Bible characters who praised God in hard times – David

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The Bible or word of God is full of wonderful stories and life lessons whose purpose is to bring us closer to a living God who is a rewarder of those who seek him.

Among these stories, those of Grateful Men in the Bible stand out, helping us to know how we should be grateful to God and what we gain from it.

The Story of King David. 

Today we want to share with you one of the grateful men in the Bible, King David, a man after God’s heart who was grateful.

When we read that David was a king, anyone might think that it would be very easy for him to be grateful to God.

But, if we review David’s story in the Bible, we realize that becoming king for him was a difficult path to travel and that, however, God was with him in every part of his life.

How to Seek God With Your Whole Heart

The last of his brothers. 

David was the last of his brothers, in a large family where all were strong and courageous men of war, except him, who was a shepherd boy.

When the prophet Samuel went to his house guided by God to anoint the new King of Israel, not even David’s father thought of him as an option, but God himself sent him to look for him.


Persecuted for being anointed. 

Evidently, King Saul found out that David was anointed as king in his place, in addition to the fact that the people came to love David for being a brave man in battle, who constantly delivered them from the hands of their enemies.

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So King Saul took on the task of making David’s life impossible, persecuting him and trying to kill him, and although David had multiple opportunities to put an end to all that, he steadfastly refused to lay a finger on the king, firmly believing that the God who had anointed him would find a way to put him on the throne.

A somewhat messy life. 

Many years after being anointed, and after the death of King Saul in battle, David ascends to the throne, and there it becomes evident in the scriptures the disorders of David’s life and how he coldly orders Bathsheba’s husband to be killed. , whom he had already taken as a wife knowing that she was each.

For this, God rebukes David, through his prophet, and punishes him, however, David wholeheartedly turned to God who forgave him.


King David in the list of Grateful Men in the Bible. 

We can enjoy David’s grateful heart in the book of psalms, where this man inspired by God knew how to pour out his heart before the omnipotent God through the most beautiful words and poems.

However, in the book of Samuel, we find a passage, where it is evident that David’s state of gratitude went beyond what his words expressed, and far above his wife’s contempt, he would always praise God.

The bearers of the Ark had scarcely advanced six steps
when David sacrificed a bull and a fattened calf. 14 Dressed only
in a linen ephod, he began to dance before the LORD with great enthusiasm.
So amid cheers and to the sound of ram’s horns, David and all the people
of Israel carried the ark of the LORD.

It happened that, when the ark of the LORD entered the City of David, Michal
The daughter of Saul looked out of the window, and when she saw that King David was
Jumping and dancing before the LORD, she felt for him a deep contempt.
When David returned to bless her family, Michal, the daughter of Saul, came
out to meet him and reproached him:

— How distinguished the king of Israel has been seen today, undressing like a
Anyone in the presence of the slaves of his officials!
David replied:

— I did it in the presence of the LORD, who instead of choosing your father or
any other of his family, chose me and made me ruler of Israel,
which is the people of the LORD. So I will continue dancing in the presence of the
And I will lower myself even more until I completely humble myself.
However, those same slaves of whom you speak will honor me.

2 Samuel 6. 13-22