What does it mean I am the apple of God’s eyes? According to the Bible

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When we talk about the phrase “the apple of God’s eyes,” perhaps we can relate it to the meaning of favorite. However, biblically it does not represent precisely that, since, at the time of Jesus, it was used to define a delicate part of the eye. Next, you will know what it means to be the apple of God’s eyes and its biblical bases.

What is the apple of the eye?

Before “apple of the eyes” was used to mean “favorite”, it was used literally as an anatomical term. The “apple of the eye” was the pupil, the opening in the center of the human eye.

When the phrase was used, the pupil was mistakenly thought to be a solid, round object and was called the “apple” because apples were the most familiar spherical objects.

This phrase appeared in print in King Aelfred’s writings in the 9th century and occurred, in the modern sense of “favorite,” both in the King James Bible (numerous times) and in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Shakespeare.”

Considering the antiquity of the story, we can understand a little more why Jesus used it and what was the true meaning that was given at that time to the phrase the apple of your eyes.

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What does it mean to be the apple of God’s eye?

The apple of the eye is a very sensitive place and, therefore, very protected. She thinks about your own eye for a moment. What happens if something flies into it?

Your eyelids reflexively close, your head turns, and your hands position themselves to ward off the threat. Our eyesight is valuable, and our body naturally protects that vulnerable spot to prevent injury.

So the instruction in Proverbs 7:2 is to hold divine wisdom in high regard as to how valuable it is. The prayer in Psalm 17:8 is for God to protect us as he would the pupil of his own eye.

How aGod’sd’s care and protection?

The description of God’s care for his people in Deuteronomy 32:10 emphasizes Israel’s vulnerability a God’sd’s tender, affectionate love. God provided complete protection; his people were a priority.

“howling wilderness” God provided manna for them to eat, water from a rock, and safety from their enemies. Taking care of him was as automatic as if he were protecting the center of his eye from harm. What a loving God we serve.

God sustained the Israelites as the apple of his eye, rebellious and stiff-necked even though they were in the desert. Being the apple of her eye, they were much appreciated. AGod’sd’s care for his people has not diminished with time.

He keeps his children close and can protect us as quickly as our eyelids protect our eyes. He does this because he loves us. He has a parental and protective love for us, and the biblical descriptions of his love are revealing, to say the least.


Verses that mention the phrase the apple of your eyes

Several verses in the Bible mention” “the apple of the eye.” Here are three Old Testament uses of the phrase apple of your eye:

These verses help us have a little more clarity about what it means to be the apple of God’s eye. It is not that we are the favorites because our creator loves everyone equally, but rather, we can know that we are that delicate part God protects with such integrity.

God does not let us go for a moment, and we can be sure that if we put our life in his hands, they will be protected. Our heavenly father will not let us go through more things than we can bear. He will put his hand before they reach us.

We become the apple of God’s eye when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We became adopted children of God and appreciated Jesus Christ from that moment. He has his eyes on you. He protects you, and you just have to let him into your heart.