How to pray for someone you love

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Does making a prayer seem complicated to you? The truth is that it is not, talking to God is easier than it seems and if you need the advice to pray for the people you love, in this article, you will find the guide.

Prayer has the power to calm, heal, and everything that faith allows you to believe; talking to God is one of the most beautiful ways to connect with Him; but what should you say to him in a sentence? how to pray for your loved ones, and How to express your regrets? Don’t be so overwhelmed…

What is prayer?

One of the ways to bring our lives closer to God is through prayer, it is powerful, and healing, and will help us find calm in difficult moments where we feel that we are completely alone.

Despite knowing what it means to pray, sometimes we have no idea how to address God, we can even doubt if he will really attend to our concerns, have you felt this way?

Prayer means to have respect, love, and faith towards God; By doing so, we express our feelings and surrender ourselves to the will of the Creator in the face of any situation we are going through.

Can I talk to God and listen to him?

Of course yes. Thousands of people have had prayer experiences over the centuries (you can check out the Old Testament stories ). In any place and time, God looks for each person, and they can maintain a real dialogue with Him.

How to listen to the Lord? Very simple. We must learn to perceive his presence in our lives constantly, and let him enter our home through prayer. Do you really make room for God in your life? Do you stop to dialogue with Him?

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As children, our parents may have taught us how to maintain a dialogue with God; But, as young people or adults have we continued doing it? It is very important to start and end the day with the company of God, He listens to us and is with us at all times, even if we cannot see him.

God places in each of us the desire to seek him to share with him our day-to-day. We are all called to communicate with God, why don’t we do it?

If you have forgotten how to start a dialogue with God or you don’t know what to say to him in your prayers, here are some guides to pray for the people you love, because yes, the family is our pillar and God must be the center of that great love…

prayers for my son

Ways for praying for the people you love

Sometimes, when raising a prayer we do not know how to start, or what to say, we are ashamed to approach God after sin, but remember that He will always be waiting for us ready to listen to us.

To raise your prayer you must show respect, love, and faith to God; engaging in a sincere dialogue with Him, in that intimate encounter you could start by:

give thanks for what he has given you

Praying is not synonymous with “asking.” Sometimes you may think that you have not reached any goal in life, that you are not happy, that “you have nothing”; but… have you thought about your family? in your health? at work? Give thanks to God for what little you have, that’s what it’s all about.

God has a perfect plan for you, he is directing your path towards what will really make you happy, thank him for life, health, and family, without that you couldn’t move on, right?

Every day is a new opportunity to start with more enthusiasm, to continue fighting for your dreams with God’s blessing while enjoying the love that surrounds you.

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offer what you have

When you raise your prayer, you can also think about what you have to offer God: your effort in study or work, your sorrows, and sufferings to unite them with His…

Thinking about what to offer to God will help you strengthen your dedication to others and your neighbor. Remember that God is everywhere, offering what little you have to those who need it most will bring you peace and fill your heart with joy.

Divine inspirations and prayers

Talk about your expectations and concerns

Have confidence in God, tell him your plans, projects, desires, doubts, fears… If something worries you, ask him for help and the necessary strength to face the obstacles that come along the way.

Prayer is a starting point to increase your friendship with God, ask him for protection for you and the people you love, and offer him your life in every difficult moment, but be careful, that prayer is not a monologue…

From time to time, ask God a question, wait a few seconds and feel His presence in your heart, and think for a moment what He would tell you if He were physical with you.

Acknowledge God’s will in your life

God knows what is good for us, every time you think that something has gone wrong for you, ask God: did you not want this to happen? “I will respect your will”, have I not succeeded no matter how hard I tried? “It is your will, help me to continue working on myself until I enter the path you have prepared for me”…

That’s what it’s about, not everything bad that you think happens in your life, is like that. God has perfect plans for you, do you find yourself in difficult situations right now? Trust in God. He knows well what he does, even if you don’t understand it now, one day everything will make sense and you will find the happiness that He has promised you.

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No father wants evil for his children, the same happens with God, He suffers with us, celebrates our successes, fears that we make mistakes, takes care of us, and everything, absolutely everything that happens in our lives, is His Will. Have faith.

Don’t lose faith

As much as you feel that the doors are closing in your life, God is working so that all the windows open in your path, do not lose faith. Do not recriminate God, leave your sorrows and ask him to continue giving you the strength to get ahead, He doesn’t want you to give up, He is preparing something great for you, are you ready to receive it in your life?

One day someone told me this powerful word that I use constantly in my prayers, in difficult situations, or when fear appears to test my strength:

“Be brave, powerful forces will come to your aid .

I assure you that that powerful force, for me, is God. His hand is present in every step I take, I trust Him, and I have entrusted my goals and failures. He knows when everything will start to be in his place. I have faith, and you?