we have compiled the story of nine women who can serve as a model to serve God:


9 Great Women of the Bible

God can use anyone, regardless of gender, to enforce his Word, a clear example is this list of women who were an instrument of the Lord :

Examples of pride in the bible


At an advanced age, Sara abandoned everything to live in tents next to her husband Abraham, supporting him at all times. Sara never distrusted God, at 90 years old she fulfilled the dream of being a mother, and the Lord filled her heart with joy.

Genesis 21:6 “God has given me joy, and everyone who finds out that I have had a son will rejoice with me.”


A woman who was born and raised as a slave in Egypt. When she was a baby, she took care of Moses, her brother (the same one whom God commissioned to liberate the people of Israel). Miriam became a worship leader, she was a prophetess and the Hebrew people held her in great respect.

Exodus 15:21 “Sing to God, he has won the crown of triumph by throwing horses and horsemen into the sea.”


A Jericho prostitute who saved two Hebrew spies from death. For that reason, her family was saved when the Hebrews carried out the attack on Jericho. She earned a place in Israel thanks to her Faith without being despised.

Hebrews 11:31 “Because she received the Hebrews in peace and because of her faith, Rahab did not perish with the disobedient”


Leading judge of Israel when there was no king and prophetess. She summoned the army and encouraged the warriors to defeat her oppressors. For 40 years, under Deborah’s leadership, Israel was able to have peace.

Judges 5:7 “There were no warriors in Israel, no one appeared until I got up. I arose as a mother of Israel!”


Despite not being an Israelite, because of her love for her mother-in-law and her dedication to serving God, Ruth earned a place among the Lord’s people. She left her home and family to serve God and take care of her mother-in-law. She conquered the heart of Boaz, she was hard-working and respectful.

Ruth 1:16 “Ruth answered: You do not insist that I abandon you or separate from you! I will go where you go and live with you. Your people will be mine and your God will be my God.”


This woman could not have children, despite this she always trusted God, she prayed with great faith to be able to have a child. When God performed the miracle in her, he dedicated her son to him as a sign of thanks. Samuel was his son and became a great prophet.

1 Samuel 2:1 “Hannah prayed: My heart rejoices in the Lord; my power lies in him. I can celebrate his salvation and mock those who have offended me.”