Thy Kingdom Come Prayers and How to Live the Kingdom of God Here on Earth?

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Jesus himself said that when praying we should proclaim “Thy Kingdom come”. But what does that really mean? Let’s see in today’s study, continue your reading.

Did you know that the Kingdom of God is already available in our days? Yes, we who are children of God must pray that he may manifest himself on earth, bringing peace, justice, and love.

This is very supernatural!

Everything supernatural is thought-provoking. But actually “the supernatural” should be extremely natural in the life of the child of God.

Culturally we learn to call supernatural everything that is part of the kingdom of heaven and Jesus conquered for us here on earth.

Jesus came precisely to reconnect us with the ‘supernatural’ call.

Thy Kingdom Come Verse from Matthew 6.

I want to invite you to read with me what is written in the book of Matthew chapter 6 and verses 9 and 10.

Thus therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, both on earth and in heaven. 

Matthew 6:9-10

This passage ministered by Jesus invites us to pray that the kingdom of God may be manifested on earth, bringing the reality of heaven to earth.

Let’s pray for this Thy Kingdom Come Prayer today, raise your right hand to heaven and repeat after me:

Father, I open my heart, my mind, and my spirit to receive your word and be transformed by it. Amen!

Why has the Church not lived the reality of the Kingdom of God?

For many years the church has lived a hyper-futuristic gospel, the wonderful harvests that God has for our lives today are often hanging on the hangers of tomorrow.

The gospel was preached to us something like this:

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“ Look, you accepted Jesus so when you get there in heaven you will have supernatural peace.

There will be no sickness, no misery, in heaven there is no pain and no other trouble!

But until you die, you have to suffer, because the world belongs to the devil. 

He just comes to church every Sunday so we can share and go through the pain together and everything will work out.”

Kind of strange gospel, don’t you think? A gospel of half truths is not the gospel of Jesus!

Unfortunately, the Church has deviated from the teachings of Jesus and has not lived the reality of the Kingdom of God.

This is because the Church often focuses more on material wealth and earthly goods than on the Kingdom of the Lord.

I don’t even need to mention that it is important for the Church to pray again for the Kingdom of God and to live in that Kingdom, because that is the will of the Father.

Adam enjoyed the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

In Genesis 1:27 we see God creating man in spirit.

But only in Genesis 2:7 does God form man into a body and breathe into him the breath of life, thus making him a soul.

That is, the human being is a spirit, and as long as the spirit is alive – he can access the spiritual world.

In the same way, the human being is physical, and as long as the physical is alive – he can access the physical world.

After forming the human being and the entire garden of Eden, God gave man the order to freely eat from every tree in the garden of Eden.

Except of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for in the day that you eat of it, man would surely die.

In Genesis 3:7 the man ate of the fruit that God forbade him and he died (in his spiritual body). The first spiritual death was this!

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From this death, the human being who was created with the DNA of God began to be born with the DNA of Adam.

You could no longer access the spiritual world, nor experience the reality of the kingdom, the supernatural of the Lord…

The divine food that God planted in the garden for man was no longer accessed, as the spiritual door was closed.

The church stops living in the Kingdom when it chooses to postpone the Kingdom.

Have you noticed that all religions offer heaven after death? Even the Pharisees before Jesus promised this.

Offering heaven after death is very easy, not least because no one went there and came back except Jesus.

This gospel doctrine has detonated the lives of almost Christians. That’s why there are many depressed believers who want to die.

When most believers sing ‘Come, Lord!’ they are not wanting Jesus to come, they are wanting to go to Jesus.

This happens when a person becomes preoccupied with preserving his own identity, his own status, and his own well-being rather than seeking justice and the Kingdom of God.

Proof that Jesus came to reconnect us with the supernatural.

Jesus did not come to teach us a religion, He did not come to teach a philosophy of life – Jesus came to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Jesus did not come as a religious leader but as a king and because he was a king and not a religious leader the world rejected him…

Of all the miracles that are quoted in the bible, there is only 1 that only exists in the new testament.

For example, in the transformation of water into another element Moses had already transformed it into blood.

Resurrection of the dead was not Jesus who invented it, the prophet Elisha did it even after he was dead.

In the new testament, there was healing, but in the old testament too, because in the old and new Testaments, the same miracles happened…

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Except 1: the casting out of demons!

Detail: David did not expel Saul’s demons with the harp. David just played, the demons didn’t like praise, so they withdrew and came back later.

The only miracle that happened in the New Testament but never happened in the Old Testament was the casting out of demons.

Do you know why? Because only another kingdom can drive out a kingdom! 

Jesus did not say ‘Father, take me to your Kingdom’ but ‘Your Kingdom come here on earth’.

Jesus didn’t just come to take you to heaven, Jesus came to proclaim heaven on earth for you, He came to proclaim the end of the previous kingdom.

This is clear in the text of Colossians 1:13 which says that he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves.

Jesus is the only one who didn’t just come to offer you heaven after death, He came to bring His kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven.


Jesus’ plan is not just to take us to heaven.

Heaven is wonderful, if Jesus came just to give me that, I would already be more than happy. Only the bible says there’s still more!

They preached to us a postmortem gospel – “die and in heaven, you will be happy, in heaven you will not have cancer, in heaven you will not have depression.”

Curious, because Jesus invited me, I accepted, I was saved and He didn’t take me there to heaven, He left me here on earth.

If God’s ultimate goal was to take you to heaven, why would He create the earth? God created the earth to be a physical extension of the kingdom of heaven.

Today I come to tell you that you don’t have to die to experience heaven, the supernatural, peace, joy, healing, and family prosperity.

God’s will is that everything that exists in heaven is manifested on earth, in your life!

They put it in our heads that all the good that God has to give is only after death.

But Jesus says you can experience God’s blessing now!