6 Ways to Meditate effectively on the Word of God

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Have you been looking for How to meditate effectively on the Word of God? Worry no more because on this post are powerful ways to meditate effectively on the Word of God.

To meditate designates a mental activity by which one examines something maturely. It is to reflect for a long time on a thought, a word, writing, an event, a situation, etc., to deepen it to discover, understand, and thus know. The Bible tells us to this effect: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” John 8-32 (KJV).

If we are Christians, it is because Christ paid the price so that we could live a fully satisfying life in Him. If today we suffer our lives rather than enjoy them, it is for lack of knowledge, as it is written: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” Hosea 4-6 (KJV ).

For lack of knowledge, therefore, we allow destruction and death to gradually take over all areas of our lives, notably through illness, unemployment, debt, poverty, apostasy, etc., until we are completely destroyed. But knowledge, on the contrary, gives life. This knowledge is the fruit of meditating on the Word of God. God has put in His Word everything we need to be successful in anything we do. If we just read it, we will discover nothing and continue to live a life of failure. To read the Bible is to be satisfied with the “logos”, the letter that kills, but to meditate is to seek out and discover the “rhema”, the revelation of the Spirit which gives life (2 Corinthians 3-6). This is why God gave this command to Joshua:

“Do not let this book of the law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, to act faithfully according to all that is written therein; because it is then that you will be successful in your undertakings, it is then that you will succeed.  Joshua 1-8 (KJV)

So how do you meditate effectively on the Bible?

6 Ways to Meditate effectively on the Word of God

1. Invoke God before opening your Bible. 

Who better than the author of a text to help better understand his writings? God is the author of the Bible. The second epistle of Paul to Timothy (2 Timothy 3-16) teaches us in this regard that God inspires all writing. Therefore, he is the best person to reveal to us what he is talking about. Engaging in the meditation of the Word without invoking God, who is the author of this Word, can very quickly turn out to be absurd and vain. We must invoke Him so that He leads us and speaks to us through His Word.

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2. Be filled with the Holy Spirit.

When Jesus our Master left this world, he promised us the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, to lead us into all truth (John 16-13). He kept his Word in that at Pentecost, the Spirit that had been promised did come down. As the Lord had announced to us, He is there to teach us and leads us in all revelation. Therefore, it is through His Spirit that God reveals Himself to us from now on. That’s why it’s hard to understand anything from the Bible when you’re not filled with the Holy Spirit.

3. Meditate with humility. 

When it’s time to meditate, you have to take off your proud, all-knowing, “super-spiritual” cloak and calm down to receive from God. Even though it’s a verse you’ve read and pondered a hundred times already, the Lord can still tell you something new on this occasion. But the Lord resists the proud, and He does not show grace, therefore reveals Himself, only to the humble of heart (James 4-6; 1 Peter 5-5). So if you come into his presence with prejudices and preconceived ideas, you will receive nothing.

4. Not looking for something but someone.

When we engage in meditation on the Word, we should not be looking for something, but someone, God. John 1-1 teaches us that the Word is God. Generally, according to our current challenges, we meditate out of interest to discover a solution (something). Know that we meditate first to discover God. As soon as we are in His presence, all our yokes are broken. When we have God, we have everything. If we continue to meditate on the Word of God like a lawyer consults the civil code to set up a defence strategy, our meditation will remain sterile. God reveals Himself to those who seek Him (not His strategies, his tricks, his principles, in order to get what we want), wholeheartedly. Some, for example, are not interested in God but meditate on the Bible to discover the biblical principles to get rich or to succeed such and such a thing. At the time, it may seem very spiritual, but know that meditating is first of all seeking God.


5. The Bible is not read, It is listened to. 

To meditate on the Bible is to listen to the Spirit. We often meditate on the Bible as we would on any work whose author no longer lives to enlighten us on his ideas. We, therefore, try to manage to understand what he would have wanted to say since there is no longer any way to ask him directly. But God is not dead, He lives forever. Hallelujah! Therefore, we can ask Him through the Holy Spirit what He means in this or that other biblical passage. At this stage, meditation tends towards a form of prayer where one converses with God through the Holy Spirit. So do not hesitate to stop and ask the Holy Spirit for the revelation that is hidden behind this or that affirmation.

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6. Go at the rhythm of God (one cannot understand everything at the same time).

We meditate on verses that we cannot understand immediately despite all our good faith. It is a matter of the spiritual level of maturity. Then comes a fact by which the Holy Spirit reminds us of the passage that we had meditated on without really understanding and gives us its revelation. Let’s go at God’s pace. Not everything can be understood in a day, and that’s no reason to be discouraged. Let us trust in the Lord, and He knows the right moment to reveal to us this or that aspect of His Word.