3 Wonderful Catholic Prayers for Mass

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These prayers for mass are to start the holy Eucharistic celebration. Prayers allow us to enter into a time of joy and gratitude, allowing us to enjoy the Word of God even more.

The rosary can be prayed before the mass begins, it is an approved custom, since the best moment for God is prayer, being able to pray before or after mass, in the same way, the important thing is to know and have good communication with our Creator who gives us everything.

3 Wonderful Catholic prayers that we must do before witnessing the mass.

By praying we can achieve the wonders that we never lack from the hand of our Father, it is vital not to lose communication with God, so that we are always closer to him, so we will know that he will never abandon us.

Here are 3 powerful prayers for before mass, we hope you like them!

Prayer #1

Oh Lord Jesus Christ, I recognize that I am a sinner, I may not be able to boast of my achievements, but I can boast of your love and kindness. Therefore, I ask you to bring me into your presence so that I can be cleansed of my sins. For I have my body and my soul stained by sins that I have kept within me.

Kind God, in distress I come to you because only you can save me, only you can grant what my soul needs. You know my weaknesses, my wounds, and my ailments. Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you never to take your merciful eyes away from me. Help me to remember your great love and your faithfulness that are upon me despite being a sinner, amen.

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Prayer #2

My God, you are majestic and you always hear our prayers, on this day we ask you to illuminate our lives with the grace of the Holy Spirit. That we may serve you with dignity and love you with true charity. You know what is in every heart, therefore you know our weaknesses.

O God, purify me and fill me with your Holy Spirit so that we may be perfected and our praises may come to you with a sweet smell. Burn with the fire of your Spirit everything that you do not like, that our understanding be renewed through him to know the truth of your word.

Prayer #3

How pleasant are your ways Lord of hosts, my soul feels at ease when I am in your presence. You are for me the greatest delight, my flesh and my heart yearn day and night for the living God. My God, blessed are those who have known you and have the privilege of praising you.

Blessed are those who find refuge in you because you turn the storm into calm. All those who cross dark valleys you turn into an oasis. As if the early rain covered them with blessings; Those who walk with you will always see your glory shine, because they have trusted you.

You are great my Lord, you don’t get tired of showing your wonders, that’s why it makes us happy to praise your holy name. Thank you for being so understanding with your children and always giving us your protection. Do not forsake those who have trusted you. Blessed be the name of the Lord, amen.

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Why should we pray before witnessing the holy mass?

Being believers as Catholics, God teaches us to pray, it is knowing how to meet with our God, in order to know his word as his teachings that are reflected in the main weapon such as the Bible.

We must know that we have several ways to have a good relationship with our Father through Catholic prayer before mass. We should not make repetitive prayers that become monotonous, talking with God is like doing it as if we were with a best friend, starting a conversation in the best way, this is the way of communication with our God, so you will know for sure which ones are our priorities that we are presenting.