The 7 Spirits of God described in Isaiah 11:1-3 KJV

The Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
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The 7 spirits of God are described in Isaiah 11: 1-3. Sometimes some people read this verse, they think it is about angels or heavenly beings. However, the reality is that it is the holy spirit that comes in various manifestations such as wisdom and understanding, advice and strength, knowledge and fear of the Lord.

7 spirits of God

The 7 spirits of God Isaiah

There are seven different expressions of the one Holy Spirit:

1) Spirit of the Lord.

2) Manifestation of wisdom.

3) Spirit of understanding.

4) Spirit of exhortation.

5) Spirit of strength.

6) Manifestation of knowledge.

7) Spirit of fear of God.

Just as God is one but has three different personalities: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is One but with seven different expressions.

Additional scriptures on the 7 spirits of God

These are the words of the One who possesses the seven spirits of God and the seven stars. “Revelation 3: 1. From the throne came flashes of lightning and thunder. Before the throne, seven lamps were lit.” Then I saw a Lamb, which seemed dead, standing in the center of the throne, surrounded by the four living creatures and the elders.


Baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire


“The seven spirits could possibly refer to a group of angelic beings. But between references to the Father and the Son, it is more likely that this is an unusual way of designating the Holy Spirit. ” “It is called the seven spirits, not with respect to its essence, which is one, but with respect to its multiple operations.”

“The Spirit is one in name but has seven virtues. Some think that (the angels) are the seven spirits mentioned here. But they cannot be; no matter how great the angels were, they have still created beings. “

Visual illustrations about the 7 spirits of God

Always keep in mind that the God who releases the Spirit of Revelation will also teach us how to properly interpret and manage these revelatory realms. In Revelation 5: 6 he explains that he has seven eyes and seven horns. It is about 7 spirits of our God that have been sent to earth “.

Interpreting the symbols:

  • Seven = fullness
  • Seven horns = fullness of power
  • Seven eyes = fullness of insight

The seven spirits of God do not remain in heaven but are sent to all the earth. This single point is very distinctive and should be highlighted.

But how are the seven spirits transported to the entire world? This occurs when spirit-filled believers in Christ Jesus carry the fullness of his radiant presence everywhere! It’s you and me! This is a vivid illustration for us that demonstrates the omnipresence of God.

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7 gold chandeliers and 7 stars

“The mystery that speaks of the seven stars and the seven golden candlesticks has the following explanation: the seven stars represent the seven angels that correspond to the seven churches and the seven candlesticks symbolize the seven churches.” Revelation 1:20.

7 spirits and 7 culture spheres (or 7 cultural mountains)

Today the Holy Spirit, in all its fullness, is being sent to the whole world. Just as there are Seven Spirits, we also find that there are Seven Cultural Mountains where believers must carry an impact and influence for Christ Jesus the Lord.

As Jesus’ disciples receive the power of the Holy Spirit, they, in turn, are commissioned to “Go therefore to all nations” taking the light of the world with them. This is another dimension of the seven spirits that are being sent to all the earth.

Prayer to Grow in the Manifest Presence of God

I am with you Father, in the name of Jesus, we invoke the fullness of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives, families, and spheres of influence. We want to be hot.

Send an increase in the power and manifest presence of your Spirit among us. We welcome the Seven Spirits of God to be activated in our lives as we consecrate our entire being to You.

Amen and amen!

I believe that as we grow in our revelatory understanding of the Seven Spirits of God, we will shift to a higher level of power and effectiveness.

Receive and release the fullness of the seven Spirits of God in each sphere of influence to which God has called you.

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