Encouraging Good Night Prayer For A Friend To Sleep Well

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Put together on this post are Encouraging Good Night Prayer For A Friend To Sleep Well

Sleep is so important to our health and to our functioning day in and day out, but it is no wonder that with all the hustle and bustle we experience in our everyday lives that it can be hard to actually fall asleep when our heads hit the pillow. Here are 25 powerful prayers for a good night’s sleep.

Good Night Prayer For A Friend To Sleep Well

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Spiritual Warfare Prayer for Sleep

Lord my Deliverer, in the mighty name of Jesus, I come against insomnia, restlessness, frightening dreams, sleep apnea, anxiety, and loud noises. I declare that none of these things, nor anything else, will disrupt my sleep tonight. No weapon formed against me will prosper. I thank You, Lord, for delivering me from these things that would trouble my rest. I thank You for restoring my body and my soul as I sleep tonight. Amen.

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Prayer for God to Fight for Me through the Night

Awesome God, I thank You that when You are for me, nothing can be against me. I thank You for Your mighty power that defends and keeps me. And now, as I go to sleep, I pray that You will fight for me through the night. Protect me from any attacks of the adversary that would disrupt my sleep. I pray in the Name above all names, at which all things in heaven and earth and below the earth must bow. Amen.


Prayer Against Insomnia

Sustainer of my soul, please sustain my rest through the night. May I fall asleep quickly and sleep peacefully through the night. I pray that You will help me to release all the responsibilities I’m dealing with right now, and just relax in You. Bless me with refreshing and restorative sleep. Help me not to be stressed about insomnia or watching the clock. May this room and this bed be a place of quiet rest. Amen.


Prayer for Quality Sleep

Lord my Hiding Place, I hide in You tonight. Take away this insomnia that has been plaguing me recently. May all worries and concerns melt away right now. I pray that I won’t wake up obsessing about some minor thing. Help me to focus my thoughts on You right now. Help me to rest in the shadow of Your wings. May I pass through all the stages of quality sleep, so I can be alert and energetic tomorrow. Amen.

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Prayer for Strategy Against Insomnia

Wonderful Lord, help me to develop an effective strategy against insomnia. Help me analyze what is contributing to the problem and find a solution. Help me deal with emotional issues that are making it hard to fall asleep or to stay asleep. If there is a medical problem like apnea that is interfering with my quality of sleep, may that be diagnosed and treated. Help me develop a good sleep routine and a sleep environment conducive to excellent sleep. Amen.


Prayer of a Child Having Trouble Sleeping

Father of eternal love, Send Your help from up above.
Help me now to go to sleep.
May my rest be long and deep.
Father God, I need Your aid.
Help me not to be afraid.
Help me not to wake tonight,
But sleep until the morning’s light.
I thank You, God, for all Your care.
Bless me now and hear my prayer.

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A Child’s Prayer for Protected Sleep

Father God, I’m glad You are here.
In my bed, I feel You are near.
When I worry, calm my fear.
May Your angels guard my bed.
I think of You as I rest my head.
Protect my sleep and help me dream
All through the night ‘til sun’s first gleam.
Thank You for Your care, Your love,
Your blessings on me from above.

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A Child’s Prayer for Sweet Rest

God of glory, God of rest,
Thank You that in You I’m blessed.
I’m glad I’m always in Your sight,
All through the day and in the night.
Please give me sweet rest I pray.
Make me strong for another day.
Remind me I don’t need to fear,
You’re with me always, ever near.
You’re in the sky, You’re here below,
My loving Father, this I know.


Prayer of Parents Over Child’s Sleep

Abba Father, we ask You to bless our child with a good night’s sleep. Help our child to fall to sleep quickly and to sleep through until morning. May our child not be restless or wake up during the night. Protect our children from nightmares or fear of the dark. Help our children to have good quality sleep and feel rested in the morning. We thank You, kind Father, for Your love and compassion. Amen.


Prayer for Sleep and Healing

Compassionate God, please ease this discomfort I am feeling in my body and my mind. Give me the restoring sleep I need for my physical healing. May my body be able to rest and recover. You are my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust. May I find rest in Your shadow, Almighty God. I thank You that You forgive all our sins and heal all our diseases. I thank You for the healing rest I find in You. Amen.


Prayer Against Anxious Thoughts

Lord of peace, please help me overcome these anxious thoughts that are keeping me awake. Please help me to turn these cares over to You and put them out of my mind. May Your peace, which exceeds anything I can understand, guard my heart and mind. Replace this anxiety with the serenity that is mine in You. You alone are my refuge, my place of safety. Cover me with Your feathers and let me sleep peacefully. Amen.


Prayer to Release Feelings of Apprehension and Unease

Gracious Lord, please relieve this anxiety that is disturbing my sleep. I am trying to relax, but my heart and mind are racing, my stomach is churning, and sleep eludes me. Please help me release these feelings of apprehension and unease. Help me to breathe deeply and slowly while I meditate on Your goodness and love and care. Rescue me from the restless thoughts that distract me from You. Amen.


