Purpose Of Your Existence

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You are created for a purpose but the big question is, do you know the Purpose Of Your Existence?

Man did not initiate his existence, so he cannot direct his life.
Purpose Of Your Existence
Purpose Of Your Existence

Purpose of existence has become the most common questions as lots of persons are obviously wants to know the reason why they’re created.

God speaking in the book of Isaiah 43:21“This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise.”
For a man to be fully dedicated and serve God faithfully, it is important for him to know the purpose of his existence.
We are on earth to fulfill these two major purposes:

1. Man was created to share the character and likeness of God and to function as the extension of God’s authority over the earth.

2. Man was created to give God pleasure through worship and communion.

Also take note of these three key thought concerning your existence:

1. We did not bring ourselves into the world so we cannot live as we want.
Man did not initiate his existence, so he can not direct his life.

2. Any future without God is a future without good, both in this world and the hereafter.

To progress with out God is to hurry into irrecoverable and irreversible destruction.
In conclusion; Ensure that you serve God without distraction as authentic service to God is the reason for your existence.