10 powerful prayers for good luck and fortune

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In a world where we are constantly surrounded by negativity and struggle, there are still things that can help us find our luck and fortune. In this article, you will find 10 powerful prayers for good luck.

At some point in your life, have you felt that things are not going your way and that your plans are affected? If so, you may find yourself going through a time when luck is not on your side. But you have to know that it is possible to ask the Lord to help you in those moments and things begin to take a better course.

What should be taken into account when praying for good luck?

The most essential thing when raising your voice to heaven and asking the Creator is that you believe in each of the words you pronounce. Having faith and confidence that things are going to change is of vital importance for the outlook to improve. Likewise, we must ask God to help us know how to face all those moments in which we feel downcast and discouraged.

So, before beginning to perform the prayers that we bring for you, it is prudent that you find a peaceful place. In this way, you will be able to focus all your attention on prayer and you will see how in a few days, bad luck will leave your side to make way for all the blessings that God has in store for your life.

10 short prayers for good luck and fortune

In this section, we bring you 10 beautiful prayers that are focused on particular cases. Therefore, you have a wide list to choose the one that best suits the difficult moment you are going through. Likewise, it is valid to point out that you have to do them with great humility and with the best wishes of your heart.

short prayer for strength during difficult times

1. Prayer for good luck in business

Holy and Merciful God, on this day, I find myself on my knees before Your Holy presence to help me make my business prosper. I need you to grant me all the good luck so that my projects run as successfully as possible. As well as so that I can increase my client portfolio and all things go well for me.

I have been going through moments of uncertainty because I have had difficulties when making plans. That is why I strongly cry out to You, requesting your heavenly help to help me make the best decisions so that luck will always accompany my business. I love you and bless you forever, my Lord. Amen.

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2. Prayer to ask for good luck in love

Praise be to you, my Lord Jesus, you are my faithful friend and companion and I know that you never forsake any of my steps. On this occasion, I find myself prostrate before You so that you will allow true love to enter my life. I am willing to be a correct and good person and I want to share with someone all the joy and happiness.

Help me to have very good luck in finding love, as well as for the people around me, whom I appreciate very much, to always accompany me on the path. I wish that Your love will always be present in my heart, Jesus. Guide me all the time through your paths of peace and make me be the best version of myself every day. Amen.

3. Prayer for good luck in your studies

Oh, my Beloved God, I want to ask you with all my heart, to send me your help to have good luck in my academic training. I have had some difficulties when it comes to understanding some subjects and that is why I want you to fill my mind with all the wisdom and understanding.

Make it possible for me to pass all my subjects and may I have the best of luck in things going in the right direction. I want to always walk according to your most holy will and I want to always obey you. Because you are faithful and good, my Lord. You always take care of me and bless me, so I am eternally grateful, never give up my walk. Amen.

4. Prayer for good luck when looking for a job

Almighty and Merciful Father God, on this beautiful morning, I raise my prayers and supplications before You. Good luck has not been with me in my search for a job that helps me support my loved ones. So, I ask you to come to my aid and make financial stability come into my life.

That job offers are never scarce and that they call me soon to start performing in the best way in a good position. Give me your help and make me finally find the daily sustenance that I need so much. I trust fully in your goodness and in your infinite Mercy. Amen.

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5. Prayer for good luck and abundance

Lord Jesus Christ, I love you and I bless you, you are good and you are always by my side along the way. I ask you with great humility, that abundance will always be present in my life, in my work and in the food on my table. In this way, I ask to be able to help my family and all the needy people around me.

Help me that good luck will always be present in all areas of my life, so that I may be successful and blessed. I know that You will do everything possible so that I can take the right direction and all my goals are fully met. In you I trust, Lord Jesus, from your hand, all things are possible and that is why I will never tire of praising you and coming to you in all the moments of my life. Amen.

6. Prayer for good luck in a business

Now that I have decided to start a new stage, I ask you, my God, that you will be always present in it. May all opportunities be for the best, and may they manifest in my life so that good luck always accompanies all my steps.

Beloved God, to You I entrust all my plans and my future. To You, I deliver all my goals, my projects and my dreams. As well as, all my hopes; because I am aware that only You want the absolute good for me. Without envy and without evil involved, that’s why I love you so much and I beg you to never abandon me along the way. Bless this new venture to achieve success by your hand and under your divine guidance. Amen.

7. Prayer for good luck at home

I ask you, Merciful God, to take away all the bad energies and innocuous spirits that want to enter my home and harm my family. I need peace, love, and happiness to always reign in my home. May good luck always be in our favour and may this be reflected in all the projects we propose.

Grant us your infinite protection so that it always covers my house and my relatives and protects us from all the evil that is out there. May your angels of light always guard my home and may good and abundance never be far from us.

I want to fervently ask you that your presence always dwell in my house and that my heart be worthy to serve you. I love you infinitely Merciful Father. Amen.

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8. Prayer for good luck in everything

Heavenly Father, my humble heart, I implore you to end this run of bad luck I’m going through. I beg you to remove all the negative feelings from my life and those bad energies that want to overwhelm me. Only You, with your immense love and power, can help me get ahead.

That is why I beg you on this day, that good luck is always on my side, in all areas of my existence. May health, abundance, blessings and success always surround me and may your beautiful light never depart from me. Lead me on the path of prosperity so that I can always serve you and spread your word of eternal life. Amen.

9. Prayer to ask for the good luck of others

Lord of heaven, I come to You today to beg you to help people who are going through a difficult time. May good luck be with them and may they get all the abundance and protection from your hand. I ask that you grant them all the necessary strength to get out of the painful situation they are facing and that their lives be illuminated by your beautiful light.

You are great and Merciful, my God, that is why I am sure that you will always help us to be victorious in all the battles that we must face. Amen.


10. Prayer for good luck and prosperity

God the Almighty Father, I am very grateful for the work I have done and for the good things that have come my way. I ask you from my heart, that everything continues to go very well and that I may have prosperity in all my businesses. May abundance and your blessings always be present in my projects and in my plans.

Expand my mind to always have the intelligence and wisdom to solve the problems that come my way. I ask that there are always good ideas to place the best goals that allow me to be prosperous. Amen.