6 habits of people who are serious about their holiness

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Holiness is not something of the past, of the privileged few with mystical experiences strong.

Nor is it an impossible mission that God left a few men and women who turned from the world to do extraordinary things.

Holiness is an invitation today, made for you and for me. But, what concerns us to know that? When we have the awareness that God calls us to that state, our life changes. Although it does not change externally or drastically, it acquires a new light.

Our whole existence takes an embossed different, because everything that we do we know that resounds in the sky, because everything that we live with love will be our comfort in eternity.


However, we want a little bit more clarity, didn’t you?

what does it mean to live seeking holiness?

I want to share with you a few aspects that people who have taken seriously the responsibility and privilege of pursuing holiness.


1. Dedicate time to God

Isaiah 41:10


Time to the things of God, a time to cultivate the relationship with Him. All other habits, revolve around the first point.

In some way or another, each habit is, in reality, a way of making this: realize the desire of our entire existence is focused on Him.

Everything we do makes sense when you respond to our larger purpose, that is our vocation to holiness.

And to be holy is to achieve the fullness of love, the perfection in the love. This, of course, there is more of cute feelings.

Will involve responsibilities, duties, the fulfilment of some rules… but everything is done with love, or if not, it would be pure voluntarism.

2. Make prayer

wages of sin is death


What all the saints from all times, have in common, is that they did prayer. This, in short, is to talk with God. A dialogue, a conversation. And as such, a space open to listening.

As I said, holiness is the perfection in love. The Holy Spirit is the love of God, the one who sanctifies us. If we need a model or wonder how to make a living of this, let us look to jesus Christ, He is the perfect model. And our holiness is in point of identifying with Him.

How will we identify with someone you don’t try, who we do not know, whom we do not love?

How will we know what the Holy Spirit wants us to transmit, if we would not hear?, how shall we understand the will of the Father if not asked?

Hence the importance of talking with God! And to ensure that our prayer is trinitarian: treat the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

3. All for love, the better

holiness, 6 habits of people who are serious about their holiness

Many of the saints did impressive things. Some were extraordinary even. But God does not ask this to all of you…

There are many holy lives that passed in the anonymity, making your task is ordinary and what is expected of them in each time.

We can become discouraged when we look at our reality and we only see everyday tasks, routine, perhaps a bit boring.

But “the Lord is in each day.

Clear that, to achieve a sense of the supernatural, the divine, it must be done for love. And be done with love, it must be well done.

At least, ensure that is because sometimes we try and things don’t go well, but God looks at our straight intent.

4. Seek to know God better

Holiness: 6 habits that will allow you to reach it

You can’t love what is not known. It is important to devote time to the spiritual and doctrinal formation. You can devote a daily time and shortly for to read the Catechism, spiritual books, documents of the Magisterium… you’ll discover an infinite wealth!

This will feed your faith, making it more firm, and will help to deepen your prayer, because you will meet the Person you’re trying to.

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5. Care about their brothers

In the new commandment, God invites us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Our relationship with God does not alienates you from others, invites us to serve you.

And there is no better service than to bring them to the faith, doing an apostolate that is full of respect and love.

If we love enough to want the good and the happiness forever (the sky), we do not wish the same fullness for others? The way it should be.

We would have to import carry along with us, to many of the other saints to eternal life. Therefore, the apostles.

This means to speak of God and the things of God, with the word, by example, through the works of mercy. But also from our prayer and mortification discrete by others.

You have a lot of weight to what we ask and what we offer by the others, and their intentions, for your needs, for conversion, for everything.

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6. Known children

This last point, in fact, you should go first. As we are of the same divine nature, the consciousness of this moves us to behave ourselves as what we are: children of God.

Good children! Children who trust, children who are abandoned, children who pray, who live with the understanding that they will never be alone. That you are loved, desired, sought out from the eternity… and called to eternity.

Moreover of the children of God, we are children of the same Mother. She will help us to live this divine sonship, by teaching us the face of his Son for us to Him.

Shortening the road to the Holy Trinity, giving us the push we need to get to heaven. It is a best gift this that we that Jesus did, when he gave us the Holy Virgin as the Mother.


Let’s take advantage! Let us go to her with filial piety, living a life that is increasingly mariana, and asking how we can be better every day.

How we can, each day, to love more. How can we respond to our vocation to holiness.