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Ted Elrick’s book Bamboozled by Jesus book is one with an outline and an organizational structure which makes it easy to follow along with the seven key elements.

The book has consistently received 5 stars for its ability in tackling controversial subjects with a degree of respect and impartiality that the reader would not expect in this kind of book.

I’m not certain where to begin this review. I’ve read a few books which left me feeling cold and empty and a shell of who I used to be However, none of them have made me feel as if someone had reached into my chest, grasped my heart and squeezed until my life had been squeezed out like this one did. I believe it could have something to be related to the fact that it’s titled”bamboozled by Jesus pdf” because it’s the only thing that makes sense!

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Bamboozled by Jesus is a book that focuses on the Bible. It’s about how the Bible came to be written , and the reasons why people believe what they believe regarding it.

The book was written by an atheist it’s intended to demonstrate that the Bible isn’t as dependable as they think, and that there are a variety of ways to look at the Bible.


The book Bamboozled By Jesus is an ebook that aims to inform you about the real nature of Jesus the person was he and the things Jesus did. The book also provides information about what he really said about his followers and their lives as they relate to Jesus, and information about his adversaries who he fought. The book also dispels a lot of misconceptions people have regarding him and his life like:

  1. He sacrificed his life for our transgressions
  2. He was raised from the dead
  3. He was a prophet appointed by God
  4. He performed miraculous feats
  5. He was a fantastic moral instructor

The book Bamboozled by Jesus is a book that explains the ways in which Jesus’s Christian church has been an accomplice in the destruction of our planet.

Author Michael D. Yates is a compelling argument for us to leave the Christian belief system and adopt new ways of living which values the people as well as the earth. The book contains numerous Scripture references that are used to challenge the claims of Christians who believe in capitalists and greed.

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The author claims that Jesus wasn’t an investor, and that’s why Christianity can’t be used as a an argument to support capitalism. He further argues that Jesus actually preached against greed and materialism, that are the traits that are associated with capitalism.

The book is divided into three parts Part 1: Christianity in Crisis; Part Two the Christian Respond to Crisis Part Three A New Direction?

This book is an excellent source for anyone seeking to know something about Jesus. The author makes a convincing argument that Jesus did not exist and does it in a manner that is simple to understand and read. He doesn’t depend on faith, but instead rely on logic and evidence.

The book attempts to expose the teachings of Jesus and explain how they were used to influence individuals. This book also debunks myths created through Paul and others in the period during the first church. The book has been written in such a manner that anyone is able to comprehend, even those with minimal or no understanding of theology or history.




A thriving stand-up comedian and actress Yvonne Orji, best known for her role as Issa Rae’s BFF in the HBO show, Insecure — shares the tips to living the life you want to live.

Yvonne Orji has never shied from speaking out about her beliefs and this includes speaking out about her beliefs. Famous for her interpretation of Biblical myths, stories and symbols to reflect contemporary times, her funny and relatable approach to faith inspires even those who don’t believe and hungry for more.

In the way Yvonne thinks about it, God is a Sovereign Prankster who has been pranking people way before the likes of Ashton Kutcher made it trendy. As she thinks about her own experiences–complete with unanticipated benefits and unexpected roadblocks — she realises that it’s a account of the way God has manipulated her to live in the wildest of dreams. She wants us to be a part of being enthralled. This isn’t a self-help book. It’s an Get Yours book!

“In Bamboozled” by Jesus in this honest and refreshing book of advice, Orji takes readers on the journey of twenty-five life lessons gleaned from her own experience and her most trusted source of inspiration that is the Bible. This isn’t your mom’s Bible study. Yvonne is a with wit and passion when she shares tips on why going up can be down and the connection between fear and with food poisoning. Her positive and confident attitude to God can inspire anyone to propel themselves beyond mundane to the extraordinary.

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With her bold authenticity and practical relevance, Orji is exactly the kind of leader in the culture that we require in these turbulent times. Her journey of being awed by Jesus provides a vivid illustration of what it’s like saying “yes” to the future that you could never have imagined if it wasn’t for your own.


Yvonne Orji never lets you forget that she’s a Nigerian-born actress or that she’s a stand-up comedian and Bible-believing Christian. In The book Bamboozled by Jesus she is able to weave the captivating narrative characteristics that come with these identity types into a uplifting story of perseverance, determination with faith, perseverance, and triumph.

Once she has convinced her audience that personal satisfaction is achievable She encourages readers to take them from a point at which they might be satisfied and unhappy to the stage at which they are divinely designed to be.


The idea of attending medical school is a common expectation for children from Nigerian families, including the Yvonne’s family living located in Washington, DC. When she made the decision to perform as a stand-up comedian her parents were shocked. The story reveals her struggle to placate them, while obeying God who guided her on the road towards her goals. She recounts her move from New York and later to LA and LA, the rising and falling of expectations in the entertainment industry along with her financial struggles and the miraculous ways that allowed her to survive, and the evidence that God has orchestrated disappointments and distractions to build her character to prepare her for her rise to fame.

Yvonne describes her climb through the ranks from her time for an open mic New York, to selling out shows at the Caroline’s Theatre on Broadway as well as hosting to Chris Rock, to her own comedy show of one hour on HBO and her breakthrough TV appearance as Molly in HBO’s Insecure. She charts her financial growth from her 60-cent bank account to the purchase of a house. In the course of the tale, she includes in episodes that reflect her Nigerian life, showing the high-quality home schooling she received. She draws her inspiration from Bible stories like David as well as GoliathJoseph and His BrothersThe Three Hebrew Boys and others who reached their goal despite the obstacles.

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The most famous instances that illustrates that bamboozlement is a concept, it involves the character’s friend Grace. Grace resided in New York, received a writing assignment in LA and required a room for her stay from February until May. Since Yvonne’s rent check recently bounced, she realized the benefits of letting go of the bedroom she had to Grace as well as sleeping in the sofa. The arrangement not only provided financial assistance to Yvonne and her family, it also helped to answer a plea from Grace who didn’t want to be in a room with strangers. Grace was later the Season 4 writer on Yvonne’s show, Insecure,for which Yvonne received an Emmy nomination. (You will find out the story of how God humbled Yvonne and made her need financial assistance, which led her to accept Grace who was a major contributor to their Emmy award.)

Numerous divine arrangements like this and the involvement of many other acquaintances and coworkers will convince the reader, like Yvonne she believes the fact that Jesus coordinated (bamboozled) her whole life’s events to lead her to the place of her dreams.


The text that is the main part of the story of Jesus being bamboozled Jesus is broken down into five parts, starting with a hilarious incident during the time of Yvonne’s birth, that was the first time a bamboozlement was used. The book concludes with an appeal to readers “I do not know about your struggles,” she writes, “but I do know that you’re indispensable and your resources are ample Personally I am eager to receive the benefits of the bamboozlement you provide.” Chapters that are in each of the five parts is 24.

The parts are titled: The Burden, The Building, The Breakthrough, The Booked, Blessed, and Busy along with The Bonus.

The readers will be able to effortlessly read the book because the style of Yvonne is unique. She comes up with words that readers will laugh at and catchy phrases be a desire to learn. She incorporates Nigerian language and also explains it. There’s humor everywhere even when she uses Bible references. She makes the Bible principles so seamlessly in your daily life that you’ll be amazed by her talent for modern translation.


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