What Are The Gifts And Fruits Of The Holy Spirit?

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The gifts and fruits of the holy spirit are the skills that have been given to man so that he can function as exemplary citizens in daily life and be pleasing to God, achieving his praise and mercy. The gifts are the powers or dispositions that each man has received and allow him to act under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, that is, to follow in his footsteps under full confidence and without any type of restriction.

On the other hand, the fruits are all those gifts that each person receives, perfecting their soul so that they act and think according to the wishes of God and are worthy of obtaining mercy and eternal glory. For Christians, it is important to identify the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit in order to develop them and keep them present in their daily lives, seeking to act according to God’s wishes through the action of his Spirit to achieve his grace and your favours.

What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?gifts and fruits of the holy spirit

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are all those extraordinary practices that man has at his disposal to naturally and effectively fulfil the desires and inspirations given by the Holy Spirit, this to govern the life of each person according to the objectives or purposes of God.

According to the Holy Scriptures, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are 7, which are the gift of wisdom, the gift of understanding or intelligence, the gift of advice, the gift of strength, the gift of knowledge, the gift of piety and the gift of fear of God, being interconnected with each other and present in all men (Isaiah 11, 1-2).

What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

  1. The gift of Wisdom: is the one that allows each man to appreciate the things in his environment and value them since they recognize that they are divine works of God. With this gift, the soul of each person connects with the divine knowledge of the Father, becoming familiar with and experiencing new things to be enlightened with the Spirit of God.
  2. The gift of Intelligence or Understanding: is what allows each man to approach God through the contemplation of his works. It makes it easier for each person to understand the truths of God and deepen them to know and understand them thoroughly.
  3. The gift of Advice: is the one that allows man to act correctly according to God’s decisions, having the ability to advise other people according to the divine will. This gift illuminates the conscience of people to make wise decisions and differentiate bad things from good things to reject everything that opposes the salvation of the soul.
  4. The gift of Strength: it is the supernatural strength that is granted to man to persevere, not give up in the face of adversity and overcome every obstacle and evil act that occurs on a daily basis.
  5. The gift of Science: is the one that illuminates each man with the light of Christianity to sustain his belief in God, giving him access to the knowledge of his creator, as well as identifying all those good and bad things present in the environment that can interfere with the Salvation.
  6. The gift of Piety: is the one that allows man to be merciful, avoiding coldness in their hearts through the warmth provided by faith poured out on the soul by the work of the Holy Spirit. This gift seeks to improve the relationship with others, eliminating all feelings of tension that can affect forgiveness, understanding, tolerance and nobility of heart.
  7. The gift of Fear: is the one that promotes the salvation of men from sin and pride, recognizing the importance of God’s grace in the life of each man, as well as his mercy. It is the fear or remorse for failing or offending God and the consequences of his punishment for actions that attempt against him.
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What are the fruits of the Holy Spirit?

The fruits of the Holy Spirit are all those divine gifts given to man to fill him with perfection, giving him the opportunity to enjoy eternal glory and be able to praise God on his throne thanks to his actions on earth.

According to the Holy Scriptures, the fruits of the Holy Spirit are 12, which are charity, joy, peace, patience, long-suffering, goodness, kindness, meekness, fidelity, modesty, continence and continence. chastity, being perceived throughout life after obtaining the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:23-23).

What are the fruits of the Holy Spirit?

    1. Fruit of Charity: it is the one that allows each man to see the grace of God on other people, leading him to help them selflessly, even though it represents a personal sacrifice.
    2. Fruit of Joy: it is the one that shines the soul of each man, filling him with love and motivation to be happy and seek to transmit that feeling to other people. This fruit drives men to be pleasant in their surroundings, improving communication with others and with God.
    3. Fruit of Peace: it is the one that provides serenity to men, helping them to remain calm in adverse moments that can alter happiness or disturb the soul of the person, filling it with joy and firmness at all times.
    4. Fruit of Patience: it is the one that allows men to maintain and control their mood and character, moderating sadness and avoiding feelings of resentment or revenge that may be generated in the face of adverse circumstances. This fruit promotes interpersonal relationships and fosters a sense of perseverance in men, avoiding complaining about present adversities and generating motivation to fight for what they so desire.
    5. Fruit of Long-suffering: it is the one that allows men to remain serene in the face of adversities presented in life, avoiding complaining about problems and accepting them as a test to continue and preserve in life. This fruit promotes the courage of each man in the face of suffering or problems, giving him the ability to remain calm and wait for God’s mercy.
    6. Fruit of Benignity: it is the one that promotes patience and kindness in men, avoiding meaningless discussions that can affect interpersonal relationships. This fruit gives men the ability to communicate and debate ideas wisely, without offending or attacking others, since it fosters tolerance and kindness, leaving aside all rancour or resentment.
    7. Fruit of Kindness: it is the one that drives a man to help others and involve them in good actions to improve their lives, avoiding condemning or criticizing people for their actions, whether they are good or not. It is considered the result of kindness but with a greater emphasis on those who need help to save their soul or go through bad times.
    8. Fruit of Meekness: it is the one that promotes submission and humility, helping to avoid or moderate violent actions and anger. This fruit opposes feelings of hatred, resentment or anger, helping to avoid vengeful thoughts or evil wishes against another person.
    9. Fruit of Faith or Fidelity: it is the one that gives him the impulse to defend his beliefs in public without caring about other people’s comments because he does not feel ashamed of God nor is he afraid of presenting him as his saviour. This fruit helps improve faith and accept divine actions, holding on to them without doubting their truthfulness even if you cannot perceive them.
    10. Fruit of Modesty: it is the one that allows man to be discreet and evaluate his actions to avoid falling into sin or offending another person, avoiding indecent and vulgar thoughts or actions that can affect the soul and with this the relationship with God.
    11. Fruit of Temperance or Continence: it is the one that allows man to avoid all those actions of lust or earthly pleasure, such as eating, drinking and having fun in excess. This fruit helps keep man’s actions in order, without abusing the freedom to enjoy earthly pleasures that lead to lust.
    12. Fruit of Chastity: is the one that allows man to be chaste and maintain his purity in terms of sexuality and the earthly desires of the flesh and its derivatives. This fruit allows an intimate relationship with God, guaranteeing a clean heart by reflecting a living sanctuary of the Holy Spirit.
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The gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit are those gifts that man obtains throughout his life, filling him with perfection to obtain the pleasure of God and be worthy of eternal glory and obtain the grace of the Father.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are the abilities each person has and characterize them in their way of being, related in many cases to their achievements and earthly achievements that lead them to have the praise or admiration of the people around them for the wisdom or their training in certain areas.

On the other hand, the fruits of the Holy Spirit are more related to the relationship of each man with God and with his environment, being acquired throughout life but, unlike the gifts, they are not fully developed in all people.