Our “ego” is like a command center that sends out countless signals and prompts us to act. The signals and actions that emanate from this command center are all aimed at making us take care of ourselves, spare our egos, receive honor and favor, and enhance ourselves at the expense of others. It is the desire of the flesh, which has endless demands and expectations. We can usually control our flesh to some extent – at least when the impulses of the flesh are not benefiting our ego. Most of the time, however, our human nature is subject to the forces of the flesh. So when the negative characteristics that we have inherited for generations arise, people often say, “We are just men. ”

However, Paul wrote that by walking in the Spirit, you no longer need to fulfill these desires. You think and act differently from other people in various life situations.

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Walk in the Spirit!

When you walk, you move forward. You go from point A to point B. In order to walk in the Spirit, you must first receive the Spirit. The Spirit we’re talking about here is the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is a real force – as real as a crane lifting a container off a ship and setting it on a dock.
If you receive this power in your life, a new day begins; it is the beginning of an extremely interesting chapter in your life.

Most people who receive this Spirit would rather surrender to their feelings and indulge themselves like a child who just wants to play. But the Holy Spirit is not a toy. It is a help for those who want results in their Christian life. The Holy Spirit has all the good qualities you can imagine. He gives us the power to carry the heaviest loads and endure adversities. It is also a guide. He knows the path that Jesus opened when He was on earth – the path that allows you to escape all that is bad and negative, and connects you with all that blesses and that brings something positive. to your neighbor and fills you with joy and peace. You become perfectly happy and those around you notice it.

The Spirit wants to remind us of everything and give us strength

In life, We all face adversities. Who hasn’t felt that “what is happening to me now is tragic and it doesn’t make sense”
You lost your mobile phone or your money, or maybe a good friend. Maybe someone at work spoke behind your back.
You applied for a good job but didn’t get it. There are a lot of examples.

What happens when you walk in the Spirit?

Jesus said the Spirit reminds us of everything He has told us. (John 14, 26) Read for example in Matthew 6, 34: “Do not worry about tomorrow. Worrying is more than organizing the schedule for the day; anxiety oppresses us; it steals our energy and our joy.

The Spirit also reminds us of what Peter wrote: “and unload all your worries upon him, for he himself takes care of you.”
1 Peter 5, 7. When you walk in the Spirit, these words go directly into your heart and your mind and become solid pillars which make you say” no “to all the thoughts which arise and which want to provoke. anxiety.
The Spirit gives you the strength for this, just like a crane lifting tons of goods from a ship and depositing them on the dock.


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A walk in obedience

Walking in the Spirit means being obedient to the Spirit – the laws and commandments the Spirit reminds you of when temptations come.
Being tempted is not the same as sinning, but when you are in temptation, you need to make a decision.
When someone says something bad or rude to you, everyone knows what kinds of temptations present themselves: you feel like responding or taking revenge in some way. If you do, you are breaking the commandments of God.
You are committing a sin. But what does the Holy Spirit say?
Do not let yourself be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. If you walk in this Spirit, you have victory in temptation. You resolve the situation in a positive way, and that gives you joy instead of triggering a destructive “domino effect”.

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The fruits of the walk

When you walk in the Spirit, something amazing happens. What the Bible calls “the fruits of the Spirit” begin to unfold in your life – peace, joy, love, faithfulness and kindness, and so on. Galatians 5:22. You who were restless, anxious, and often unhappy, now receive a healthier outlook on life. You become stable and you become able to create peace around you. You become happy, and it becomes a natural part of your life. You are no longer jealous of others. Love frees your thoughts from the endless demands of your ego and instead, you think about others and what could be good for them. Loyalty becomes part of your personality. You become a reliable person in everything you say and do. You are becoming a new person. It is no longer fair to say: “We are just men. Something completely new is born in your life and you think and act differently than before. It makes you a winner. All of these qualities develop as you walk in the Spirit, and you are heading towards the sunny side of life.

It is the life that Jesus lived on earth and in which you can have a part by being one of his disciples. Walking in the Spirit takes exercise. There can sometimes be small mishaps, especially at the beginning of your Christian life, but you should not be discouraged or think that it is of no use. In one translation, the Spirit is also called the “Comforter”, “the one who gives courage”. He comforts us and gives us more confidence and renews our courage when we need it. The Spirit accompanies us on our walk and gives us the food we need when we need it when we love the truth.

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In 2 Timothy 1: 7 it is written: “For it is not a spirit of timidity that God has given us, but a spirit of strength, love, and wisdom.
Walk in this Spirit and you will have a successful life. It is not philosophy or theory.

There are many people living in our time who have experienced these things, and those around them can confirm that to be true. Just being a self-styled believer, being a member of a church, or joining a religion or religious group will not solve your problems. It is walking in the Spirit that resolves your inner conflicts as well as any conflicts you may have with others. There is no better life and no better challenge.