4 Simple Ways To Avoid Going To Hell

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Hell is described in the Bible as a terrifying and horrible place, a place where “the fire is not extinguished” (Mark 9: 44-49). Revelation 20:10 describes hell as “a lake of fire and brimstone” where those who cast God back on earth “will be tormented day and night for ever and ever” (Revelation 20:10). Hell is permanent and lasts for eternity. Obviously, hell is a place that we must avoid at all costs.

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Why is there a hell? Why does God send some people to this place of torment? Do we have any idea what hell looks like?

The Bible tells us that God “prepared” him for the devil and the fallen angels (Matthew 25:41) and not for men.
Because of our sins we all deserved hell (Romans 3: 10-23). 
But Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross so that those who believe in Him do not go to this place of pain and torment but go to heaven in the presence of God and remain there for eternity .

Hell is like a huge airport. People go there every day. They are from all countries of the world, from all languages, from all races, from all nationalities. However, in this gigantic airport, there are a lot of arriving flights, never departing flights.
It’s a one-way ticket.

Hell is real my friend and Jesus Christ died on the cross so that those who believe in Him do not go to this place. The story of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16: 19-31) teaches us that hell is a place of torture, there is fire and it is hot.
In hell, the 5 five senses work: we can see, speak, hear; we are thirsty, very thirsty but there is no water. We can no longer satisfy certain natural desires that we had on earth. In hell, we remember perfectly everything we have done on earth. We remember our family and the people we have known and we can even recognize them. We can pray, but prayers to God are not answered. They will never be answered again. We can no longer get out of it to shorten our sufferings and experience life and peace.


In hell, everything that is of God and that could be found on earth is no longer:
There is nothing beautiful.
There is no life.
There is no light except that of the flames of fire.
There is no peace, no joy, no goodness, no mercy, no compassion, no rest, no strength.
It is a place of anguish. The humans who go there cohabit eternally with demons, monstrous, horrible creatures who will torture them for eternity!

In hell there is no distinction! Whoever they have been on earth, whatever their name, their social position, their exploits, the level of consideration men had for them on earth, the favors they received on earth, those who go to hell will be nothing!

Isaiah 66 reveals to us that flames of fire will consume those who will go there to hell in abysses, but they will no longer die and will not escape these sufferings.
For having despised Jesus Christ and refused to be reconciled to God on earth when salvation was available, they will suffer and be tormented eternally without anyone ever coming to deliver them. How awful !

Have you ever made your peace with God? If not, don’t put it off until tomorrow. Tomorrow it may be too late, because no one knows the day or time of his death. As you read this message, dozens of people have died and are heading, right now, to this grim place.

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4 Simple Ways To Avoid Going To Hell

Hell is a place of anguish and torment, a place that we absolutely must avoid. You probably clicked this link because you want to know how to not go to hell. So here are some ways how to avoid going to hell:

1. Accept Jesus Christ into your life and recognize him as your Lord and Savior, then pray the following:

Lord Jesus, I ask You to forgive me my sins and save me from eternal separation from God, hell. By faith, I accept your work and your death on the cross as sufficient payment for my sins. Thank you for providing a way for me to know You and have a personal relationship with my Heavenly Father. By faith in You, I have eternal life. Your blood cleanses me from all sin. Thank you also for hearing my prayers and loving me unconditionally. Please give me, now, the strength, wisdom, and determination to walk in the center of Your will until the end of my days. In the name Jesus, I prayed, Amen.

If you have prayed this prayer, then you have become a child of God, the life of God dwells in you and heaven is now rejoicing in your honor !!!

Know that while waiting for you to join him in heaven, God would like to have a relationship with you and He has a special mission that He has equipped you for and that He wants you to accomplish. He himself will reveal it to you.

2. Communicate with God as often as possible. 

Listen to God. Read the Bible. Ponder the Words in this book and put them into practice every day. Know that you are not alone but God has placed His Spirit in you, so that you not only have the will but also the capacity to do what He asks of you.

Talk to him regularly by making all kinds of prayers: supplications, thanks, praise, requests. Speak to him as one speaks to a father or a mother with respect but also with freedom because He knows you and He loves you!

Constantly seek His presence by praise. Praise God. Praise Jesus! Praise attracts the manifest presence of God and leads to being filled with the Holy Spirit.

3. Go to a good Christian assembly

Above all, do not isolate yourself!

4. Share your faith

Share your faith with others so that as many people as possible will be saved from eternal death.

God bless you!