10 Prayer for Confession Before and After Communion

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Prayer for Confession Before and After Communion

To find the best formula to help you confess properly, there is nothing better than a powerful prayer that shows your repentance and that ideal faith; always have in your heart.

Do not let inexperience overshadow your walk. Try the prayer for my first confession, whether as children or adults and be part of that difference.

How to make a Catholic confession?

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prayer to confess at home

Catholic rituals are straightforward as far as confession is concerned. It is enough for the person to examine conscience previously. This means a review of all their sins and actions, previously guided by the commandments.

After carrying out this test, it is convenient to have the calculation of when was the last confession, since the father will refer to it. Likewise, it is possible afterward to have to start his confession.

Prayers such as ” I confess ” are ideal to initiate confession and coupled with it to prepare spiritually.

Prayer for Communion without Confession

Suppose you need to receive Communion imminently but have not confessed. In that case, nothing will be better than this prayer for situations where we do not have the opportunity to make the traditional confession.

Heavenly Father,
Who illuminates my path,
Who knows my words and actions,
Who is a witness of my life,
Absolve every one of my sins
Of my mistakes, of my falls,
I ask your forgiveness for them,
Purify my soul completely,
And help me to be part of your love,
To get your spirit,
your body and your blessings in this Communion,
Oh, father, fill me with your deep mercy,
And fill each of my steps with your essence,
which is eternal life,

Prayer before you go to confession

If you want to use prayer before confessing, these lines will help you prepare for when you advance with the father and address your confession to him.

Jesus Christ,
Lamb of God,
You who take away the sin of the world,
Who honor us with your presence,
With that palpable,
And endless love,
Help me, give me your advice,
With that feeling of well-being,
And that when I am confessing,
Feel my soul calm,
Full of tranquility,
Of that enveloping peace,
That only you could transmit,
I repeat it, sir,


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Prayer before Confession for Children

Prayer at an early age can teach your little one and embark him on the path to the father’s glory, also for the first confession. It is ideal as a support and guide.

Lord of heaven,
Who gives us life,
Who fills all our days,
And give us your breath,
Help me in this process,
In this growth,
Prepare and dispose of my heart,
For the moment of my first confession,
For when The time has come to receive you, to receive
communion, to
be part of you,
And of your mercy,
That floods my soul,
And my being,

Prayer for the Catholic confession

If you want to achieve the glory of the redeemer, this invocation will bring you closer to his power, his history, and above all, to that infinite love he has for his children, do not miss the opportunity to take the next step.

Heart of love,
Of hope and faith,
Growth of many,
And palpable hope,
Give me your light in the process,
Of that intangible aura that is your mercy,
Your filial love,
And your divine existence,
Let me follow your example,
Be your model of loyalty and service,
Purify my soul,
To be able to receive you,
And take one more step towards you,
Towards your redemption,

Prayer to confess for the first time

If you are about to process your Communion for the first time, these quick lines will pave the way for your meeting with the father of mercy; prepare to move towards your faith.


Heavenly Father,
Today for the first time I receive you,
Today I wait for you with your love,
And I take a step towards glory,
May this Communion have a meaning,
A path to your heart,
May I see my mistakes,
And have the opportunity to correct them,
To make a difference,
Because it is at that point,
At that moment,
Where we meet,
With your infinite grace,
And your unparalleled help,

Prayer to confess before God

The most important thing in a confession prayer is to have that opportunity to meet the Holy Father spiritually and, above all, to have the necessary repentance to achieve his favor.

Holy, Holy!
I call you!
I invoke and venerate you,
Examine my conscience and my actions,
My words and my attitudes,
To honestly determine my sins,
The lies, jealousy, greed,
Everything that represents moving away from your path,
From that incomparable love,
But, above all things,
Give me that forgiveness that I ask so much of you,
Allow me to be able to receive Communion, To be
able to continue at your feet,
Aspirating your grace,

Prayer to confess at home

Do not limit yourself to thinking that an invocation should only be carried out in a necessary way in a church or before a parish priest, if you feel that you need to get closer to God, to listen to you and to absolve you, you can do it from your home.

Son of men,
Force that stands tall,
Like a rugged rock,
You have defeated demons,
And you remain at the right hand of the father,
Give me your help,
In this day of crisis and pain,
So that I can rediscover my calm,
My desire to continue, to
breathe, to smile,
Absolve each of my sins,
Forgive me for those stumbles,
For falling and sometimes forgetting you,
Cleanse my soul and renew my faith,

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Prayer to the Holy Spirit to confess

Remember that you are not alone and that on many occasions, the presence of the life-giving father is around us transformed into the holy spirit; take advantage of this face to focus your prayer on him.

Spirit of God,
That you are here,
Reflected in the wind that I breathe,
In my smile every day,
Even in those difficult days,
Where the road becomes opaque,
It becomes difficult and distant,
Give me that strength of yours,
By which you are so recognized,
Transform my life,
Renew it of conviction,
Of certainty of faith,
And of incalculable longing,
For the moment of confessing,

Prayer of confession and repentance before God

The most important thing when we are praying is to have repentance in our hearts so that when we pray, each word is sincere, each request for absolution is the one we want to obtain.

Sacred Virgin,
Example of life,
Of maternity decade,
Of fidelity to the creative father,
Of constant love,
Of sacrifice,
Give me the repentance that I require,
May I reach that glory of our Lord,
With love, with respect, with kindness,
With a desire for emergence,
For absolution,
So that my sins are forgiven,
And I can continue,
Living under the love of God,

Prayer at the beginning of a confession

If you are about to start your prayer, you can also go to the souls whose power will surround you and help you with this short prayer, ideal for you who want to start your purifying process.

Guardian angels,
Who guide those who are here,
On earth,
Under the disposition of the Lord,
Give me the right words,
When I address God,
To call out his name,
To feel his presence,
In this moment that I will begin,
What will I give my first words of confession,
I ask you to free me to see my mistakes, To
assume them with fear of you,
And above all,
To wish to change, evolve, forgive,

Each of these prayers is ideal if you are about to receive Communion either for the first time or repeatedly, help your spirit free itself from those sins that cause you so much harm and harass you.

Know the power and meaning of words full of love, mercy, and above all complete repentance.

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