10 Signs of the end of the world in the bible

10 Signs of the end of the world in the bible

what are the signs of the end of the world, if this is your query, this article will reveal 10 signs of the end time to you below. We live in a finite world; the Bible speaks of the end of it and details the signs that will precede it. God exhorts us in his word to … Read more

60 difficult bible questions for young people

Verses On Spiritual Growth

A selection of quizzes with difficult bible questions on various topics from the Bible. Each question has three different answer options but only one is correct. Use these good questions to play Bible games in youth society programs. 60 difficult bible questions for young people Here you will find 60 Bible questions with a high … Read more

20 Great Men of the Bible: Prayerful man in the bible

Great Men of the Bible

Today you will meet great men of the Bible who left us great teachings, some were faithful to God, others approached Him, but all are protagonists of biblical passages. The Bible puts us in front of kings, preachers, soldiers, and prophets who left us an example of how to love God and obey at all … Read more

9 Great Women of the Bible You Didn’t Know

Women of the Bible

From the great women of the Bible, you will be able to take valuable advice of faith that will mark your life completely. In a world dominated by men, this group of women managed to stand out and demonstrate that God does not distinguish gender to be an instrument of the fulfillment of his Word. … Read more

Words to comfort someone who lost a loved one

Words to comfort someone who lost a loved one

Despite knowing that death is part of life, it is difficult to accept that we will no longer see a loved one, how to comfort someone who lost a loved one is one of the questions that haunt the minds of those who are in mourning. The death of a loved one greatly affects those … Read more

How to pray for someone you love

How to pray for someone you love

Does making a prayer seem complicated to you? The truth is that it is not, talking to God is easier than it seems and if you need advice to pray for the people you love, in this article, you will find the guide. Prayer has the power to calm, heal, and everything that faith allows you to … Read more

What Does Guard Your Heart Mean?

Signs of True Repentance

Above all things guarded, guard your heart, because everything you do flows from it. Keep your mouth free from perversity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips. Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly in front of you. Think carefully about the paths of your feet and be firm in all your ways, these … Read more

How to listen to the voice of God

How to listen to the voice of God

There are stories in the Bible that tell us that in ancient times, God spoke audibly to people; however, this practice appears to have drastically decreased over time. This does not mean that God has stopped communicating, but that he uses other ways. Today we can still hear the voice of God; and in the Bible, we find … Read more

45 Verses of Encouragement and Strength

bible verse for encouragement

These verses of encouragement will help you to face the challenges of life. Life presents us with challenges on a daily basis and sometimes it is difficult to remain encouraged, with the desire to move forward and fight until the obstacle is overcome. How good to know that we can find words of encouragement in the … Read more