what are the three levels of spiritual warfare? (Explanation)

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The three levels of spiritual warfare.
From the beginning, satan’s goal has been to destroy what God has blessed.
God has determined, in addition to the person, three institutions to bless people: the family (Gen 2:23-25), the church (Mat 16:18-19), and the nation (social organizations and state) (Gen 9:5, Exo 18.1-27, Rom 13.1-7).

So their goal is to destroy the three institutions established by God: the family, the church, and the nation.
For this, he assigns principalities and powers that govern and exercise their action from darkness, supported by hosts of evil in heavenly places, who become adversaries and make war against these three institutions, to divert, corrupt and even destroy them.

From this derives the various levels of spiritual warfare (Eph 6:10-20).

1. Individual and family or personal level: may the fullness of the Kingdom be established over me and my family (Luke 4:18-19, Eph 4.22-24, Rom 12:2, 2 Cor 10.3-5).

2. Church or ideological level: that the fullness of the Kingdom be established over the church (Eph 1.15-23, Eph 3:8-11) and to tear down everything that opposes the advancement of God’s work and to release all the power concentrated by God in the Church (Eph 4:11-16).

3. Social and geographical or strategic level (2 Cro 7:14): that the communities and nations be recovered from the usurper (Mat 28.18-20, Rom 11:36, Rom 8:19-21), the fullness of the Kingdom be established in them and hand them over as a redeemed inheritance to our children:
• Social organizations (companies, businesses, universities, schools, etc.).
• Community.
• The nation.
• All nations.

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The two dimensions of spiritual warfare.

At all levels, spiritual warfare has two dimensions (Heb 11:3, Mat 16:18-19, Mat 7:7-8).
These dimensions of spiritual warfare are as follows;

1. The spiritual dimension (fighting satan and his demons).

2. The material dimension (natural and social), evangelizing, discipling, reviving, and promoting changes in the way of thinking, understanding, and living of people, families, organizations, and nations (reforming).

three levels of spiritual warfare
three levels of spiritual warfare

The five fronts of spiritual warfare.

Also, at all levels of spiritual warfare, the war is waged on five fronts, these fronts include;

1. The war in the soul or mind (Rom 12:2, 3 Jn 2, Sal 1.1-3): this is specifically for the destruction of strongholds. It implies overthrowing the arguments, the concepts, and the arrogance that has risen up against the knowledge of God.

2. The war in the heart (Prov 4:20-27, Eph 4:22-24): emphasizes concepts that are vital for the body of Christ, such as unity, forgiveness, and holiness, whose lack subtracts power for flow effective and efficient use of God’s power in collective warfare.

3. The war in the air (Eph 3:8-10): the battle that takes place against the devil and the demons in the heavenly places to break their power over the territories and areas of activity that they are in charge of.


4. The war against the worldly ideological systems (Prov 16:25, Rom 1.18-31, 2 Cor 10:3-6) that takes place at the public level, through the penetration of the positions of influence and authority of the social media organizations, education, penetration in all social media of opinion formation, to permeate society with Christian biblical principles.

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5. The war to maintain the victories and deepen them (Mat 28.18-20, 2 Tim 2:2, Deut 6:1-10): it is the war that is waged for the hearts of the following generations to maintain the expansion of the Kingdom of God achieved for this generation and prepare the generation of multiplication (God is a tri-generational God). It implies the reform of relationships, activities, laws, and institutions (social reform or transformation), one of its most important dimensions being education (Hos 4:6, Deut 6:1-10).