Prayer to Set aside the Business of the Day

Everlasting Father, this has been a hard and busy day. The work seemed unremitting and unending. Now that I can finally rest, my body and mind are still restless. Help me to put my mind at ease, and not think about this stressful day. Ease the tension in my body. Quiet my body and mind and help me slip into a deep sleep quickly. May I enjoy quality sleep tonight and wake up refreshed and ready for the new day. Amen.


Prayer to Forget Worries

Eternal King, please be the ruler of my heart and mind. I confess that I sometimes fail to trust You and end up worrying about many things. This is making it hard for me to fall asleep, and it is awakening me during the night. I repent of my lack of trust and give these concerns to You. I trust You to guide me in decisions and to take care of those things beyond my control. I rest in You. Amen.

Prayer to Forget Sadness

Loving God, You know my heart is broken. I am weary beyond belief, and yet my grief is keeping me from sleep. I am full of regrets and feelings of loss and concern for the future. Help me to forget my sadness for a little while, so I can drift into sleep. Help me to remember You are my consolation. You are my divine comforter. Shelter me with Your wings, and may I find joy in the morning. Amen.


Prayer for Forgiveness

Immortal King, I did some things today of which I am not proud. Now I find myself thinking about these things and what I could have done differently. I ask for Your forgiveness, and that You help me forgive myself. Help me to release self-condemnation and walk in the freedom You have set before me. Prevent these feelings of guilt and confusion from disturbing my rest. Help me to sleep peacefully, without concerns. Amen.


Prayer to Put aside Tomorrow’s Concerns

Faithful One, I find myself obsessing about things I need to do tomorrow and worrying I will forget some important detail. Help me to put these worries aside and sleep deeply and well. Help me not to be concerned about possible troubles or to lose hope. Help me draw closer to You and set me free from care. Help me remember I may not see all the steps ahead, but it is You who is leading me down the path. Amen.


Prayer for Safety and Protection Through the Night

Lord, my Keeper, I pray You will keep me safe through this night. Protect me from nightmares, from sleep apnea, and from harmful thoughts. Keep me and my home safe from intruders and from storms and fire. Surely Your faithful promises are my armor and my protection. I praise You that I can rest in peace, knowing You have placed a shield of protection around me. I am safe and secure. Amen.


Prayer for Cleansing and a Fresh New Day

Merciful God, please forgive me for the mistakes I made today and the times I failed to honor You. Please cleanse me of my sin and renew a right spirit in me. May I sleep peacefully, knowing that when I confess my sin, You are faithful and just to forgive me. When tomorrow arrives, help me start over fresh, living faithfully for You. Refresh my heart and my spirit tonight. Amen.


Prayer for Tranquility

Steadfast Lord, help me to wind down from this demanding day. Please lift the pressures and bless me with tranquility. Help me to find stillness and repose as I put aside the day’s affairs, and center in on You. Soothe my body, mind, and spirit and help me to decompress. May sleep come quickly, and my rest be full and long, so I wake up knowing I have slept well. Amen.


Prayer to Bless My Sleep

Sovereign Lord, as I lie down, I pray that You will bless my sleep. I give to You the cares of today and the concerns for tomorrow. May I not think about those things, but simply meditate on Your wondrous works and Your promises. May my dreams be sweet and my sleep restful. I trust in Your loving devotion forever. Surely You are my Helper, the Sustainer of my soul. Amen.

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Prayer for Quietness

Living God, I pray for quietness throughout the night. My neighborhood has been so noisy recently, disturbing my sleep. I pray that all noises such as fireworks, noisy motorcycles, and sirens would be quietened, or that I would sleep deeply and be unaware. I also pray for quietness in my soul. Take away my worries and anxieties and fill me with peace and with confident expectation that You reach down from heaven to protect me. Amen.

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Prayer Against Fear

Holy Father, may my spirit and my body be in calmness as I lie down to sleep. Take away these fears that harass my sleep. Lord, please bless me with sound judgment and discernment concerning those things that make me afraid. Please be my confidence and my mighty fortress. Help me to draw on Your wisdom and understanding, and not fear these things that are confronting me. Make me victorious over them, I pray and bless me with good rest. Amen.


Prayer for God’s Word to Watch over Me

Lord my Maker, as I keep Your commandments, may they guide me through the paths of life. May Your teachings watch over me when I lie down to rest and give me sweet sleep. When I awaken, may Your words speak to me. May they be a lamp for me, leading me to the way of life. May they keep me from disquieting feelings and apprehensions that would interfere with sleep. Amen.


Prayer Against Sleep Apnea

God of hope, please relieve me of these physical problems that are making sound sleep elusive. This sleep apnea is frequently awakening me and causing poor sleep quality. Help me to tolerate this CPAP mask, as it is uncomfortable, and I tend to pull it off when I’m sleeping. Help me to lose weight, so I’m less likely to have problems with apnea. Please heal my nasal congestion, which is contributing to my apnea. Amen.