Effective Prayers to Strengthen Faith And Hope in God

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As a child of God, Faith is neccesity to stand firm, here are Effective Prayers to Strengthen Faith And Hope in God

If you feel that you are about to falter, let it be the company of the father through a prayer that gives you strength to continue at all times, fill yourself with positivism and allow him to transform your life.

Trust in his eternal glory, but above all in Jesus so that he may through his word renew your faith and your conviction always.


Prayer to strengthen faith in God

The best way to strengthen our path to the creator is continuous invocations, if you want to feel his guidance in each difficult day, do not hesitate to put these lines into practice, dedicate a few minutes to your problems through this path.

My Lord,
Who lived and died for us,
Whose resurrection glory is our strength,
Our example,
I ask You to give me strength,
Strength for every situation,
For every difficult experience,
To resist every day,
To not let myself fall,
Neither Despair makes a dent in me,
Help me I ask,
Fill me with your constant love,
And with your infinite promises,
Which are life,

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Prayer to strengthen my faith

Keep positive thoughts full of optimism at all times in order to trust the power of prayers, show serenity when praying this invocation and you will see the result for yourself.

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ of trust,
Representation of faith,
And salvation of a whole people,
Strengthen my faith,
Every day and every night,
May your word be my cure,
And you breathe my peace,
May nothing be afraid,
Because you will always be there,
Giving me your constant push,
Help and succor,
In order not to fall,
I ask you,


Prayer to strengthen and increase faith

When constant prayers are kept, it is important to offer a candle before disposing of each prayer, as a sign of the light that we represent and that, in the same way, we need so much.

Virgin of Coromoto,
Mother of a whole nation,
Mother of the creator,
Giver of life and light,
You who are the sample of goodness,
Of strength and maternal love,
Do not allow my path to become opaque,
Or that fear makes me doubt ,
Invigorate my faith like a rock,
May it remain firm,
And that no evil can touch me,
Because under your blessings I will be,
Today, tomorrow and always,
I beg you a virgin,


Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel to strengthen faith

Trust one of the archangels most loved by the heavenly father, embrace him, expose him each of your sadness and what ails you the most and you will feel how your faith will strengthen every day a little more.

Saint Michael the Archangel,
Angel of strength and struggle!
Commander of armies,
And sword that chases demons,
And ends them,
I ask you to give me that authority,
That trust in God
That serenity in every impetuous path,
Allow me to be part of the miracle of the Lord,
To invigorate my faith,
And feel always his presence,
Through each day,
And at the end of each night,
I beg you,

Prayer to angels for faith and hope

Renew each of your promises with this invocation of hope, find that space in your home where you can connect with your guide and protection angels and dedicate these short lines with all your love.

Blessed angels!
Glory of the creator,
Align my path at all times,
So that it always remains at the right hand of the father,
According to his precepts,
According to his commandments,
May I maintain my life,
Cultivating hope in my heart,
And unshakeable faith,
That He alone is eternal life,
Immortal Love,
And heals all sins,
I ask him,
And I shout angels,

Prayer to Saint Raphael to make faith grow

To renew our path, we need to go hand in hand with a saint who gives us his story, his demonstration that when he is convinced there are no impossibilities, so that in those darkest days we can turn to him, as is Saint Raphael.

Saint Raphael of glory,
Whose history teaches us,
The incalculable faith and trust in God,
I implore you to give me your helping hand,
When doubt comes to me,
When darkness fills me,
And I get lost on the way,
Let me be part of your blessings,
And understand the teachings of the creator,
Not to doubt and always give thanks,
And stand up with strength,
Brave and willing to fight,
Because in his name there are no impossibilities,
I require it,

Prayer to the Holy Spirit for hope and faith

The holy spirit, being the third image of the sacred trinity represents hope, change and continuous faith, these three words make them your engine of life, accompany them with this prayer every night before going to sleep.

Holy Trinity,
Reflected in the father, son and holy spirit,
I speak to you, the lamb of God,
Warm wind of peace and tranquility,
Synonymous with surrender and calm,
Oh spirit of goodness!
Help me as soon as I demand you,
Listen and go to my words,
Which express all my regret,
Each of my fears,
Of my losses and my doubts,
Fill me with you always,
And may that be my greatest gain,

Prayer of strength and faith in difficult times

It is imperative in those moments where darkness and sadness surrounds us, we cling to an invocation that allows us to feel calm, relieve our sorrows and trust that the change we need will come.

Cross of the Nazarene,
To you, whom Christ carried,
You represent difficult circumstances,
Of pain, anguish and defeat,
Of sacrifices and sadness,
To you today I raise this prayer,
Because you are the sample of strength,
Of the faith of the son of the father,
Let me know how to bear my dilemmas,
Do not give myself to despair,
Nor allow rage to flood my heart,
Because that is where the highest resides,
In my body and soul,
So be it,

Renew and invigorate your faith with each of these prayers to strengthen your belief in the creator father, in his goodness and in all that he can do for you, leave your heart and soul in each word and the answer will be immediate.

When we believe that all doors have been closed, you will always be surprised to discover that the one to pray is still there, waiting for you.


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