Isaiah 41:10 meaning and explanation of Do not fear that I am with you

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God gives you security in Isaiah 41:10 Do not fear that I am with you.

God knows you have problems; financial, perhaps the disease is robbing you of peace, sadness floods your heart. God knows you go through times of tribulation and persecution, sometimes you feel lonely. God knows all this. “Isaiah 41:10”; is a key verse for you to discover that God speaks to you yesterday, today, and always.

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Isaiah 41:10 “Do not fear that I am with you”

“Do not fear because I am with you; do not be dismayed, because I am your God who strives you; I will always help you; I will always support you with the right hand of my justice” 

“The verse begins by saying do not be afraid” you can overcome fears and fears if your trust is in God. (Isaiah 41.10)

Worrying about the future, about tomorrow, about the family, about marriage, about work, about the daily food, about the entire system of this world that overwhelms, that traps and emits voices of fear, failure, illness, restlessness, this leads you into an abyss of fear. We were established in a system that wrongly formatted our belief, we profess that our dependence is on a human, carnal source and it is difficult for us to place all and absolute trust in God.

Without hope..
Isaiah 41:10

Have tranquility and peace “Do not fear, says the Lord because I am with you” this verse reveals that God is willing, attentive, and is present today, tomorrow and always, even if you do not see him. (Isaiah 41:10)

In the Kingdom of God, there are no excuses to faint, there are no excuses to throw in the towel, there are no excuses to leave the path because in God you have everything. “If you have him you have everything you need; if having everything you lose him you have nothing because in him is life, salvation comes from him”, in his word he says “Because I am your God who effort “, this last word clearly shows that God always strengthens, if you are tired, exhausted, without strength; God is the rest, it is he who lifts you.

Surrender your burdens, your problems, your illness, God is looking for repentant, contrite, and humiliated hearts. For him to work in your life, you must see him as the only source of water that quenches your thirst.

God sustains you
Isaiah 41:10.

In Isaiah 41:10; God makes a promise of life “I will always help you; I will always support you with the right hand of my justice”,  in another version of the bible it says: “I will strengthen you and help you, I will support you with my victorious right hand”, it is a beautiful privilege to know that God is always here to help everyone who places all their trust in him.

He who seeks God with a humble heart, who surrenders his belief, his trust in the total fullness of the creator God, will obtain freedom, peace, and the powerful weapons of security to face all the obstacles that the world day by day. presents.

“Trust in that God who loves you, in that God who cares about you and although many times you think that he has forgotten about you, the truth is that at no time has he done so, on the contrary, even though you have not noticed he has been there taking care of you, protecting you, feeding you, and although your little faith has not been able to perceive it, you have to be sure that he has been there by your side “. (In Isaiah 41:10) God reminds you that it is he who gives you security. “God is always with you” 

trust in God
Isaiah 41:10

We live in difficult times and the influence of Satan is sometimes rampant and painful. Let us remember the promise that God made to those who keep the fire of their testimony alive to drive away from the wolves that threaten us.

This is his promise: “Do not be afraid, because I am with you; do not be dismayed because I am the God who strives you; I will always help you, I will always support you with the right hand of my Justice”

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Isaiah 41:10 I will always help you, I will always support you with the right hand of my Justice.

To trust God is to rest in him, it is to stop worrying to the extreme, it is to stop thinking about how to solve this or that and to leave it in the hands of God, it is to smile despite everything, it is to look for him despite seeing everything wrong, it is not to stop believing in what he is capable of, is to see the future with hope, knowing that being in his hands I am safe. ” I will always help you; I will always support you with the right hand of my righteousness” (Isaiah 41:10 )  This is his promise that is fulfilled when you decide to believe.

Security in God

I am your God who protects you (Isaiah 41:10)

To rest in God is to believe in what I do not see, it is to wait for things to turn out and end well even though they are going very badly, it is to know that things are not finished and that there is still an opportunity.

Sustaining in God is telling my mind that I do not believe in what he preaches to me, but in what God has said in his Word, it is to see with my spiritual eyes beyond what my carnal eyes see, it is to see the things that do not they are as if they were, it is to go against the current, it is to continue believing, trusting in what God is going to do even though everything around me tells me otherwise. In (Isaiah 41:10) this word confirms that God is the one who sustains you at all times.

trust in GodIsaiah 41:10 will always help you.

Strengthening myself in God is having full assurance that whatever happens, I will be safe, because he is the one who takes care of me and protects me, therefore regardless of the answer I receive, my life will be safe in him. “I am your God who strives you (Isaiah 41.10)

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Knowing who we have believed in should give us security and confidence that everything will be fine, it is seeing beyond what our human eyes see, it is trusting beyond what our mind wants to make us think, it is listening to the divine voice that whispers to us. to the ear that everything will be fine and that there is nothing to worry about.


I am your GodDo not faint because I am your God Isaiah 41:10

“Before the promises of God, we have to believe him” the word of God is alive today, tomorrow, and forever. In the verse of the prophet Isaiah, God speaks at this time to men who are willing to revive faith and hope, surrender trusting in the God who raises, in the one who heals all disease, in the one who sustains, who ensures a future full of life and salvation until eternity.

Firmness is in the living God, who promises to take care of you and lift you; Isaiah 41:10

“God is powerful to change any landscape, any desert and removes from your life the fear that does not allow you to grow in the Kingdom”  (Isaiah 41:10) is one of the keys to leaving behind all mistrust and unbelief in your life “.