15 Effective Prayers for depression and loneliness

Prayers for depression

Why do we need Prayers for depression and loneliness as Christians? Millions of people suffer from depression worldwide. This illness, which can take several forms, does not spare Christians who rarely dare to speak about it, for fear of judgment. If you are in this situation and are looking to get out of it, here are … Read more

9 Types of christian fasting mentioned in the Bible

Types of christian fasting

For Christians, fasting is more than just abstaining from food. It is a time of sacrifice and setting apart, which allows the believer to come closer to God. The word “fasting” comes from the Hebrew word “Tswm” which means “to cover” the mouth, or from the Greek word “nestuo”, which means “to abstain”. In a spiritual context, it … Read more

30 Giving thanks to God for everything bible verse

Giving thanks to God

Giving thanks to God is scriptural and beneficial, on this article are bible verses about being thankful for the little things and everything. Thanksgiving is all that one does, said in gratitude for a favor (or a grace) that one has received from God. Thanksgiving comes from the ability to recognize, to discern what God has done for us. … Read more

18 Benefits of Being Grateful to God for Everything

Benefits of Being Grateful to God

The process of being grateful is restorative. It’s free, you can start applying it right now and it will transform your life forever. we’ve gathered some of the benefits of gratitude in the bible in this article. The secret to living MORE with God, overcoming the negative emotions that often keep us from being happy, and … Read more

10 Scariest Bible Verses About Hell

Verses About Hell

Do you remember the last time you heard the word hell in a sermon? Many of us will probably say that we don’t even know if we’ve ever heard that word in the church because many of God’s people are ashamed of His Word and therefore don’t preach “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). … Read more

What is Faith in God according to the Bible

What is faith according to the Bible?

Faith is a very relevant topic in both the Old and New Testaments. This Bible Study will help you understand more about what Faith means in the Bible. The Bible defines faith as the complete assurance that we will obtain something that we cannot even see. The children of God wait with confidence and peace … Read more