Discover How to read the Bible in chronological order

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Have you ever stopped to think if you’re really reading the Bible in the order it should be? Read this article and discover now how to read the Bible in chronological order!

When deciding to study a little more about the wonders of God, we turned to his holy book: the Bible.

And it is through her that we discover how amazing our God is, here we see examples of heroes and heroines of faith, and we read advice and promises.

But the Bible is so full of information, there are so many books, chapters, and verses that it can even leave us a little confused when studying…

But of course, we are here to help you with how to read the Bible in the correct order.

How to read the Bible in the correct order?

Let’s get down to the facts first! If you want to read the Bible, know that there is not exactly a correct or incorrect order that will make you understand or not what was recorded.

However, knowing where to start reading the Bible will help you better assimilate the content contained in the Word. That’s why we say we have a ‘correct’ form.

For the good growth of the newly born-again Christian or even the oldest in the faith, it is important to read the Scriptures in the order of historical events, so that he does not get lost in any detail and this hinders his understanding completely.

However, there is no doubt that the Bible, if read starting from its beginning (the book of Genesis), can cause its reader a feeling of tiredness and a little discomfort.

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In general, those who start reading the Bible have just had an encounter with Christ, they are eager to know a little more about this wonderful God, and the book of Genesis speaks of creation, the beginning of everything.

Where to start reading the Bible?

The ideal would be for you to start reading the Bible through the New Testament. If possible, start your reading with the book of John. This book, in addition to having a very peaceful reading, talks about the trajectory of Jesus here on earth.

Then you can read Matthew and Mark, to have a greater understanding of the steps of Christ, so you will be more and more thirsty to read and learn about the life of Jesus Christ.

After this reading, you will be able to read Ephesians or Romans, as they are letters written by the Apostle Paul. Which, in addition to expressing the joy of living with Christ, serves as a great support in the Christian walk.


When should I read the book, Genesis?

The book of Genesis tells the story of the beginning of our planet’s trajectory.

For this very reason, it is not indicated to be the first book to be read, but by knowing a little more about the trajectory of Christ you will be able to read Genesis in its fullness.

If you’ve just started reading Genesis, that’s fine, however, be aware that it’s important that you read it again after reading a few books of the New Testament.

Should I skip any Bible Books?

Perhaps yes, there are some books that are interesting for the new convert or new Christian to skip at the beginning of their reading. Such as Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers.

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So if you can avoid the anxiety of reading the entire Old Testament right off the bat, avoid these books.

Simple and practical tips on How to read the Bible in the correct order:

Once you know exactly how to read the bible in the correct order, you will certainly be driven to put this learning into practice.

However, you should know that reading the bible is not so simple, being a little different when compared to reading a conventional book, for example.

In this way, for you to be able to read from beginning to end, and be able to get a good reflection and learning of what is being read, you need to be aware of some things.

However, do you know what these things are? Do you know which step to take after learning where to start and end in biblical reading?

So that you can stay on top of all this, we will mention below some simple tips that will help you put into practice everything that has been learned about reading the Word.


When starting and finishing the Bible Reading: Pray!

It’s no use knowing the correct way to start reading the bible, reading it, and not putting into practice what is written. And this is where the importance of prayer comes in!

In prayer, you can ask the Holy Spirit to help you live what was mentioned in that reading, and he will guide you to the Truth (which is a person: Jesus).

The more you pray, the closer you will be to God, the more your reading will be productive, and the more results it will bring.

Choose a bible that has tools that facilitate understanding

Even following the order of the correct books, and doing a thorough reading, this being your first contact with the Holy Bible, it may be difficult to understand some passages.

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There may be specific words and even phrases that you may not understand correctly because the bible was written in Hebrew and Greek, and the translation of many words can be difficult to understand.

Therefore, the best thing for you who are having this first contact is to look for bibles that have tools that facilitate your understanding.

A great option is the bible with comments, where each chapter has specific comments about the message being transmitted and among other things.

In addition, opting for an updated version of the bible is a good option, since in updating, it is always seeking to bring the cleanest and most direct meaning to what is written in the books.


Read a little Every Day. Be Constant!

Do you know how you will create the habit of reading the bible? Simple, reading the same every day!

We are not saying that you need to read the bible for 2 to 3 hours of your day right away. This kind of thing can hurt your reading, making it something tiring, and making it difficult for you to form a habit.

Start reading slowly, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, but make it a daily and constant habit! This will get you used to that reading until it becomes something essential during your day.

Once you’ve figured out how to read the bible in chronological order, and followed the steps for the best results, what are you waiting for? Start now! May God bless you greatly.